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I wasn’t sure it was going to bake out alright, but it came out great! I made these cream puffs for the Captain @lordofcrowns because people keep calling him—well, it doesn’t matter what they call him. I know he’s…kind of mean sometimes, but… I mean, he can be really—well, mostly really…er….

Anyway have some cream puffs and please ignore everything just I just tried to say.

Creepypasta #1046: The Ice Princess

Length: Super long

I had suffered from bullying for as long as I can remember. Girls on the playground would pull my hair. Boys in the halls would call me ugly. I could even hint some of the teachers thought I wasn’t the brightest kid there.

My parents told me I had to rise above it, that they were all just jealous of me and I shouldn’t worry. Jealous of me? Of what, exactly?

Did they envy my freckled face that looked like a set of misshapen polka dots? Or perhaps my curly orange hair that looked like a weary fire? Oh no, I figured it out. It was definitely my inability to do… well, just about anything.

I wasn’t smart enough to be a geek, athletic enough to be on any of the sports teams or cool enough to have any friends. Bullies, teachers and adults were the only people I knew in the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know what you’re thinking. Look at this girl, complaining about everything when her life probably isn’t nearly that bad. She’s over-reacting. Probably just being dramatic for attention.

If that’s suddenly taken you aback, you’re part of the problem. If it didn’t, you might change your mind by the time this story is over. Oddly enough, it doesn’t begin with me at my old school.

Sooner or later when I came home with one too many bruises and scrapes, my parents had me shipped out of there. Within the next week, I was told I’d be moving to a new school outside of town. It was just after January so I got to spend Christmas with my family before leaving. Something about it just felt right. Luckily, it was still snowing.

I was confused when my parents had packed me a suitcase when they drove me to the new school. It all became clear once I saw two separate wings on either side of the building.

“Honey, we think this might be good for you,” my dad said, holding my gloved hand as we walked across the snow.

“And we’ll write to you every weekend and visit every month.” my mum continued.

I nodded and smiled. I knew I would miss my parents, but I’d rather not deal with the alternative.

They took me up to the main office, where the headmistress greeted me. She was a kind looking older lady. Reminded me a bit of my grandmother. She had her grey hair cut short with perfectly rimmed spectacles on her face. Behind her stood another girl. Short, petite with dimples and wavy blonde hair. She smiled and waved at me. I admired the locket she wore around her neck. A diamond heart that looked like it could open up.

My parents said their goodbyes and the girl took me to the dorm. She introduced herself as Tia Lightfoot. Funny, that was the same last name the headmistress had.

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pretty in pink is the first john hughes teen movie aside from ferris bueller that doesn’t just have some shit that makes you want to vomit.


Tia and Ryan had known each other for a few weeks and had spent the majority of that time either talking or texting; every time Tia spoke to him she’d find out something they had in common, or some tender little fact about him that made her smile. She learned that he was a local boy who loved working with numbers - it was interesting to see someone so in love with things that made Tia blanch, like maths and accounting and calculus, but he reminded her of herself, a little bit. He loved numbers and loved maths, but he wasn’t that good at it, which was how he’d ended up in her study group in the first place. He wasn’t a particularly strong-willed person, but that was something Tia rather liked about him; he was quiet where others were loud and offered a rare moment of calm.

He invited her out to the arcade on a Friday afternoon after Tia had gone on a rant about how stressed she was. With exams looming, an afternoon off was exactly what she needed, so she agreed without a moment’s hesitation.

“Thank you,” she told him with a lopsided smile. “I probably should have done this ages ago.”

Ryan laughed as they made their way past the cinema and to the arcade. “Lucky I’m here to have your back, then!” he replied. “Now prepare to have your ass kicked, noob.”

“Bring it on.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write a drabble based on 'rear view' by zayn please?:)

Hi anon,

Here you go.   Hope you like it.   So hard to focus on all the whole song and if I did that would be a whole bigger different story. 

Angst here, its about healing a little bit and its got a hint of fluff at the end and its so long and wordy and ugghhh, oh god I hope you don’t hate it.  (some of it is under the cut/read more because its long and I’m so incapable of doing drabbles  -  I’m so sorry). 


The stars in the night sky shine above as he orders the drink from the bar, the beach side bar he’s frequented for the last 6 nights, since he upped and left.  

Its a warm night, there’s the sound of music coming from the old CD player in the corner, some music that his mum and dad used to play when he was a kid, stuff from the 70s he thinks, stuff he grew up listening to and that fills his heart with something other than the hollow feeling that’s been there for too long, nostalgia and not the type of nostalgia that threatens to rip his heart into pieces. 

He tosses a few extra coins in the direction of the guy behind the bar who nods his thanks, picks up the shot glass and walks away from the bar area, away from the couples and the groups of lads and girls that are congregated by it.

He carries on walking till he finds the quiet spot that’s become his place over the last few 4 nights, he sits on the the sand facing the sea,  its just by a palm tree,  its far enough away that all he can hear is occasional bursts of laughter and the bass of the music, so that all he can really hear is the sound of the sea, and its far enough away too that the only real illumination, the only light comes from the stars and his phone as he unlocks it, and looks at the time, he’s early and there’s an irony there that Kit would laugh his head off at, then as he waits he finds the messages screen and looks through it.

As expected each message is full of love, of reassurance that ‘you’ve done the right thing mate’ but it’s always with a ‘when are you coming back to us?’ as a post-script. 

He has to resist the urge to simply type out ‘never’ and though it’d be honest at least because he’s got no urge to go back, no urge to relive everything, no urge to think of what he’s lost, what’s never going to return and how at each familiar place in town, he sees them, him, them both, but he resists that urge nevertheless.    

Because there’s a part of him that wonders if maybe the counsellor was right, maybe time eases the pain, maybe by revisiting all those places over and over again, the pain would ease and he’d start to remember the good times but he’s not sure he can risk his heart disintegrating in the mean time. 

So here he stays, till he feels he can trust that won’t happen.

The sound of a stone hitting the water interrupts his thoughts, and despite himself, he grins, though he covers his mouth as he does so, and rests his chin on the hand that’s propped up by the knee that’s bent upwards now. 

‘This is getting to be a habit’ comes the voice from just behind him, and then he hears the sound of his sandals and then there’s a hand that pats twice on his shoulder before it’s removed and then he’s sitting next to him quietly adding.  ‘Some habits are good for your health I reckon’.

He doesn’t reply, he doesn’t react, and for the next few minutes, they’re silent, Liam has a small stick with which he draws out a board for noughts and crosses, and he holds a torch in his mouth the entire time while they play game after game, and the only sound that Zayn truly hears is Liam breathing through his name and then mumbling out the word ‘you cheat’ as Zayn wins yet again and even on the worst day, it raises a smile.

Its been like this for the last 4 nights, the first 2 nights he hadn’t even left his room save for going out and getting some street food and enough beer that he forgot who he was almost and really staying in London and finding the nearest offie would’ve been better, and cheaper. 

Then came the 3rd night, when the noise of the bar quickly became too much, but he needed more than the 4 walls of his room, and so he’d picked up the drink, and kept walking, until he’d found this spot and he’d settled in for a night of staring at the sky, wishing somehow that Kit could be there with him, wishing that all that pain could disappear, remembering everything about the last 9 months, forgetting all about what had gone before that time, everything they’d built up just gone  the moment they walked in the consultants office.

And he’d found himself crying, and he’d carried on till he there was nothing left in him, till he looked in the distance, and he heard the laughing and yet it felt like another world, and yet it was one that he and Kit would’ve existed in, where Kit would’ve shone like the beacon he was, like the person everyone honed in on.

That’s when he felt at his lowest ebb, and that’s what the counsellor said you needed to feel before you could start to recover, but at that point he had no desire to,  he’d just felt the familiar shiver, the tremble and the feeling of wanting to be anywhere but here, but anywhere wasn’t any good either, so he was screwed either way so he’d stood up and he’d walked closer and closer till his feet got wet, and he knew he wasn’t going to go any further, because he wasn’t Kit, he couldn’t see something through to the end, except he’d thought that’s where Kit was wrong because he didn’t see them through to the end, and Zayn knew that was unfair, but so was this, so was this life.

And the problem was that running away certainly wasn’t helping, so what could?

Turns out Guardian Angels or angels in general don’t just come with fluffy wings, and a harp, they come in the form of brown hair, bleached by the sun, bright beach shorts, a baggies football shirt and a smile that was impossibly bright which meant that Zayn didn’t even need  the light from his phone.

‘I’ve seen you trying to swim earlier today mate, don’t fancy your chances much if you go for a paddle right now’

Those were his first words.   And it was enough to make Zayn turn round even if it was just to say.

‘Who the fuck are you?’

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Author Spotlight: seeleyboothfan day 4

An incredible NINE RECS TODAY Go forward for:

Expectation Fails
Fresh Start
Too Late
Shattered Glass
The Color of Souls
Just to Feel You
Chloe and Me
Now I know my ABCs
King of All Wild Things

1.      “Expectation Fails series”: by lilinas and masturblaine

D/s age!gap fic with student Kurt and teacher Blaine’s dom and it’s hot as hell but also full of the most amazing imagery and feeling? This scene takes place after Kurt’s first punishment of Blaine.

It was almost fully dark now and Kurt waited until Blaine seemed completely out before he shifted himself out from under his sub, who clutched at his pillow as he moved, and climbed out of the bed. He padded in the dimness out of the bedroom and down the hall. It was strange to walk naked around someone else’s house, feeling the air brush against his still-sensitive skin, but putting on his clothes would have been silly.

He hovered for a moment on the threshold of the living room and surveyed the scene of their struggle, items strewn across the floor like casualties of battle, lit faintly by the last of the sun coming through the thin curtains at the west-facing windows. Blaine’s clothes and shoes shoved under the table by the door. Kurt’s scarf and cuff on the floor by the kitchen, with the wooden spoon discarded nearby. A few steps further and he could see the wrapped box containing the black cuff in the corner of the kitchen where it had fallen after it bounced against the refrigerator.

They were such tiny things, but seeing them there where they’d been left in fear or anger or lust, somehow illustrated in ways Kurt hadn’t fully accepted the enormity of what had happened to him in the past three days. Three days! Just last Thursday Kurt had woken up and gone to school a clueless teenager dreaming of romance and hoping for a Glee solo and enjoying the fact that for some reason the jocks seemed to have forgotten how to torment him. Now here he was naked in Blaine’s apartment, Blaine who he’d spanked and teased (which had been hotter than he’d ever imagined and made Kurt suspect he’d found his first kink), Blaine who’d made him come like he’d never known it was possible to come, Blaine who was asleep in his bed right now waiting for Kurt to come back and hold him. He was a dom. He was Blaine’s dom. He would be Blaine’s dom for the rest of his life.

2.      “A Fresh Start series” by Picking Violets

Kurt and Blaine create a blended family and continue fostering and adopting. There is a huge heartbreaking moment where they lose some of their family and I still cry thinking about it. This scene takes place when two of their foster kids get returned to the biological father – CUE THE WATERWORKS

This man was taking away his kids.

His kids.

HIS kids.

Kurt stepped away from the car on unsteady legs, holding his hand to his mouth as Tia made her little ‘grabby hands’ motion for him. The doctor reached out a hand, as if hold her small fingers from a distance, but turned it into a shaky wave at the last minute.

The young father glanced around uncertainly after shutting Tia’s door.

Blaine started shaking his head. First slowly, and then almost frantically.


Both Finn and Puck stood at attention, hearing the desperation in his voice.

“No. This isn’t right. You can’t do this.”

Blaine turned to the children’s father.

“Why! Why would you do this? They were happy! They were so happy with us! We love them!”

Finn stepped forward, attempting to place a calming hand on his brother-in-law’s shoulder, but Blaine brushed it off.

“Please don’t do this,” he called out to the man who was backing away slowly, preparing to climb into the driver’s seat… ready to drive off with his children. He paused, looking at Blaine with a pained expression. It was obvious that he wanted to say something, but just had no clue what.

Kurt closed his eyes, looking as if he was going to be sick.

“Honey. We can’t-”

“Please don’t take them,” Blaine gasped. “Please…”

The children’s father swallowed nervously, glancing around at the men surrounding him.

Finn looked off into the distance, knowing it was time for him to intervene.

“You need to go, Mr. Scott. This won’t get any easier. Go, and I’ll check in with you later.”

The young man nodded with a harsh swallow, and ducked into the front seat quickly.

The door slammed shut.

The engine started.

A squealing cry rose from inside the car as Tia realized that the vehicle was leaving, and neither Kurt nor Blaine was with her.

“Tia,” Blaine murmured, stepping forward. Kurt gasped a little sob, wrapping his arms around himself, looking as if he was physically trying to hold himself back from following the car too.

The last glimpse they had- was two pairs of green eyes, gazing at them through the back window, full of tears and confusion. Then the dust started to rise as the car pulled away.

3.      “Too Late” – by Zavocado

This one got to me and I gobbled up each chapter. Blaine is killed in an assault and he comes back as Kurt’s sort of guardian angel? It’s Zane, so you really shouldn’t need to know more. This scene is from the beginning where it sets up Blaine’s death – my favorite quote from the story ruins a big plot point, so this is the second best. Seriously though, you need to read this story!!!

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anonymous asked:

Idk if it was here or not, but one time I saw someone say Shu's name was Ririe or something? Did someone just come up with it or is it actually a thing? Also (unrelated) Shu isn't very violent (I actually have no idea if this is true or not it's just what I've gathered from what I've seen of DL) so what do you think he does to someone who really annoyed him or made him upset? Tia :)

Shu’s birth name is Ririe, in Dark Fate it’s revealed to be his “vampire” name but they don’t really go into detail with it nor do they explain if any of the other Sakamaki brothers have “vampire” names or if it’s just him. 

In terms of violence, in the anime Shu is very toned down and isn’t that violent at all but in the games he’s…hard to describe since he’s not violent in an aggressive way (at least not from what I’ve read, I mean he gets into some sword fights with Reiji in HDB and Dark Fate [I think]) but he does some pretty sadistic shit that could be classified as violent.

It really depends on who he’s dealing with. For example, Yuma annoys him and aggravates him a lot and Shu doesn’t really acknowledge it, he just ignores it. Now I have yet to read all of Shu’s More Blood route so that’s based on what I skimmed through and what I’ve watched in the anime but last I checked Shu has yet to challenge Yuma to a fight for pissing him off. He’s more passive aggressive, which can sometimes be a lot more dangerous than someone like Subaru or Yuma who you know will clock you in the face if you’re not careful.  In the case of Yui, Shu will bite her or pull a knife on her to scare her or threaten to close her in an iron maiden just for the sake of getting her to scream. I have a hunch that he would do something similar to her if/when she annoyed or upset him.


A comiXologist Recommends

Tank Girl: 2 Girls 1 Tank

Written by Alan Martin

Art by Brett Parson

Tank Girl was my first comic.  I was around 12 or 13 years old and I remember being totally captivated by her brazen IDGAF-ness.  It seemed very important to me at a time when I was just starting to go through that rite of passage into womanhood, the one where grown men catcall you on the street and make you feel scared and shrink into yourself.  Tank Girl was not scared.  Tank Girl took up space.  Tank Girl wore a bra top if she felt like it and just go ahead, I dare you to catcall her. I’ll always appreciate my mom’s endless patience with my adolescent attempts to reinvent my wardrobe, and in many ways my attitude, in Tank Girl’s image (maybe not with bra tops, but still…).

All of this is to say, I basically wanted to be Tank Girl.  So it’s kind of crazy that 2 Girls 1 Tank is about an art gallerist named Mags who acquires Tank Girl’s tank and decides to become Tank Girl. (Before I worked at comiXology, I was an art historian.  IS THIS ABOUT ME?  Signs point to yes.)

I really like Brett Parson’s art (he also worked on 21st Century Tank Girl).  I know, I know, you love Jamie Hewlett.  I know.  Me, too. But Parson does an excellent job keeping the anarchist vibe of Hewlett’s Tank Girl in play while giving it his own style.  Stubborn Tank Girl purists should still check this book out, though.  Alan Martin’s writing is just what you want in a Tank Girl book.  It’s good, smart, vulgar fun, with lots of action and irreverence and friendship.  Or at least, I’m hoping things end with Tank Girl and Mags becoming BFFs.

Tia Vasiliou is a Digital Editor at comiXology. She drives an SUV, which is not quite a tank but pretty close plus she swears a lot so maybe there is still hope for her becoming Tank Girl…?