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Magcon Preference #14: Happy Little Pill

“In the crowd alone every second passing reminds me I’m not home.”

Cameron was on tour for already 3 months. You missed him like hell, but he needed to stay for another month. You decided to call him, for just to hear his voice that you’ve missed. “Hello?” you laughed, he sounded so cute “Hi Cam.” you knew he was smiling widely. “Y/N how are you?! Oh babe i miss you so much!” you felt tears burning in your eyes. “I miss you too Cam, and yes, i’m quite alright.” “Me either.” you smiled, that was all what matters. “All i wanted to say was actually that 4 weeks is very soon, and i will just wait for you.” “I love you Y/N/ ” “I love you too Cameron.” and with that you hang up.

“Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone.”

Aaron has came visit you on your Collage. Since you had school all day, you decided to do something at night with him. It was currently 10 PM, and the both of you were in his car riding to nothing. “Aaron, where are we going actually?” you asked him and giggled a bit, you haven’t done this in a very long time. “To Vegas.” he said simply. “Okay, so we are going to dancing tonight i guess.” you grinned, he knew too well you really liked to go clubbing and dancing. “And i booked a hotel as well.” you shook your head “Aaron, you know as good as i that i have school tomorrow at 9 AM.” He smirked “Of course i know, but we can skip a day.” “You cheeky bastard.” and you kissed his jaw line. “Let’s go party.”

“Glazed eyes, empty hearts buying happy from shopping carts.”

It’s been 3 weeks since you and Shawn broke up. One thing, time didn’t help this time. Actually, every hour you felt worse. The worst part is that you even don’t know why you broke up. Shawn just came over, and simply told you he didn’t want to live like this any longer. You understand him, but it just hurt like idiot. You do have text him a lot, but he has never returned a message, ever. But maybe it was the best, maybe we didn’t belong to each other. But all for now that i can do is to listen to romantic music with friends, and play along that I am feeling well.

“My sweet little pill. Take my hunger. Light within. Numb my skin”

School really stressed you out, so bad you couldn’t even think clear. You decided to call Jacob, but you reached his voice mail. “Hi Jacob, can you please come over…?” you hesitate but continued “The stress is just eating me, and it’s just too much.” you ended the call and sat down on your bed. Suddenly you heard a loud knock on your front door. You walked down the stairs and opened the door, Jacob was standing there. “Come here.” he muttered and pulled you into a big hug. “Let’s go upstairs.” he whispered into your ear, and the two of you walked towards your room. You laid down, and Jacob started whispering sweet thing into your ear. And from that moment you knew, that everything was going to be just fine; you didn’t had to worry anymore.

“Tight skin, body guards. Gucci down the boulevard .”

Shopping with Matt wasn’t your favorite thing to do. Especially when it was a busy day, and there were a lot of fangirls outside. It was so crazy that Matt actually needed to bring this body guards. And with them, it was completely bad. “Matt, can we talk for a moment please?” you whispered to him, and he nodded to the guards. “I don’t want to be seen as the rich bitch,” he laughed a bit “Matt i’m serious, many people think i use your money, because we have guards all around us now.” he nodded. “It’s just like we are too famous to handle.” “Maybe we have to go shopping in another city.” you smiled and nodded “That was exactly what i was thinking.”

Jack J:
“Cocaine, dollar bills.”

He had brought me here again, time after time he had promised to stop. But he didn’t. Here I was again, at my boyfriends dealing stop. The corner of a bad neighborhood, him waiting for another car to pull up. “I can’t do this anymore Jack.” “What do you mean?” He asked, turning to me only for a quick second before he turned back to the road. “I mean Jack, you are not the same Jack I fell in love with, I can’t deal with this anymore, you dealing cocaine. And what for?” He turned back to me, smirking slightly “The money everything I do was for you, me and you to run away.” I rolled my eyes “Jack, this wasn’t for me, this was for the money.” I turned away, walking towards my car, he had taken me here in.

“My happy little pill.Take me away. Dry my eyes.

- Hayes, can you please pick me up? - you texted him. You really couldn’t handle home anymore. Your parents were constantly fighting, and it just freaked you out. - I am waiting outside, climb out of your window. - you did what he said, and jumped out of your window on the roof. You climbed carefully on the roof of the shed, and quickly jumped off. You walked towards his car, and sat down next to him. ’‘I don’t care where you bring me, just drive.” you said and he nodded, didn’t ask any questions. And that was maybe a good thing about Hayes, he knew when you wanted to talk, or just wanted him to shut up. “All i want you to do, is drive me to a place far away from here.” “We can stay at my grandma’s.” you nodded, everything was better then home.

“Bring color to my skies.”

You and Taylor only had dated for a few weeks, but you could already tell he was perfect for you. Since a long time you had suffered with mental issues, but with Taylor next to your side, it was all beter now. It didn’t really bothered you that he was away for a week, just to hear his voice made you already calmer. You skyped everyday, and you could totally tell he was feeling the same about you. He also gets calmer when he saw you, or heard your voice. Taylor was just the one thing you really needed, and hopefully he stayed for ever, because you didn’t know what to do without him.

“Nothing but time to kill, sippin’ life from bottles.”

You and Carter spent most of the time at his place, drinking beer and watching a movie, or go out clubbing. “Carter, you need to know we can’t live this life forever.” he nodded “I know Y/N, but i will enjoy life as long as i can.” “I start collage again in a few days, so we need to do something different today.” you said and stood up. He smirked at you, this was one of the many things he loved about you. “We can go to the park and have a picnic together.” you smiled and sat down next to him again. “Okay, but without alcohol, and just with like lemonade, and eating fruits.” he laughed “Okay.” “And tomorrow we go to my mom.” you said happy. “I love you Y/N’ he said and grinned ’'I love you too Carter.” you laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

Jack G:
“Like a rock afloat. Sweat and conversations seep into my bones.”

You and Jack were out on a date. It was 11:30 PM, and you decided you really wanted to skinny dip in the sea. The both of you ran up the beach, and started undressing. “The latest person is a big fat idiot.” you screamed and the both of you laughed hard and ran into the sea. “IT’S FUCKING COLD!” you yelled and all you could do was laughing. Jack wrapped his arms around you “Any warmer?” he tried to be cheesy and you laughed. “Omg Jack, it’s so much warmer now!” you played a long and laughed. “Breath contest!” he shouted and you agreed. “1 2 3, Go!” you yelled and went under. You wasn’t really good at it, so in 10 seconds you were already up. Jack instead was really good at it, and stays for 20 seconds! Just when you wondered if he was alright, you felt arms on you feet and you screamed out of laughter. He pulled your feet away and you felt. He laughed and pulled you up. “Y/n, i think it’s a good idea to go back to the beach.” you smiled “That’s a perfect idea.”

“Four walls are not enough.”

You and Sam tried to move out your home town, and live together in New York. The two of you already dated for a year and a half, and really wanted to have some space together. Whenever Sam was staying over, your little brother of sister would run into your room and just started asking the whole time if you could play with them. You loved them, but you really wanted some time alone with Sam. - Y/N, can i come over? :) - Sammy texted you and you smiled - Of course, see you in a bit! x - You and Sam did live near each other. It took Sam only 5 minutes to get to your house. After a couple minutes your doorbell rang, and you quickly opened the door. You could read the joy all over his face. “Y/N, i found the awesomest house ever!” you smiled widely. “And I’ve bought it.”

“I’ll take a dip into the unknown, unknown”

Nash was doing crazy, he has many fans, and once in a while he is on tour. This was all new for you. You were just a simple farmer girl, who didn’t had much any friends, so let alone any fans! You felt guilty, Nash did so well, and you couldn’t handle his fans! You knew it was ridiculous, but it just made you nervous, and that was the least thing you wanted. But you tried for Nash. When you got back to Collage, a couple fans were waiting outside to get a picture with you and Nash. Most of the time you didn’t want it, but this time you agreed. Nash looked weird at you “Nash, I need to grow up.” he laughed and hugged you. “You are pretty grown up for me.” “You know it’s all new for me, but i need to learn this is a part of your job.” you nodded and waved at those girls. “Let’s make a picture!”

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