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Type 6 Motorcycle - By Auto Fabrica

There’s just something primal about driving a motorcycle and then there is also ‘the chick magnet’ effect; the more unique your bike is, the stronger the effect. Leonardo Da Vinci was quoted as saying: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and we believe that the English custom motorcycle specialist Auto Fabrica has hit the spot with their Type 6.

Thank you for being patient with this next update!! I just passed 100 followers on this blog recently and I’m so excited that there’s already interest in this nuzlocke! I’m close to coloring page 1 and I’m trying to build a bit of a buffer for when school comes back around. 

Useless fact about Nautia #1: She loves milkshakes and her favorite flavor is Orange Cream. Actually, she loves food in general.



how to deal with a month-long hiatus: make logos, apparently

i spent many hours working on these so please do not repost, share on social media without crediting me, etc. 

also I’ve seen many people talking about wanting shirts/posters/stickers with these: unfortunately unless one of the night vale people sees these and decides they’d like to use them for official merch, that won’t be happening. if you do see anybody selling items with these designs, they are not mine and not official, please report that person and also let me know.


One chair, five different tops

The ultra productive design studio Nendo has created another fascinating piece of design. The Twig Chair designed by Sayaka Ito has a white aluminium base, that can be combined with five different wooden top-parts. each is giving the chair a different shape and comfort of seating. The chair was made for the Italian furniture company Alias.

The Nendo Design Studio

The Tokyo based studio Nendo is led by Oki Sato and has brought over one hundred products to market during the last year. Their style is a clever mix of simple elegance and innovative playfulness.

Nendo: Website | Facebook

Alias: Website | Facebook

If you like the style of Nendo’s products have a look at the Fandango reinterpretation or the scented candle holder Flame.

When you are especially looking for chairs have a look at the Sofa So Good and the Donut Stool.

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