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I’m screeching because I’ve never ever ever liked any of the fancasts I’ve seen for annabeth–she has such a specific look in my mind. And I guess all the art of her influences me too. (Like viria, minuiko, & burdges designs) But I came across veni-vidi-linguine‘s fancast of her, which is skylar Samuels. And I really dig it, I’ve yet to find an actress that looks as “Annabeth” to me as she does.


The Spring Awakening OBC And The Search For The Random Microphones

It was 2007, and everyone was super bummed about John Gallagher Jr. leaving the show with in the next few weeks or so. “Who am I gonna laugh on stage at inappropriate times with anymore?” sighed Jonathan Groff, who had called a meeting with the whole OBC except John Gallagher Jr. “Who will annoy with their constant guitar playing now?” asked Phoebe Strole. “I’ve got an idea!” announced Lea Michele. “WHAT?” everyone said in unison. “We’ll hold a scavenger hunt in the Eugene O'Neill Theatre.” said Lea. “Johnny can have one good last walk around the theatre before leaving. And at the end of his hunt, there’ll be a huge party!” “But what will he be looking for?” asked Lilli Cooper. Everyone sat and thought. “I’ve got it!” said Remy Zaken. “We’ll hide the random microphones we use in the show! If it’s something that’s very important to the show, he’ll be even more determined.”
“That’s very smart!” said Lauren Pritchard. “I’m up for it!” said Skylar Astin. “Let’s do it!” said Gideon Glick. “I’m here, too!” said Krysta Rodriguez. “Krysta, what are you doing here?” asked Jonathan B. Wright. “You’re in the ensemble.” “One day I won’t be an understudy!” said Krysta. “Sure…” said Brian Johnson. “Quick question,” said Jonathan Groff. “Why is there so many people in the cast that have names that include John?” “Beats the fuck outta me.” said Matt Doyle, appearing from the shadows. “MATT DOYLE?!” everyone exclaimed. “Are you even in the cast at this period of time yet?” asked Skylar Astin. “Now we can ask questions,” said Matt. “Or we can go hide random microphones and give John Gallagher Jr. the best leaving-the-show party ever!” “LET’S HIDE SOME MICROPHONES!” yelled Remy as she ran to wherever the fuck they kept those things. “YEAH!” everyone yelled as they followed Remy. When everyone got to wherever the fuck they kept their microphones, they were all surprised to find that every single microphone was missing. “Who could have done such a thing?” asked Lilli Cooper. “It was me!!!” everyone looked up to see John Gallagher Jr. from behind a rather tall chair. “Why did you do this?” asked Krysta Rodriguez. “Krysta, get the fuck outta here.” said Jonathan B Wright. “Fuck you, John!” said Krysta. “What did I do?” asked Jonathan Groff. “Oh, forget it!” said Krysta as she marched off. “Why did you do it?” asked Lauren Pritchard. “I heard you guys talking, and I wasn’t about to let you guys hide the microphones.” said John. “But, why?” asked Phoebe. “Because we have a show in the next hour.” said John Gallagher Jr. “They need to be in their places. You guys really need to get better at keeping track of time.“ “That explains why I’m wearing a school boy’s outfit!” said Matt Doyle. “You’re not even in the show yet, man!” said Skylar Astin. “I have dreams!” said Matt Doyle, as he strutted to the stage door. “Well, I’m gonna go eat a cookie.” said Gideon Glick. “I could go for one, too.” said Lilli Cooper. “Me, too.” said Krysta Rodriguez. “FOR FUCKS SAKE KRYSTA! FINE, YOU CAN HAVE A FUCKING COOKIE, BUT THAT’S IT!” said Jonathan B. Wright. And with that, everyone ate a cookie and everyone was happy. Except for Matt Doyle, who later that night broke the microwave because he forgot to take the fork out of his bowl of Ramen Noodles. But in the end, Matt was okay. So, yeah, everyone was somewhat happy (but still bummed because John Gallagher Jr. was still leaving.) THE END.

About Sinbad in Magi 322

Tfw Sinbad became Walter White.

Now I understand why the conversation he had with Ja’far was important. He was thinking about his family before it and he agreed with Ja’far’s words, but still couldn’t give up on the idea. That’s when he understood all was for him.
He listened to Ja’far and agreed with him but his desire to do it remained.

I’m sad and happy about it. I want Ugo to discourage him and stop him, without killing him if possible. But I’m also glad he finally accepted it’s all for his sake and is kinda proud that he’s not doing it for anybody he wants to protect.
The concept is so human. People who love too much, help others too much, want to protect their beloved ones so much and take all the blame/responsibility when they fail…..they kind of get tired of thinking too much about others and want to be selfish for the sake of it in the end. It makes perfect sense. 
Maybe young Sin was more comfortable with being selfish and overconfident, but after he went through the death of a lot of his beloved ones, who were under his care, made him become a paranoid and more careful person.
He still gambled a lot but tried not to put others at risk and was able to manipulate his enemies so he could protect his country, etc. But I guess that was too much weight for our adventurous Sin. His real self. And now that things got out of his control and he had a break down he is just ….leting it all out (?).

A funny way to see it is, that, just like a lot of us were saying, he’s having the most savage midlife crisis and everyone around him is suffering the consequences. This is ofc the result of years of stress and being worried about everything always as well.

I love how easier to understand, yet even more complex, Sin’s character is becoming lately. It makes me love him even more.

But in all honesty: Ugo, beat shit out of him. He’s doing the wrong thing.

Continued au cause plot hoes

Skylar was far too into this whole redefining himself thing. Something about Kyle, just talking with him and being around him made skylar feel fucking wild. Kyle just made him want to try and be himself, because he felt like he’d fallen so far into what people wanted him to be that he wasn’t even sure who he was anymore. The hair dye was the first step, just a mess of bleach and random pastel colours. He was in love with the act of dying his own hair and then he decided to get his tongue pierced. Given this was all on a night when he was out bar hopping to avoid having to stay home while Shawn and alex did whatever the fuck it is they did. So, that night he came home with a new tattoo, a new piercing, and drunk off his ass. He was sure he was gonna be in trouble with Shawn, because he was beyond loud when he came in, but he was sort of happy. And couldn’t wait to tell Kyle.

Recap: Dustin

He had a class!! Focus Training! He and his friends made cool fire power…things! One kid called Charles ate his fireball…Friends!! Dustin made soooo many!! Abe, Troy, Skylar, Mari, Casey!! He was royally beaten at SM4SH by Casey before going against the super powerful Hero Punch! (Abe) He was defeated yet again, then his super cool super nice bro Casey sang him a song in Spanish (Dustin knows Spanish??) to help him sleep!! Today is a new day…

Jealous - zay babineaux

Requested: yes :)


Hellooo. I was wondering if like you can write a Zay imagine where you’re his girlfriend and one day someone complements you or shows A flirtation of some sort and he gets jealous and you like find it adorable and baby him a little bit. Super fluff maybe the gang Experiences this and giggle/find you adorable. Yeah don’t have to if you don’t want to. Thank you ps can I request more order…

Warnings: none

It was Saturday and the gang decided to meet up at topanga’s to do some homework and hang out. Every thing was going fine and they were having a great time , doing whatever they wanted since they were the only ones in the bakery today. Suddenly , there was a loud clap of thunder , making them all jump. All of the sudden it started pouring down out side.

Riley rushed over to the door and shut it so no water would get inside. Y/n sighed.

“ I guess we’re all stuck here.” She said , sitting down at the counter.

“ at least we have food and water.” Maya shrugged , walking behind the counter and taking a cookie off of a tray.

“ yeah , but don’t eat the pie it’s two weeks old.” Riley said , making zay look up from the plate of old blueberry pie he had just eaten.

“ if you’ll excuse me I’ll just be in the bathroom .” He said , calmly getting up from his seat before running into the bathroom. They all chuckled. A minute later a boy ran in , a broken umbrella in his hand and he was soaked to the bone.

“ you guys got any towels?” He asked sheepishly and Y/n got up.

“ yeah, follow me. ” she said , leading him into the back. As she looked for some towels he made conversation.

“ I’m skylar , what’s your name?” He asked.

“ Y/n. It’s nice to meet you.” She replied , finding the towels and turning towards him.

“ pretty name for a pretty girl.” He said kindly , grabbing the towels. Y/n blushed and looked down.

“ thanks but I’m..I have a boyfriend.” She said a little quietly. Skylar chuckled.

“ yeah , don’t worry , so do I. ” he said , causing Y/n to laugh.

“ oh my gosh! I’m so sorry I probably sounded so stuck up!” She said and he laughed with her.

“It’s totally fine, it happens a lot. ” she nodded and they walked back to the gang and zay , who had been watching them the whole time. Skylar went to the bathroom to dry off and Y/n went to her boyfriend who was glaring at the back of skylars head.

“ who’s he?” He asked bitterly.

“ oh, that’s skylar , he’s pretty cool.” Y/n smiled up at her boyfriend. Zay scoffed.

“ he doesn’t seem that cool.” He rolled him eyes and Y/n raised her eyebrows.

“ zay, are you jealous?” She asked, wrapping her arms around him. He scoffed again and looked away.

“ no…” He trailed off. Y/n let out a laugh.

“ Awee, you’re jealous! That’s so cute!” She cooed , pinching his cheeks and he swatted her hands away, pouting. She laughed even more and pulled him into her.

“ you’re so cute. Don’t worry I have a boyfriend who I love and care for. And so does he.” She smirked as zays eyes widened in realization. He looked down , embarrassed.

“ you’re so cute , I love you..” Y/n said, looking up at him in adoration. He gave her a small smile.

“ I love you too.” He said and gave her a quick kiss.

“ AWEEEEE!” The gang said , all except for Maya who was in the corner looking disgusted. Y/n and zay both laughed it off. Just then the rained stopped.

“ looks like we can go home now.” Farkle said, grabbing smackles hand and heading towards the door. “ bye guys!” They waved and left. Soon the others got up to join them , including skylar who had came out in the middle of zay and Y/n being cute. Riley stopped before she walked out and looked at the couple.

“ you guys coming?” She asked and they looked at each other.

“ no ..I think we’ll stay here for a little longer.” Zay said and Riley smiled before leaving the couple together.

This kinda sucked but I’m running on no sleep so give me a break.