made dat shit


               “dog. r u even listenin 2 veeny?” 

          If there was one thing to be said about humans, it was that their own universal god complex was second to none. Sure, you’d get the occasional douche from some race in some dimension here and there that saw no consequences for their actions, but that trait was something annoyingly persistent in every human. 

          At least, Y.V. supposed, every human that hadn’t yet experienced the rather humbling event of a nuclear fallout and often times painful mutation. Shame this one wouldn’t live long enough to experience that part of history, it might’ve done him a favor.

          “look. u jus dont mess wit gold heat ok? and DEF not da 1 ur going 4.” He pointed to his own Golden Crossbow as an example–no point in getting this dumbass worked up over weapons that didn’t even exist here yet, he’d be here for-fuckin-ever. “da old god who made dat shit made it just 2 fuk w/ ppl. gona ruin ur whol goddan life.”