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Hello!! My name is Elder McKinley, district leader of Uganda District 9! We’re here to help spread the word of Jesus Christ and the Book of Arnold. Feel free to ask me and any of the other elders of District 9 any questions!

(ok well this is a thing now. this will prob be v ooc since its made for my own joy and pleasure. gosh. ask questions if u wanna!! this will be a fun time. usually mckinley, price, and cunningham will answer questions unless the question is aimed at a specific elder.

bonus naba:

Where You Belong.

Sergio had been lying in bed resting for all morning. The fact he was sidelined due to his hamstring injury had him a bit sullen over the past few days. I knew all he wanted to do was be out on the pitch supporting and helping his teammates every match but unfortunately, he would be forced to rest himself.

I wanted to do any and everything I could to cheer him up. I cooked his favorite meals, we watched his favorite childhood movies. I just wanted to keep a smile on his face for longer than a few minutes.

Which was why I was now hiding in the bathroom changing into this ridiculously short ‘nurse’ outfit. I  had never done roleplay in my life, far too shy and a bit too insecure to even think of throwing myself out there for my boyfriend even if I knew Sergio would never judge me. I guess that was what gave me the courage to slide into this skin tight, short white outfit. I could feel the breeze of cool air hitting the bottom of my exposed butt.

I tossed my messy curls from the ponytail they were once in and shook my hands through the waves. The makeup on my face was light and coupled with a light pink gloss on my lips. The only final touch I needed was my tall black heels which I was now sliding my feet into.

I took one final look into the mirror, tossed my hair over my shoulder and began to walk out, calling for my boyfriend to make sure he was still lying in bed. “Sergio?”

“Hm?” I heard in response as I finally emerged from behind the door and into full view. My eyes immediately drifted to the still figure, the television remote in his right hand and his feet propped up on a few pillows. He was still hitting channels, not looking my way, until I cleared my throat for his attention.

His jaw dropped for a brief moment before he was chuckling, realizing exactly what I was up to. “You cannot be serious,” he said amidst laughter.

“Does it look bad?” I immediately grew self-conscious, twisting my body to look at the nurse’s costume as much as I could.

“No, no. Not at all,” he quickly corrected. “You look sexy as hell.” His reassurance drew a smile to my face and I began to walk over to him slowly, attempting to move sexily or at least what I thought would be sexy.

“Hurry up, woman,” he playfully commanded.

And so I did. I paced my steps quicker and kneeled over the bed, inching closer until I was positioned right over him. “Mmm,” he let out in a satisfied hum. His eyes immediately dropped to my hovering cleavage while his strong hands slid along the back of my thighs and up towards my ass. His nails found comfort briefly deep in my skin aggressively.

There was always fireworks in the bedroom between the two of us. Sergio represented a more aggressive, controlling, dominating position while I remained the reserved one, afraid to try new things until he coaxed me into it with his words dripping of lust and promise of satisfaction.

He provided it every time.

“Can I make you feel better?”

He eagerly nodded yes in agreement and dropped my hips on top of him, placed perfectly against his still constricted member. “Do you mind being on top?” Rather than providing an answer I simply drew back and began sliding his pants down to around his ankles which was just enough for me. I bit my lip at the sight of his growing member now being uncovered from his boxers and I drew those down as well.

I took it within my hands tightly, massaging and coaxing my hand up and down to get him to full growth. Satisfied with how he felt in my hand, I lowered myself down on him. His head immediately went back in satisfaction, his eyes dropping closed with pleasure. “Fuck,” he let out as he found solace in the tight grip of my love.

Usually, Sergio wanted to be the one working during sex. He would have me pinned in every place of the bedroom, stroking inside and out of me with the quickest pace possible but this time I settled on being the one in charge and moving my hips slowly so he could truly enjoy the feeling.

I rotated my hips in a circular motion, watching Sergio who laid under me in bliss. It was just the sight I wanted to see to keep me moving. “Yeah. Like that,” he breathed out, his eyes still directed to the ceiling.

But I still couldn’t help but worry he may be facing more pain with me on top of him so I had to ask, “Is your leg okay?”

“Fuck my hamstring,” he immediately answered which let me know he didn’t give a damn how it was feeling. He didn’t plan on stopping me regardless.

I drew myself up his length and dropped back down, coating him with the wetness of my warmth until I slid back down to meet contact with his body again. He always enjoyed the teasing movements of my body and that was apparent while he now bit down on his bottom lip in ecstasy.

Satisfied with my work so far, I picked up the pace of my rotation. Sergio’s hands gripped possessively on my hips to hold me in place. His nails accidentally found a home in my skin as he dragged them down the lower portion of my back but I didn’t mind. I knew Sergio was close to his climax by the way his breathing hitched and the way his eyes now darted open and dared me to continue.

And so I did until he finally released inside of me. It wasn’t often that he didn’t make me cum first but I made it a point this time to withhold my own pleasure until he reached his. He ran his digits along my back soothingly while I bucked my hips on top of him, now reaching my own peak. “Ugh,” I moaned out until I finally released myself over him.

Too tired to withdraw just yet, I simply stayed where I was while Sergio leaned forward to repeatedly kiss my lips.

“Shit. I gotta get hurt more often.”


Before an now!

This is about 2 years difference. Originally my sister’s Marble came to us completely silver with black splodges, and the tiniest wen ever. He was such a cutie. No, he’s the biggest fish in my fancy goldfish tank, is a beautiful metallic white and has the best wen i’ve ever had the pleasure to own. My sister made a good choice picking him out!