made for my own pleasure

Hello!! My name is Elder McKinley, district leader of Uganda District 9! We’re here to help spread the word of Jesus Christ and the Book of Arnold. Feel free to ask me and any of the other elders of District 9 any questions!

(ok well this is a thing now. this will prob be v ooc since its made for my own joy and pleasure. gosh. ask questions if u wanna!! this will be a fun time. usually mckinley, price, and cunningham will answer questions unless the question is aimed at a specific elder.

bonus naba:

I just had a dream that I was recording on my phone and I flung open a hotel room door and found Zayn giving Liam a hand job while they made out aggressively and they told me to delete it but I didn’t so I just promised that I would keep it for my own pleasure and it made me wonder if that has happened in real life and I’m so angry