made from my iphone


inside their phone edit 
↳Brooke Maddox


My little brother made a video of a few iPhone clips I had from my summer trip, it’s pretty cool lol


     I was tagged by @ingirll to post randoms from my phone. Here’s 10 pics all made with an iPhone 6s:

     1. Cornered. Hammond, IN 2. Head Scratcher. Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL. 3. Pops (Diner Series). Highland, IN 4. Selfie. Anyone who says they don’t have any phone selfies is a god damned liar! 5. Abandoned Sears Auto. Calumet City, IL 6. Bussing. Highland, IN 7. Popcorn and Consolation. Schererville, IN 8. Outside View (Pop’s House). East Chicago, IN 9. Jacob as Goalie. Crown Point, IN 10. Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Highland, IN