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loneliness, loneliness (is such a waste of time)

Sometimes Kate will look at him, sitting on not-her-sofa, with not-her-cat on his shoulders and not-her-dog at his feet, as he flips aimlessly though the channels and threatens to throw a knife in the TV if it shows him one more infomercial, and she’ll remember Eli saying “He is way too old for you” and she’ll laugh.

If they could see her now. She doesn’t think Captain America would approve.

(She’s right.)


“Dear listeners, a visitor has come to our fair Night Vale! Scientist and scholar Willas Tyrell was seen enjoying a slice of Big Rico’s Pizza last night- speaking of Big Rico’s, the City Council would like to remind all residents that if they have not had their mandatory weekly dinner at Big Rico’s yet they should do so immediately, as this week has decided to take a few days off and will be ending early. Dr. Tyrell told this reporter that, like a certain gorgeous scientist before him, he has come to Night Vale to study the apparent "unnatural" phenomenon that he says is plaguing our town. Well, I don’t know much about that, but, judging by the smart-looking cane he uses, I’d say he’s more than qualified to get to the bottom of this so-called mystery.

I can also report that Dr. Tyrell seemed very fascinated with our resident raised-by-wolves citizen Sansa Stark, who was also in Big Rico’s last night, splitting a slice of delicious wheat-and-wheat-by-product-free pizza with her gigantic wolf mother, Lady. Judging by the frequent looks and blushes exchanged between the two, I’d say the feeling was mutual. Do I sense love in the air? Only time, and the Sheriff’s Secret Police, will tell.

And now…the weather.”

now i’m thinking maybe i was stoned (or, sansa/willas, welcome to night vale style for sansawillasweek)