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hullo, rping community !  today we thought we ( gillian, jas and karina ) would make a guide on roleplaying adopted characters, as we’ve seen several people rp it, and unknowing of course, were actually a bit offensive. as someone who is adopted, we wanted to clear up some things, so hopefully you find this useful ! please like / reblog if you do

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anonymous asked:

hi helpers !! could i ask for some doodle icons of zayn malik, please ??

heyo hope these are okay ! the pictures used are not made by me but i did add the doodles using this pack. please like/reblog if you plan to use !

houseless  asked:

This is sort of an unconventional request but I'm looking for some images to use in my graphics and I need some high quality pictures of fancy formal parties in spy movies (think James Bond and Mission Impossible). It would be great ti they were faceless, do any of you think you could please help me find some?

hey babe, so after searching the interwebs, i found xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xx, xx, xx, xx, & xx. unfortunately MOST of the photos in this mini list here have no people, since all of the people-featured photos i found showed their full faces. sorry about that, but i hope these work for you!!


Last month Sheila and I ran the Waconia Nickle Dickle 5k. Nicole, who used to work with Sheila, ran with us.

After the race Nicole was sad that the finishers didn’t all get medals. Only the top three in each age group received one.

Nicole LOVES race medals, so much so that she made some finisher medals herself. Sheila and I received ours in the mail today.

There was a cute note explaining a lack of artistic ability. But I like this medal as much as any others I have.

staticscrreams  asked:

Hey this is a bit odd, but do you have any ideas for a ghost fc? 18-21 &female? Maybe dark/messy hair? The closest I can think of is Lynn Gunn, but her hair is almost blonde. I also thought of using Lyn-z? But I can't find any icons of her :(

hiya babe and this isn’t odd at all. after searching a bit, i managed to find some females that could play the part!! even though they are ranging in all ages, these fcs manage to still look quite ghostly!! NOTE: bolded names are people of color!!

  • isabelle fuhrman / 19
  • saoirse ronan / 22
  • kiersey clemons / 22 / poc
  • selena gomez / 23 / poc
  • victoria justice / 23 / poc
  • chelsea gilligan / 24
  • kiko mizuhara / 25 / poc
  • chaelin lee aka CL / 25 / poc
  • lindsey shaw / 26
  • emma watson / 26
  • nina dobrev / 27
  • kim tae-yeon aka taeyeon / 27 / poc
  • troian bellisario / 30 / poc
  • park bom / 32 / poc
  • bianca lawson / 37 / poc

hope these helped babe!!