made for my own pleasure

i have a very special announcement to make so please keep reading…

so yesterday, i made a confession that i feel i might be genderqueer. which has been something on my mind for quite sometime now. tumblr has been incredibly helpful as far as helping me discover my gender and sexuality. a year ago i came out as asexual, then came out again as pan, now here i am about to come out to you guys again. i was nervous about this ( still kind of am) but your support and love has made me want to do this for my own self pleasure and happiness. to be less afraid of the person i feel like i am. 

after a lot of research on where i fall in the queergender spectrum and thinking, i am neutrois/agender. basically meaning i’m neutral, and have no set preferences on my gender. i would like they/them pronouns. i will be keeping my name for now, unless i decide i want a different name, or find the right name that i feel fits me. 

again, thank you all so much for your support. i love every single one of you! seriously.