made by steph

voltron as people in my french class

Lance: (to foreign exchange student) Is it true that the girls in France are prettier than the girls in America

Allura: The teacher who said “If you’re going to cuss then do it in french”

Shiro: That one T.A. that signed out to go to the restroom but never came back

Pidge: The kid who learned how to insult people in french and started trash talking this one guy 

Keith: The kid who tried to throw their pencil in the trash but ended up hitting the teacher in the face

Hunk: (to foreign exchange student) Can you sing us a song in your sexy french accent

Coran: (also to foreign exchange student) When you flush does the toilet really go the opposite way or is that just a myth

Haggar: (teacher to the whole class) you guys are my worst class

Zarkon: The kid who had a look of pure disgust on his face when the exchange student sat next to him

Lotor: The kid who asked the teacher how to say shut up in french then started yelling it at everyone

Art from “The Sleeping Journals” project by Jessie Lucid. Journal entries created by @stephrc79 from Steve Rogers’ journal entries, written by @brendaonao3 for her story “While You Were Sleeping”. I have 4 drawings (plus, I drew the actual sketchbook) included in this wonderful project. I hope you check it out! Find it on Ao3 under Lucidnancyboy or stephrc79, & the full fic under Brendaonao3.