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Bunk Buddies

Paring: CALUMx(Y/N)

Requested: nah son

Description: You’re in a band and you’re on tour with 5SOS as their opener. You have to share your bands bus for a night with them, so you obviously bunk with your boyfriend.

Rating: R (obviously?)

Words: 3,554

It was 1AM and you were laying silently next to Calum in your bunk, listening to the dull buzz of the tires of your tour bus rolling down the freeway. Your friends were in their respective bunks, resting with the other guys, as you had to double up with all 8 of you on the same bus, not to mention your crew. The guys’ crew stayed on their bus though, not wanting to make things any more difficult for anyone. Cal was on his stomach, his right arm draped across your torso, and you had your head rested against his shoulder. He was laying half on top of you for comfort in the smaller-than-he-was-used-to sleeping space.

Their bus was bigger, and the bunk areas had more room in them. You almost wished you hadn’t said you wanted to be on your bus for the night instead of theirs, but it was too late for that; you couldn’t switch now.

“Hey Cal, you awake?” you whispered quietly, not wanting to disturb him if he wasn’t. He didn’t answer though. You slid your curtain open some and across from you was Ash and your bassist cuddled together with one of their laptops open and on with a pair each of earbuds connected to a splitter to hear it better. You could see in the reflection of her glasses that they were watching an animated movie. Not because you could actually see what they were watching, but because you could see the bright colors reflecting off her lenses.

She paused whatever it was that they were watching and removed her earbuds, looking over at you and Calum, raising her eyebrows at you. “Haaaaay”

“What do you want? We’re in the middle of a show” she questioned, her resting bitch face faltering when her lips overturned in a smile at Ashton, who has rested his chin over her shoulder.

“I can’t sleep” you pouted over at the pair across the way, and your bassist kept eye contact with you while she gripped the curtain of her bunk and slowly pulled it closed. Ashton giving you an apologetic look was the last you saw of either of them. You could hear him whisper to her that “that wasn’t very nice” and her replying with “I’m not nice.” You ignored the rest of their hushed conversation and pulled your curtain closed.

Looking over at Calum again you huffed. You knew it was late for the day you’d all had, and even though you were cuddled together in your bunk, you wanted his company. You didn’t want to wake him though. Gently sliding yourself out from under your boyfriend, you lowered yourself out of your bunk.

Once you had stepped into the back lounge with michael, a fresh bottle of water in your hands, you sighed loudly, startling the game playing boy before you. He paused his screen and turned to face you “JESUS, (Y/N), YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME”

“Sorry…” You plopped down next to him on the couch, your shorts slightly riding up your thighs.

“It’s fine, really, I just didn’t think anyone else was awake.” He unpaused his game, turning back to play, but keeping most of his attention on you. “Can’t sleep?”

“Can’t sleep.” you pulled your legs up onto the couch yawning, setting your water between your feet as your chin rested against your knees.

“You wanna know what’s good for that?” Michael’s voice was light and toned amusement when he asked, making you roll your eyes at him even though he couldn’t see.

“No, but I bet you’re gonna tell me” you bumped his shoulder with your elbow, flashing a teasing smile at him when he looked over at you.

“Exercise.” He flicked his thumb over the center of his game controller, pulling up the pause screen before gracing it over the joy stick to select ‘quit’.

“Excuse me, Michael, but if you haven’t noticed, were inside of a moving tour bus, what exactly am I supposed to do for exercise?” You furrowed your brows up at him as he stood, turning to toss you the controller in his hand.

“You’ve got your boyfriend on the bus, I’m sure you could figure something out, (y/n)” giving a sly grin to your stare, he started for the door to the bunks.

“Well he’s asleep, last I checked, so there’s not much a chance of that.”

Michael chuckled and shook his head at you as he opened the door, “you’d be surprised” stepping into the hall, but leaving the entrance open, Michael left, but not before you heard him talking to someone else, “oh hey, good night Calum.”

There was a muffled reply before Calum’s frame was peaking around the door to smile at you, before closing it behind him, the light click of the lock barely audible.

But you still heard it, “Cal?”

“What is it?” He groggily sauntered over to the couch and dropped to where Michael had sat before.

“I just thought you were out for the night is all, what made you wake up?” Taking your bottle of water and flick-popping the top up, you squirted the water into your mouth, water fountain style. The cold water felt absolutely amazing and refreshing, leaving you suddenly feeling more awake than you had before.

“I did too,” he started, sounding annoyed, he took a sip from your water and continued, “but I woke up out of no where and couldn’t fall back asleep.” He rubbed his hands up his face and then back down, letting his head drop back against the cushy back of the couch.

“Well, what were you dreaming about? You remember?” You rested your head against the back of the couch as well, mimicking Calum in closing your eyes, just wanting to focus on his voice, opening them when he paused for a moment.

“You want the truth? Or do you want me to play it off cool and say ‘I don’t really remember much but you were there’? Because either would work for me right now, all I know is that I’m tired, but I guess I just don’t have it in me to sleep.” His sleepy eyes opened and focused on yours, a gentle smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

Your tone never faltered in sarcasm on your reply, and the hint of laughter stayed the same with it, “Depends on what the truth is babe, if you were just boxing naked with Luke again then I don’t think I really need to know.”

“Oh shut up, it was one time. That wasn’t it though, why don’t you guess” his breathy chuckle left his eyes sparkly and his face wrinkled in a smile.

You pushed his thigh with your foot a little, shaking your head “nooooooo, come on. Just tell me. You know I’m bad at guessing.” Mock pouting at him, pushing your bottom lip out, he sighed, giving in to your whining.

“Alright fine, you wanna know so badly, me and you were back here fucking before stage and right before you finished me off by riding me, just the way I love, I woke up. Then I realized you weren’t in bed with me and got sad, so I came to find you.”

Your eyes widened as he spoke and you raised your eyebrows up at him “Oh jeez that’s a mood killer”

“Yeah, tell me about it, I’m surprised I didn’t wake up with anything more than a halfie” he motioned to his crotch, the slight bulge barely noticeable under his pajama pants.

“Well, fuck, Calum if you wanted sex we could have just skipped all the talking.”

“That really wasn’t my intentions at all, for the record” his lazy smile playing at you.

“Mhm sure” you stood from your comfortable position in the corner of the couch and stopped in front of Calum. Facing away from him you slowly bent over, pulling your shorts down a little, teasing him, then pulling them down a little further and letting gravity do the rest. You slowly turned, pulling your hair from the elastic it was held in and shook it out seductively, to see calum’s jaw slacked, and his eyes half lidded, taking the sight of you in. If you knew two things about your boyfriend, it was that he loved your hair down, and he loved you in his clothes, which you just so happened to be wearing one of his shirts, it resting mostly baggy against your frame, but hugging to your skin in some spots.

Your eyes were plastered to Calum, taking the sight of him in as you straddled his lap. “You were amazing tonight, you used my favorite bass for my favorite song.” You began splotching wet kisses against his burning skin, nipping over the pink marks, “the one with the pink ‘X’,” you hit his collar bone and made sure to pay extra attention there, eliciting a slow, low moan from Calum when you tugged at his skin “That one’s my favorite”

“You’re my favorite,” came breathy and half hearted from between his lips, his hands finding their way to your hips to slowly start rocking you against him. You slid your hands down your torso and went to wrap your fingers around the hem of your shirt to pull it off of your body, but he stopped you, pulling your hands away and holding them in place behind your back. “Leave it, I love the way this one looks on you” he kept you still while he roughly thrust his hips up, the layers between your core and his hardening member thin enough to still feel his strokes against you on your clit, leaving you whimpering at the feeling.

He lent up to kiss you, needy and hot and full of hunger, having you grind your hips down against him. You pulled away, slinking down from your seat in his lap, to the carpeted floor between his legs. You lent forward, mouthing at his clothed chub, licking the outline of it through his pants. You ran your hands up his thighs, up to the waistband of his pants and pulled them down, him lifting his hips for you to help. His cock falling against his thigh.

You looked up at him, batting your lashes and licking your lips, taking him in your hand and gently placing kisses along the underside vein, Calum sighing graciously as you did. You took his tip into your mouth and sucked gently, tracing around his slit with your tongue. You stopped to pull your hair to the side and continued on, sliding your tongue down his shaft flat, and then slowly blowing cool air back up to his tip, earning a whine from him. You pumped him slowly, knowing he hated how much he loved the teasing, and took him in your mouth again, sliding him past your lips until you you felt your gag reflex start to work up about ¾ of the way down, pulling back up and bobbing your head. His hands found your hair and kept it out of your face, pulling it into a messy, makeshift ponytail. You pushed yourself down further on him, almost getting your nose down flat on his pubic bone as you fought your reflex, tears welling in your eyes as you began to gag around him.

He helped pull you off as you took a second to catch your breath and then your lips were back around him again, cheeks hollowed, bobbing with his help. By now he was letting moans escape his parted lips and watching you through hooded lids. He was involuntarily bucking his hips up, nearly gagging you again every time you went back down, your hair tight in his fists. “That’s it baby girl, god you’re being so good for me, taking me so, so good. shit” his grip tightened in your hair and made you whimper around him, forcing you down a little faster, not noticing how far he was pushing you. Your reflex threatened again and again, with you fighting it back as hard as you could, tear trails staining your cheeks. “Fuck… Fuck” your hot breath against his skin reminded him of how close he was and he needed you to stop before he blew his load into your mouth.

“Stop. stopstopstop, stop” you were pulled off of his, now fully erect, leaking member, an obscene pop coming from your lips, a spit line connecting your bottom lip to his tip. Calum swiped it away from your lip with his thumb, watching your wide eyes travel down to his cock, licking your lips and then flicking your eyes up to meet his. “Oh my god, (y/n), get up here so I can fuck you, tell me how you want it baby”

You pulled yourself into his lap and ghosted your lips over his, reaching down and tugging at him, making sure he was coated in your spit, “I wanna ride you.” Was all you said before lining him up at your entrance and slowly sinking down on him. His head fell back as a low moan came from him, his eyes screwed shut and his eyebrows knitted together. You kissed down his jawline gently, as you finally took all of him, pulling yourself back up and then sinking down again.

You pulled yourself up slow and came down hard, burying him in you, Calum’s harsh breaths getting to you. “Baby girl you feel so good keep-” he moaned as you picked up your pace, the back of your thighs slapping to the tops of his “keep going, right- right like that” you leant back, placing your hands on his thighs right above his knees, his hands reaching out to rake his nails down your sides the way he knew you loved so, so much, your moans coming with every thrust. “Talk to me, tell me what you want” he panted, taking your hips in his hands to guide you.

“Faster, fucking faster cal” your lip went between your lips and he pulled you up, your chest to his as he started fucking into you faster, snapping his hips up to meet yours, hitting your spot almost every other time. You had your hands around the back of his neck, your forehead pressed to his, nails digging into his skin to leave little crescents in their wake. Peeling one of his hands from your waist to pull you closer by the back of your neck, his lips ghosted over yours, quiet grunts and sharp breaths pouring from them like sin, but he couldn’t manage to get any closer, couldn’t physically push his lips that little bit further. So, slowing your pace to circle your hips and grind down, you pulled his lips to yours in a needy kiss, one that left your hands in his hair and his face tilted up as you battled for dominance that he gave to you.

You reluctantly pulled back from the kiss and rested your hands against his chest, never stopping the motion of your hips, needing more of him, wanting him to control you and make you remember who was the boss. “Calum, jesus, please, please I want more baby, more” you moaned, dragging out your vowels so needily, knowing that he couldn’t take it.

He groaned and dropped his hands to your hips, stilling your motions, silencing the air around you so all you could hear were the tires on the interstate. Your eyes locked with his, full of lust and anticipation, your bottom lip quivering softly, waiting.

Calum lifted you effortlessly and, with your cooperation, turned you so your clothed back was now to his bare front. He slowly brought your wrists together behind you again, and held them there. Gently wrapping his free hand around your throat, he brought you back against him, and practically growled into your ear “say my name. Beg for it.” And you did.

“F-fuck,” You tried to press yourself down to get some friction against him, but he wasn’t having it.

“No, I said beg for it, baby girl. Come on, I know you can do it, I know how bad you want it. Your soaking against me” and you were. You were seated in his lap with his hard on set between your folds, and god you wanted to rock yourself back and coat him in it.

“Cal, Calum please, please I need you.” He slid his hand from your throat and groped at your left breast, getting you to bite your lip and whine.

“You can do better” he said, rolling the prominent nub between his thumb and forefinger, dipping his head down to suck purple marks into the side of your neck. Marks that everyone would see, and management wouldn’t be happy, but you really didn’t care.

“Calum, just, please, Calum please oh m-” he stopped you in the middle of your pleading, eliciting a deep moan from you when he teasingly started pushing and pulling your lower half against his shaft, sliding between the folds of your almost dripping core. The moans you were suppressing were the only noise in the quiet space aside from Calum’s breathing and the hum of the bus.

“That’s it, more, give me more of that, say my name.” He pulled you up some and peeled his shirt from your body. You were finally able to feel his chest against you and his skin was burning. He ran his hands down your inner thighs and then back up, stopping just before he got to where he knew you needed him “I said, say. my. name.” lining himself up at your entrance, pressing just the tip in.

You whined, hating the teasing, but loving the grip he had on you, “baby say my name and I’ll give you just what you want.” His hands slid up, one going further than the other, his thumb lazily brushing up and down your clit as you moaned his name, needing him, “that’s it” he cooed at you, slowly pushing into your throbbing heat, and pulling back out, repeating the motions.

“Oh my god fuck. Fuck, Calum I need you, I need you so bad, please.” He kissed behind your ear gently, leaving a trail down your neck.

“Please what?” His cheeky tone the last straw for you.

“Calum I swear to god if you don’t stop teasing me and fuck me proper, I will take care of myself in front of you and leave you like this. Shit, Calum please” you moaned, trying to fuck yourself down against him, this time he let you have some leeway and you began bouncing on him.

His hands went to your hips, his fingers digging into your hipbones as he guided you down harder on himself, grunts and shallow moans coming from his parted lips. “O-oh fu-uck yeah” the breath being half knocked out of you with every thrust he gave you, clenching around his member. The heat in your stomach pooling into a knot.

Calum wrapped his arm around your lower belly, sliding his other hand up to wrap around your throat, pulling your head back as he buried his head into your neck “ God, I-im so close” your skin absorbing his moans.

You forced out your reply between thrusts and moans “Mm Calum, so, so good, I just, need, a little more” your legs began to shake as you felt his thumb on your clit again, rubbing rushed circles into you, trying to set you off before he came himself.

“Fuck, (y/n), please, baby, please tell me you’re close. I’m not going to last much longer, shit” he began whimpering into his moans, telling you he was ready to blow, needing to come so badly, but he always, always took care of you first.

You felt his short nails digging into your inner thigh as he desperately ran his finger in figure eights over you, his thrusts sloppy but still hitting your spot. His strangled whines of holding off for you, trying so so hard that it was starting to hurt, tipped you over the edge as you clenched around him and felt your release and saw white, his name pouring from your lips over and over again. His release not even two harsh thrusts behind you, stilling inside of you as a strangled, throaty moan passed his lips between his teeth and your right shoulder.

You felt him pull out and your body went limp against his, no longer able to support yourself on your knees. Both of you were left panting hard before he pulled your lips to his in a gentle, loving kiss. “I think I could go back to sleep now” he breathed out happily, almost laughing, his hands taking yours and pulling you both up to get your clothing, your thighs trembling, not yet through the aftershocks of your orgasm, clutching to him for support.

“You’re carrying me to bed, right?” You leaned up to nuzzle your nose into his neck and gently kiss under his jaw.

He handed you your shirt, and kissed you gently again, right as you finished pulling it over your head “Baby girl, I’d do anything for you after that.”

There are typos so I’m sorry about that I’ll have to edit it.

Fan BoneMen: Decapitador , inspired by Spaghettibastard’s Bone Men art series @spaghettibastard

I imagine the Decapitador as a war priestess of sorts, improving her allies through boon and chant.

An oily fluid pools in her hips that can she can form into a incredibly strong, silk like material. With this she forms her visceral threads, each ending in horrid meat hooks, meant to drag opponents to a violent demise.

The fluid can also help seal wounds or act as an armor if smothered upon an ally. Her dress is made of the same fluid, hiding extra weapons and protecting her legs.

as requested by anon (can’t find the original post… sorry)

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 2,150 words

Pairing: Papyrus/Reader (Undertale)

Description: Reader is very cold and Papyrus wants to warm them up.

Author’s Note: I had fun writing this! Also, I hate to be that person, but the entire time i was writing this, I was listening to Panic! at the Disco’s new song “Death of a Bachelor” but u know whatever….

Also, also, I was thinking of maybe doing sort of two different sections in each fic? So it would just split off once sex started happening, so there would be a DFAB part, and then a DMAB section? So they would be exactly the same, just written differently regarding parts? How do people feel about that?

Annyyyway, enjoy :) Sorry to talk for so long

Papyrus and you had the house to yourselves for the night. Sans was supposed to at work, though, was more likely to be found at Grillby’s.

A few minutes ago, Papyrus had left you on the couch alone, the TV still flickering in front of you. From the kitchen, you heard a few pots banging together, along with draws and cabinets opening and closing.

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I just uploaded these corsets as the first ones of a new line <3 They’re inspired by antique corsets and made to be extra special, with more boning than usual and lots of little handmade details, like the seperate bust and hip pieces with lattice embroidery over it, lots of flossing and cording as well as boning. They are, in both style and price, meant to be inbetween the Art Line corsets and the regular corsets. I hope you like them! ^_^

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imagine the reverse with jim all looped up. bones has to get jim quickly away from joanna before he scars her since he can't control the obscenities flowing out of his mouth.

“Okay, easy does it, tiger,” Bones told him, easing him onto the couch and sounding far off.  Jim hated this foggy feeling that made his head swim but at least he had Bones to make sure he’d be alright.

“Are those my shoes?” Jim asked as he eyed his feet in confusion.  "They’re really big, damn.“

"Yeah, they’re really big, Jim, lemme take ‘em off and get you settled,” Bones replied.  The kiss he placed to the blonde’s temple took a moment to register, but made him smile when he realized.

“Not the only really big thing, I’ve got,” Jim said lewdly, attempting a low, sultry tone that definitely sounded more like a loud and clumsy joke.  

“Jo, can you go grab another pillow?” he heard Bones call.

“I’m getting him a princess pillow because that’s what he is right now,” the fourteen year old teased.  

“Mm, Bones you can be prince charming,” Jim said, proud of his ability to keep up returning.  He couldn’t help tacking on, “You’re on your knees and everything, baby.”

“Jim, you stop right there,” Bones warned as he heard an exaggerated ewww, so gross, from the hallway where Joanna disappeared.  "You gotta behave, idiot, you’re in no shape to be so interested in that right now.  My daughter’s here!“

"She’s in the other room now, Bonesy, c'mon, not like she doesn’t know we have a lot of sex,” Jim replied.  "Dirty sex.  Really, really dirty sex–“

Bones clamped his hand over Jim’s mouth, his other fingers pulling at the shoelaces with less than his full attention.  "You be quiet.”

Of course, Jim would have licked him if he wasn’t drugged out of his mind on painkillers, but the extra sloppy tongue against his palm made Bones swear and pull away.

“Dammit, Jim!”

It’s the funniest thing Jim’s seen all day, since he got out of the hospital and he’s shaking with giggling laughter.  Bones didn’t look amused, but what else is new.

“I’m going to be in my room,” Joanna interjected as a couple pillows sail onto the couch.  "With headphones on.“

"Jo–” Bones began.

“Sorry, dad, you’re on your own, love you!” she called, disappearing again before Jim could send an amused thanks in her direction.