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hullo, rping community !  today we thought we ( gillian, jas and karina ) would make a guide on roleplaying adopted characters, as we’ve seen several people rp it, and unknowing of course, were actually a bit offensive. as someone who is adopted, we wanted to clear up some things, so hopefully you find this useful ! please like / reblog if you do

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Tonight I tried to be smart. Sensible even.

Sheila made pizza for dinner. Combine my love of ‘za with a smidgen of impatience, pour in a martini – and what happens?

I burn the roof of my mouth. Every damned time.

Tonight I said ENOUGH! Which is better than screaming OUCH! Sheila took the pizza out of the oven and let it cool.

And cool it did. Distracted with sipping my martini and watching Downton Abbey my pizza cooled like cup of coffee forgotten when work got really busy.

I had to nuke the pizza before I could eat it.

Cell Block Tango (2/?)

Summary- Where Tony needs more people on his side, so he brings a convicted murderer, and ex-assassin/acrobat onto his side, and Peter takes more of an interest in Velma Kelly than he’d like to admit.

Warnings- Language probably, it is me after all

AN- Sorry this took so long, I’ve been caught up with school and family and shite


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“HONESTLY Velma, you carry on causing shit like that, then you won’t last much longer.” Mona laughed as she sat on one of the tables, her feet going on to the bench that was drilled into the concrete floor of the cell block. Apparently the prison guards had to do that after there was a nasty fight, and one of the girls had managed roll it over the others leg. But that was just some rule.

“Oh please,” Velma laughed, sitting on the bench, just to the left of Monas legs, “These girls wouldn’t dare lay a hand on me, they’re far too scared.” Velma said, looking around at the girls who were obviously cowering away from both Mona and herself.

“Or maybe they’re scared of me, and just scared of you because you’re friends with me.” Mona retorted, turning around on the bench she was sat on to look at Velma properly, expecting a sly comment back any moment now.

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DE is seriously hella contrived [TVD 1x11 Review]

Sorry guys, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been a little busy lately, which reminds me, for the month of May I will be doing a writing residency by the Rockies. I don’t know what my schedule will be like since I get it when I’m there so I may not be able to check into to tumblr much next month or maybe everything will stay the same, who knows. But let’s get down to business. As per usual, here are the guidelines: Considering that I haven’t sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I will start with my usual disclaimer: I write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena senitments and I feel the need to say there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism and anti-blackness. OK. Ready? Let’s go.

I still think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Elena left her necklace with Stefan, like it has a function.

I’m salty that “Cosmic Love” was given to DE, I mean technically it’s given to Isobel and Alaric but it’s playing when Elena wakes up in Damon’s car.

Also it’s not cute that Damon kidnaps Elena and brings her to another fucking State, like that’s legit terrible.

And he took her phone.

I get that Elena is upset about the photo of Katherine but not talking to Stefan is stupid because you are with a man who has killed, like, half your town Elena.

And her deciding to go with him just doesn’t make sense. Just because he says you can trust him doesn’t mean you actually can, he has done nothing to prove that she can trust him, he’s terrorized everyone she knows! Seriously, this ship is so manufactured.

Lol BD fans used to like to talk about how Kai traumatized Bonnie but so did Damon, she can’t do magic because she’s traumatized by him ripping open her neck.

I’m still upset that Gina Torres was killed on this show. Queen Gina Torres. Ugh.

“Cheers to the man that broke my heart, crushed my soul, destroyed my life and ruined any and all chances of happiness.” What’s funny about this toast to Damon is that it’s exactly what Damon does to everyone around him except in a non-romanticized way.

I find it really funny that from Day One people keep telling Elena what she feels for Damon. Like Bree is all “how did he rope you in?” “I’m not roped I’m actually dating–” “Honey, if you’re not roped, you’re whipped.” Or not? Like. This is the longest interaction she and Damon has ever had and he KIDNAPPED HER.

I didn’t have levels in my high school library.

Is that sad?

So Bonnie can just take off school like that?

Ugh, Bonnie’s wardrobe.

Seriously, Elena suddenly letting her guard down around Damon because he likes pickles is absurd.

LOL Anna and Jeremy’s debate about whether or not vampires are real sounds like Steve went to a Wikipedia page.

Legit, Elena and Damon don’t even spend much time together in this episode.

Elena being defensive over Damon, “WHAT DID HE DO?” and that look of surprise when he says, “he killed my girlfriend” is ridiculous. Elena, you have seen Damon try and kill Bonnie, abuse Caroline, be responsible for Vicki’s death, you know he killed Tanner so why the fuck are you surprised that he killed someone’s girlfriend?

And her rushing to Damon because he’s hurt? WHY? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. And they didn’t know each other long enough or well enough for a bond to even be made. Completely contrived relationship.

Sure, Sheila can run an anti-war demonstration in 1969 but we won’t talk about civil rights within the South. Mmkay.

If Bree is a witch then why can’t she give him an aneurysm like Bonnie could? Like she let’s herself get killed.

And Elena bantering with Damon in the car after is fundamentally ridiculous.

Paul does earnestness so well. Stefan’s explanation of him saving Elena’s life, those shining eyes and furrowed eyebrows. Legit, in the YA I’m writing, I model one of the male protagonist’s expressions after Paul’s because it’s just so intense.

OK now, I’m fine with how quickly Elena forgave Stefan about the Katherine thing but it just makes her seem legit dramatic. Like she does the most this episode when all it took for her to calm down was Stefan’s explanation? THEN SHE SHOULD’VE LET HIM PICK HER UP.

Oh look a shot of Damon feeding from Isobel, Alaric’s wife and Elena’s mother, but this dude isn’t a fuckboy to tumblr users and Stefan is. OK.

This episode is kind of ridiculous.


AGENT CARTER AU - Marvel gives a fuck about proper representation

Nicole Beharie as Angie Martinelli - friendly waitress and resourceful young woman, Angie is determined to pursue her acting dreams. Cultured and queer as hell, she spends most of her time in Greenwich Village getting caught up with the latest cultural happenings and currents, and networking her way onto the New York acting scene.

Zhu Zhu as Dottie Underwood(?) - latest addition to the Griffith girls, she has amazing combat skills, a profound love for guns, and a mysterious backstory (that I can’t wait to get my teeth into).

Sakina Jaffrey as Rose - she worked with SSR intelligence during the war but got bumped down to phone duty when the men came home. Since she didn’t get the benefit of nepotism à la Stark to get back in the saddle, she stays on the sidelines and does what she can. Inconspicuously gathering intel from her network of assets, accumulating evidence, occasionally prodding the less gifted agents in the right direction, Rose is the hero the SSR doesn’t deserve but definitely needs.

Derek Luke as Gabe Jones - after the war, Gabe decided to become the SSR’s military liaison. Also caught up in Howard’s quest to clear his name, he’s trying his best to muddy the waters and throw off the inquiry while working his military contacts for any and all information about the missing “bad babies”.

Disclaimer : forgive my non-existent editing skills, I have no idea what I’m doing. I just desperately needed a fix-it after all the shit that’s been going around fandom these past few days. 

i see people say that 13rw is a modern An Inspector Calls but it’s really not? i mean look at the fact that 13rw getting a second fucking season? meanwhile Priestley was so focused on the message of “capitalism is bad and is causing our problems because we don’t care about anyone around us anymore unless we get some money out of it” that he didn’t even reveal if Eva was one girl or multiple, or if the Inspector was a ghost or God or Eva or just Priestley. like there is a huge distinction honestly why do you think Priestley made us care for Sheila and then had her give the ring back?? as compared to “i killed a girl because i was too afraid to love her” or whatever the fuck

Sub!Kurt needs some grounding. 

Everything started going downhill when Sheila - Isabelle’s god-awful former and recently sort of promoted assistant - realized how quickly and easily Kurt responded to requests. Slowly but deliberately, she started to use this information to her own personal advantage and it took Kurt embarrassingly long to realize he was doing half her job. 

It was a simple ‘This isn’t a skinny latte, God, can’t you do anything right. Go get me another one.’ that made the sub in Kurt stop and realize that wait, this wasn’t right. That Sheila’s commands were not given as a superior at work, she was misusing her Dom status to get what she wanted. 

Not even Blaine was allowed to do that.

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Am I drunk or do I see four Aussies?

Oh that’s tomorrow. I’m hosting @littlerunnergurl‘s Rosie and Jazzy. Her two red & white Aussies will join my blue merle Ella and tri-color Oliver. My weird Carson will be here too, barking at everyone.

This evening’s cocktail is a vodka gimlet that Sheila made for me.

It seemed like thunder storms were rolling in earlier but they faded like a high school senior who just received some college acceptance letters. After a brief rain shower the sun came out. The back yard greened up nicely to match the lime wedge in my drink. How awesome is that?


Last month Sheila and I ran the Waconia Nickle Dickle 5k. Nicole, who used to work with Sheila, ran with us.

After the race Nicole was sad that the finishers didn’t all get medals. Only the top three in each age group received one.

Nicole LOVES race medals, so much so that she made some finisher medals herself. Sheila and I received ours in the mail today.

There was a cute note explaining a lack of artistic ability. But I like this medal as much as any others I have.