made for my sister so

I saw my hero yesterday...

but that wasn’t the most important thing I was able to accomplish. Yesterday, my little sister saw her hero and I gave her the means to do so.

First, I feel like this story needs a bit of context.

I am a college student. I don’t have a lot of money, but despite that, I’ve gotten to do some really incredible things solely because other people gave me the opportunity to do so. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish, or do half the things I’ve done without someone loving me enough to think of me when they want to share an expience with someone.

About a month ago, I was spending some quality time with some friends. We were all calmly sitting, quietly chatting upstairs at our university center when we saw that tickets went on sale for Markiplier’s You’re Welcome tour. When we noticed the price, we knew we had to buy them. They were very generously cheap, all things considered, so we discussed how many we would need to purchase. We were set on five tickets when I remembered that my little sister is an avid Markiplier fan. I couldn’t and I didn’t want to go without her, so I bought her a ticket. When I decided that it would be a surprise, my friends instantly wanted to pitch in and keep the secret.

So, we became ninjas. We bought the tickets in secret, I called my mother and told her that Jade (We’ll call her that for her privacy) would be kept out of school on the 16th and 17 of October (I explained why and she was over joyed), and when I came home that weekend, I told Jade to clear her schedule for those two days because we were going on an adventure. Her little teenage heart became overjoyed. We’ve always been close, and I’m pleased to know that I am her favorite. She began asking questions, but I would not be deterred. It was a secret and it would remain so!

As time approached, a very creative friend of mine decided that we needed to make cute, matching shirts, so we did. We bought tie-dying kits, white shirts, and a ton of puff paint and got to work. Here is the end result (she’s can’t see her shirt, by the way. We knew it would give it away)

Suddenly, the day arrived! We loaded up into the car, and we began our journey to see Markiplier!

We arrived in Nashville which was a new and exciting experience. We’re all from rural communities. Nashville was kinda scary. We perserveered and we made it!

As time drew nearer, we quickly realized several problems. One, people would be excited and would want to talk about it, and two, she would be able to see signs and promotional material. The surprise we worked so hard for would be ruined. We quickly “blindfolded” her with an extra t-shirt and we marched her toward the waiting line (to the woman who threatened to ruin the surprise, I despise you. Why would you do that to a kid? Shame on you. Go home).

As darkness fell, we discovered a new way to blindfold her and block out excited Markiplier fans around us (She’s listening to Pentatonix’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, In case you were wondering).

Show time! I lead her in, she still cannot see, we split up (three friends bought merchandise, two were still waiting and we split her up between the five of us to keep the secret going. We finally made it to our seats (which we discovered were still very wonderful seats! We were so very fortunate) and as time began ticking down, I kept her occupied with my phone (she was watching Markiplier’s videos. Oh the irony). We quickly took a photo at 30 minutes ‘till. Here we are, looking hella cute and fine ;).

Finally, at eight o’clock, an announcer came on and announced the event. We got rid of the glasses, I moved her hair aside, and she finally got to see who we were “meeting.”

There were many happy tears. There was so much joy. I was just so happy that I could do this for her. I will keep the look on her face with me until the day I die. I want her to experience the world. I want to create happy memories with her. I want her to get more out of life than I’ve gotten. I want to give her something to hold onto when life gets so hard.

Yesterday, I met my hero, but I received more than just that. I was able to give my sister her hero. I was able to make her day by spending a little money. This will last a lifetime. We don’t have a lot. We never have, but I could give her this.

Markiplier was so inspirational yesterday. Yes, it was a funny show, but as Wade, Bob, Mark, Ethan, and Tyler all spoke about dreams and this tight little community we are a part of, it kinda made me realize that there are still good things. There’s still a reason to hope. There’s still something to look forward to each and every day. I want to give her to world, and if by some means that I could give her some form of hope and security, I’m glad we could do this.

I want her to realize that she can be anything she damn well pleases. I don’t want anyone to ever tell her that she can’t do something because of her gender (or any other form of discrimination). I want her to grow up in the belief that she can be whoever she wants to be, and people will still love her regardless. I want her to know that the world can be scary, but she doesn’t have to try and figure it all out right away. She has time.

Yeah, I finally got the opportunity to meet the man that instilled these beliefs in me, but, honestly? Being there with her, making her laugh and smile, sharing this experience with her made the whole trip worthwhile.

So I want to say a very sincere thank you to Mark and friends for their wonderful show. You made one little teenager from the middle of nowhere very happy yesterday. Thank you very, very much.

there’s something to be said for nights in. nights with friends and siblings and lovers spent wrapped up in blankets, on balconies, in bedrooms, on sofas… putting the world on pause for those you care about. but there’s also something to be said for nights out. nights with those very same people in streets, parking lots, crowded cars, music turned high or playing low… where the world is in motion all around you.


in which adrien & marinette attend a wedding reception and marinette notices how adrien looks at the bride and groom wishfully.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

//sorry for the lack of art lately! i’ve been swamped with work but i’ve been thinking about my whole wedding au and the events leading up to it….including proposal *stuffs my face in a pillow and screams while thinking about their proposal scene*

apparently there’s a bulletin board on the tempest where your crew can leave messages for you and your shipmates but from what the people who got to play the game saw it was generally just used for teammates to complain about each other

‘Peebee, where the fuck is my scarf. I know you have it. It’s convenient that you were talking about how soft it looks yesterday at the bar and now SUDDENLY it’s gone. My sister made that for me so if it’s not back in my cabin by the time I’m back from recon I’m going to strangle you by the arm straps of your jacket.’ - V

‘Whoever told Jaal that I am some expert on human copulating behaviors better hope they never need any extensive medical care anytime soon. I just had to spend four hours of my valuable time explaining to a seven foot tall Angara how clitoral stimulation works. P.S; I know it was you Liam.’ -Dr. Lexi

‘Whoever keeps changing my name to ‘Kaitlyn’, ‘Susan’ or ‘Becky’ on my locker and the official mission statements is going to get shot directly out of the airlock.’ - Lt. Harper

‘While I know Peebee might get on everyones nerves once in a while, the next person to try to jettison her escape pod off the ship in the middle of the night is on toilet duty for a week. I’m sick of this. You’re adults, not middle schoolers.’ - Kallo


“you’re going to love the school, piper!”
“yeah, but if you’re not in slytherin we’re gonna have to disown you.”
“…w-wait, what?”
“drew, no.”

this was originally gonna be part of a huge comic but i don’t have the time/patience to draw the sorting hat that many times :/ so here’s silena and drew, welcoming their lil’ sister piper to slytherin! 

My sister made the joke, so I couldn’t resist drawing it out. =P

(And to clear up confusion I’ve seen, yes: both Bellwether and Doug are sheep.
And all sheep have those weird rectangular pupils in real life.

They decided to give Bellwether ‘normal’ eyes to help the audience relate to her as a “cute little sheep”. They succeeded, but it was a slight inconsistency among the sheep species depicted in the movie. Oh well… Still cute.)


@thelaohugirl asked: borderlands + favourite romantic relationship

We never officially broke up, you know.
Yes, we did!
No. Not officially.
Well, then I officially—
Which is why I’m officially breaking up with you now!
Oh my god, you are out of your mind!
It’s funny you say that, ’cause I was just thinking, ‘man, I must seem pretty nuts right now.’

“So,” Even began with a cheeky smile, locked his phone and rolled onto his side to face Isak on their bed. “I have great and slightly maaaybe annoying news.”

Isak mirrored Even, an intrigued look on his face, eyes squinted and tongue between his lips as he waited expectantly.

“Good first.” Isak decided and Even leaned in to press quick and sweet kiss against Isak’s lips.

“You get to take me to the zoo tomorrow!” He murmured against Isak’s mouth as if this was all Isak could have ever dreamed of.

Breathing a laugh Isak mumbled “Lucky me.”
Added a kiss and then nodded once, bracing himself before he said “Ok, now the maybe slightly annoying news.”

Even pursed his lips once, a nervous gesture Isak grew very familiar with over the last few months, before the words left him in a rush.

“Mom asked if we would take Lise for two days, because they will have to go to my grandparents house and sort through their stuff to decide what to throw out and all that, now that they are moving down here and Lise would be so bored and also run around there and mom won’t have time to really look after her and… Yeah.” He finished inelegantly and searched Isak’s face for any sign of uncomfortableness or annoyance.

What he found, though, was a small fond smile and one of their signature eyebrow raises.

“Are you saying I not only get taken to the zoo, but also get to hang out with my favourite Bech Næsheim?” Isak mock-gasped “I’m in!”

“Excuse me, I’m your favourite Bech Næsheim!?” Even’s outrage was betrayed by the grin on his face.

Isak pulled a face and made a hmm, not really gesture with his hand.

“What!” Even huffed and shoved gently at the shoulder of a giggling Isak, before he scooted closer and tangled their legs together.

After a moment of soft smiles and hands being interwined, Even’s face sobered a bit.

“Are you sure? I could tell mom I can’t and you’re working or something if you don’t want to, baby.” But Isak was already shaking his head before he finished talking.

“No, I’m ok with it. I love how you are with her and it’s,” he shrugged with one shoulder, “always fun when it’s the three of us.”

And Isak really meant it - the first few intimidating moments of awkwardness aside - he really was gone for that energy loaded little girl. He loved spending time with every member of Even’s family to be honest, they always made him feel like he really belonged with them.

Even smiled at him in that slightly surprised and in awe way that made Isak’s stomach flutter when he leaned back in for more kisses.

After a while Even leaned back, just enough to press their foreheads together and enjoy the drunk-in-love look on Isak’s face for a second before he murmured “Say it.”

He nuzzled their noses together as Isak furrowed his brows a bit in confusion.

“Say I’m your fave.” Even explained with a grin and a kiss to Isak’s cheek. Isak finally caught on and a smile tugged on his lips as half lidded eyes locked with Even’s.

This was their usual playful banter, but Isak knew Even sometimes needed to hear his feelings out loud to get rid of that little voice of doubt.

So, instead of continuing with a drag, he brushed a lose strand of blond behind Even’s ear, before he pulled him in a bit to once again smush their foreheads and noses together.

“You’re not just my favourite Bech Næsheim,” he began in an almost whisper and stroked his hand up and down Even’s back. “You’re also my all time favourite person.”

The bright smile that took over Even’s face made his sparkly eyes crinkle at the sides.

“Yeah?” Even asked and Isak placed three hard pecks on Even’s lips before he answered.


It’s weird because Bell said, “if you’re wrong and there is a hell, then I guess I’ll see you there” to Jaha at the beginning of the season.

And by the end of the season, he ends up on the ark, without the love of his life by his side, with the “baton”, which is Jaha’s btw, living in his own little hell.

Oh the symbolism 🙃