made for a party


Favourite Crazy Ex Girlfriend songs per episode // 1x03 - "I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!“
↳ A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes

♫ Cause we’re not just a boy band made up of four Joshes, we’re also a team of nationally recognised mental health professionals. Trained in cognitive behavioural therapy with specialties in personality and sleep disorders 

sdfkglf i just remembered this,, sophomore year i was at a party and i guess someone made a noise complaint bc the cops showed up & naturally i was high as a kite so i tried to hide in my friends bed but before i could get upstairs a cop stopped me and asked for my name and i told her my name was selena nomez n she fuckin believed me & luckily someone passed out so she left me alone and i booked it. Selena nomez

one of my favorite things about the asari is that they apparently only look like sexy blue human women to humans

you can eavesdrop on a bachelor party on Illium in the second game. the party is made up of a turian, a salarian, and a human watching an asari exotic dancer. the turian at one point asks why other races are into asari, since they look a lot like turian females, which the salarian argues is untrue–they look just like salarian females.

then there’s just a moment of quiet horror as they realize that none of them are seeing what asari truly look like.




it’s akaashi’s birthday i’m so happy IT’S AKAASHI’S BIRTHDAY I’M SO HAPPY I HOPE HE IS HAPPY TOO happy birthday happy happy birthday!!!!!!

payback for bokuto’s birthday plus a bonus picture for a bonus smile :)


neil, you lil shit

happy holidays, foxes! its only been a few months since i joined the fandom, but i can honestly say that it’s the best one i’ve been in; the books and the fandom saved 2016 for me (that and yuri on ice but i digress)

so thank you, foxes, for everything 

here’s some fun dorian facts!!!

  • as a child, he would do anything to make his father happy
  • at some point he had or wanted to have a small wooden duck with wheels on it
  • is a huge magic nerd like the biggest nerd of all
  • has been to the anderfels (weisshaupt), kirkwall, and nevarra prior to joining the inquisition
  • when he was in nevarra he desperately wanted to visit a necropolis, but wasn’t able to actually go
  • his parents had planned for him to marry a woman named livia
  • according to himself, he has excellent teeth
  • has examined the art in the magisterium’s archives
  • saw the black divine at a party but didn’t get to meet him
  • before the inquisition, dorian had never spoken to an elf that wasn’t a slave
  • “some of my best friends are murderers”
  • for all his talk of his taste for fine wine, dorian spent at least one night in the tavern drinking “disgusting dwarven ale”
  • repeatedly refers to blackwall as “that hairy lummox”
  • is cold everywhere that isn’t tevinter (he’s a hothouse orchid)
  • camped alone in the ferelden countryside for two weeks when he first got to the country
  • was very seasick when he crossed the waking sea
  • “i’m not made for the wilderness, i’m more taverns and big cities”
  • his mother had servants take dorian boating in the summer rather than doing it herself
  • “i was never good at doing what other people wanted”
  • does NOT enjoy fighting dragons
  • his response to the fear demon? “rather uncalled for”
  • josephine restricts him from the inquisition wine cellars after taking more than 14 bottles of wine
  • has a list of his critiques of the inquisition’s soldier’s armor