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i just spent two hours watching all of Maggie and Sydney's scenes... I DIDN'T NEED MORE SHIPS IN MY LIFE BUT HERE WE ARE (also as someone who came of age watching Degrassi, I'm so glad Ellie is gayyyyyy lolol)

THIS ASK MADE MY DAY! (I was having a rather crappy one, so bless you)

Everyone should follow suit and watch!!! c’mon I made it super easy for you in this post. And ignore that comment about their fate not seeming optimistic…the lesbian gods seem to have saved this one–’TWAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE! Shame on me and my lack of faith.

I mean look at them *sobs*

oh my gosh,, my 6 year old cousin wanted to hear me sing in hebrew and he listened with the widest eyes and when i was done he asked “is that Cursive?”

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​❝ I made pumpkin cookies! Want to try one? ❞ [Giselle]

“Pumpkin..cookies?” Ellie asked, an eyebrow raised, “A-are you sure that these were a good idea, mom?”

The cookies looked edible, but that doesn’t mean that they tasted good. Like dark chocolate, or oatmeal raisin cookies.

{Not hating on dark chocolate, or oatmeal raisin cookies! Ellie just dislikes them!}

Okay, here we go...

Okay, first of all sorry for my bad english. Secondly, since I’m a really desperate person and no one answers my request I decided to create my own RFA + Saeran headcanon. Seriously, I don’t care if you don’t like it, I made it for myself but still I hope you enjoy it.

RFA + Saeran react to MC who is extremely talented at some kind of art. Not to become professional, just as a hobby.

I wanted to do it with different kinds for each member and also the first time they found out about it. Jaehee was the most difficult. I really suffered with her still suffering cuz I’m in the friendzone 

Anyway, with the generous contribution of @miisstar​ & @mar26​ and without any more preambles I proudly present you my HC:

Jaehee: dancing

  • you two were watching one of Zen musicals chill and Zen GOD NO STOP ME
  • it was about a Spanish avenger (the one of the Zorro poster)
  • and suddenly the actors performed a flamenco dance
  • “this sequence took him two weeks to master”
  • “really?”
  • “yes, it proves that even geniuses have difficulties sometimes”
  • you stood up and start imitating the steps you just watched
  • she was totally focused on you now
  • like WTF
  • after you finished to interpret the dance perfectly you look at her
  • she has her mouth widely open
  • “what’s the matter?”
  • what’s the matter!? how can you dance like that!?”
  • “w-well, I-I always liked to dance…” then you got an idea
  • “maybe I should show you how to do it, since I need a partner for the next part after all”
  • you take her hand without waiting for an answer and start guiding her in another dance
  • Jaehee needs to take a break after it to cool her down
  • “i-is…. because of the exercise….”
  • yeah sure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoosung: writing

  • he found out about it by accident
  • he had to do a homework and write an essay about an anonymous writer on the internet
  • he was first reading just one chapter because he preferred to be playing games instead
  • but after finishing the first story he looks for more
  • and finished reading all the stories he could find of the author
  • when you got home he told you everything about this new super awesome author
  • “Look MC. He’s such an incredible writer. He wrote all of this. Is amazing!! Is such as good as the guy who created LOLOL”
  • you can’t help but smile
  • you told him that you wrote those stories
  • first reaction: shock. Second reaction: excitement this is how this kid works
  •  little puppy asks you for stories to sleep are you four, Yoosung?

Zen: singing

  • the first time he heard you singing was while you helped him to practice
  • he was having troubles with a duet part so he asked for your help
  • but when you started singing
  • he was like
  • you told him that even when you are flattered by such a good compliment (cuz it was, actually) you preferred a low-profile
  • he was confused at first but accepted your refusal
  • always practice with you
  • singing duets at home when you two are in the mood
  • basically singing all the time cuz he loves how your voice sounds in total harmony with his
  • even your phone recorder answers with both of you singing goddamnit

Jumin: painting

  • when you moved with him you brought all your painting stuff with you
  • he’s pretty impressed
  • he considered it a shame that you don’t want to become a professional at it but he respects your decisions
  • always watch you painting
  • the first request that he asked you was a painting of Elizabeth 3rd of course that damn cat
  • but after he saw the wonderful work that you made he asked for another paint
  • the three of you (him, you, and Elly seriously damn cat)
  • it was pretty difficult (since you have to paint yourserlf in it) but once you finished you were satisfied with it
  • he framed it and put it in his office
  • actually, he framed all your paintings and put them all over the place
  • “Assistant Kang, we need a bigger house”

Saeyoung: playing instruments

  • same as Jumin, when you moved with him you bought all your instruments with you
  • “Did you actually play all of it?”
  • he feels bad that you have to use a keyboard so bought you a grand piano
  • of course you two have only two faces
  • joke around with the instruments or be serious as hell about them there’s no between
  • totally cool with you not wanting to be a pro he knows the importance of low profile when you are good at something
  • he named ALL of them
  • when you get mad at him or want to get his attention you play the trombone or tuba in front of him
  • he seriously loves hearing you play while he works. His favs are the piano and violin
  • you arrived one day and found Saeyoung (cross-dressed) sit at the table with many of your instruments dressed as well and with a tea set
  • “what are you doing?”
  • “we are having a musical tea party”
  • I’m done

Saeran: photography yes it’s art fight me

  • you two went out one day to visit a national park
  • when he saw your extremely big and heavy professional camera he asked you
  • “why you need it?”
  • “because I like to take pictures”
  • “are you a photographer?”
  • “not a professional”
  • ok, first it annoys him a little cause it remembered him to V
  • but he really loves your serious totally focus MC face
  • when you told him to try it he took a picture of you
  • he failed it was all blurred
  • he swear to never do it again
  • still you kept the photo
  • when you revealed your pictures later and showed to him
  • he couldn’t believe what he saw
  • d-did we really go to a place like this?
  • he was amazed by the scenarios
  • he can’t believe that you actually could capture an incredible view and turn it into something even more beautiful 
  • after a moment of silence he just said
  • “they look great” blushing a little
  • you smiled and kissed him because you know exactly what he was thinking
  • you were happy he cherish your art
First Listen (Part 6)

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Taylor was sweaty and exhausted after her show to 60,000 people in Dallas, Texas, but she knew she should hang out with Ellie since she had come all this way to perform for free. She was just leaving Loft 89, which always left her exhilarated, and she knew Ellie would be waiting in Taylor’s dressing room to have drinks. Taylor felt a twisting in her stomach. She felt nervous being around Ellie, afraid she’d be mad at her for breaking things off with Adam since Ellie was the one who had set them up.

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Did something happen with Cullen's VA? I keep seeing something about a twitter disaster.

Ah yes… he used the term “whore” (I think I didn’t screenshot anything) on Twitter and got very defensive when people pointed out that using the term as an insult was… well… offensive. But I really don’t want to get into this, just let it be said that both sides got heated and… well… things weren’t nice. People were publicly called out etc. etc. :( It made me really sad actually lmao.