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I don't even know where to start :D

Shortly, I felt like making a separate blog for Tobias and Nate. When I started thinking over their story, I never thought they’d be as precious to me as they are, but I guess a lot of character development and general interest did its thing, so now these guys are my ride or die and I couldn’t get them out of my head even if I tried. I thought they needed their own little place, especially since their daughter Irene is taking over in the legacy very soon but I’m still not over them. They’re getting older and I’m not ready for this, these two will stay forever young for me and there’s so much more to them that was shown! This blog will contain a lot of reblogs with their best moments, drabbles, headcanons, edits, drawings, songs related to them, and whatever I’m up to. I made the blog for my own pleasure so it may be a bit chaotic, however feel free to follow, would be much appreciated! Random asks about the characters are always welcomed.

I want to make a real life fanfiction library

my school has an affiliated printing agency that binds books and I`ve printed beautiful works of fanfictions and made them into a book (for my own reading pleasure only, not any commercial purposes)

and it would be cool to make a library with the greatest works all the fandoms of tumblr and have it open to everyone around the world both online and in print.

I will make this happen one day, I promise.

Reblog this if you want this to happen.

Hello!! My name is Elder McKinley, district leader of Uganda District 9! We’re here to help spread the word of Jesus Christ and the Book of Arnold. Feel free to ask me and any of the other elders of District 9 any questions!

(ok well this is a thing now. this will prob be v ooc since its made for my own joy and pleasure. gosh. ask questions if u wanna!! this will be a fun time. usually mckinley, price, and cunningham will answer questions unless the question is aimed at a specific elder.

bonus naba:


Before an now!

This is about 2 years difference. Originally my sister’s Marble came to us completely silver with black splodges, and the tiniest wen ever. He was such a cutie. No, he’s the biggest fish in my fancy goldfish tank, is a beautiful metallic white and has the best wen i’ve ever had the pleasure to own. My sister made a good choice picking him out!

i have a very special announcement to make so please keep reading…

so yesterday, i made a confession that i feel i might be genderqueer. which has been something on my mind for quite sometime now. tumblr has been incredibly helpful as far as helping me discover my gender and sexuality. a year ago i came out as asexual, then came out again as pan, now here i am about to come out to you guys again. i was nervous about this ( still kind of am) but your support and love has made me want to do this for my own self pleasure and happiness. to be less afraid of the person i feel like i am. 

after a lot of research on where i fall in the queergender spectrum and thinking, i am neutrois/agender. basically meaning i’m neutral, and have no set preferences on my gender. i would like they/them pronouns. i will be keeping my name for now, unless i decide i want a different name, or find the right name that i feel fits me. 

again, thank you all so much for your support. i love every single one of you! seriously.