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The Cyber Renaissance - Sarif Leg prosthesis

“Have you noticed about horses; How they`ll stand one hoof on its end, like those girls in the ballet?”
- [Equus], Peter shaffer`s

Perhaps I seem like a Aug-fetishist in these days. Ugh. Anyway the cybernetic prosthesis designs of Deus Ex: Human Reveoltion are beautiful. Learn from the nature, emulate and recast it. Structures are clear, lines are flawless.

I refered 3D cg of Sarif leg prosthesis and Yellena Fedorova concept art. Her augs must be made by Tai Yong, but their structures seem to be same to Sarif leg, basically. I think both 2 leg models add one more joint on shin. In other word, a person who wear those legs will have cat legs under knees. This is not just a concept. Already we saw the perfect example in our real world. Oscar Pistorius` running blade prosthesis, aka “Blade-Runner”. :)
And the griffon… Well, now Adam has lion`s legs of nano-carbon, has wings never be burnt, see through the world like an eagle, doesn`t he? Hehe.

P.S. - I`m not an English speaker and almost forget what I learned in school. Please let me know if I use obviously wrong or awkward expressions.

Favorite Taylor Swift Song & Why (Magcon Preference #24)

Cameron- You both always would sing and dance in the car to this song, you guys just loved how happy this song made you guys

Taylor- Tay loved to sneak up to your bedroom, you guys loved to act like normal teenagers

Aaron- It was a beautiful slow song and he loved dancing with you with head on his chest

Nash-  You guys loved to blast it through the house and not think about nasty comments

Carter- both of you hated your ex’s so this was the perfect song for you guys to realize how much fun you had together

Matt- you both loved to go on adventures and be fearless, this song just explained your life style

Johnson- It was just one of those songs that you loved and he would laugh at you every time you would start singing it

Shawn- He absolutely loved this songs and he would teach you how to play a few chords of it on the Guitar

Gilinsky- He was a party animal and you guys just loved to let loose and do whatever you pleased

DISCLAIMER: Sorry i haven’t been doing these lately my computer sucks, i’ve been on mobile the past few days. BUT HEY this one was really fun to do. So please send in preference ideas

ohmy-whatamarveloustune asked:

OMG I was just scrolling through the notes on the video I made for Tay last week and I saw that you liked it and idk how I didn't notice it and I'm kind of freaking out because you're one of my favorite blogs ever and all of the videos you make are literal perfection????? Omg sorry I'm such a freak but you're awesome!! ❤️

Hahaha Kayla, buddy you are not a freak! If anything you are hilarious and adorable! Please don’t freak out over me, I am no one special, I am just like you and everyone else, just a blogger lol! But I am glad you enjoy the video edits! That means I am doing my job properly! Thank you so much!

thinking of different ways I can get back into exercising aside from the gym which I’m always super bad at keeping up with.
There are no fencing places in the area I’m interested in (it’s either the SCA or LU, neither of which I’m comfortable with). I’m completely burned out on dance. Roller derby is out because I can’t afford insurance. But there are plenty of martial arts and MMA places in town that do everything from Muay Thai to Krav Maga. 

But again, all of these (except the gym) cost money.

★★★★ Tai Chi Teacher - Made in China ★★★★
Az új videóról Huszti Gergellyel, a zenekar frontemberével, és Verhóczki Ádámmal, az animáció készítőjével beszélgettünk. Olvassátok el, és nézzétek meg!