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Rowan, Aelin, and Fenrys threesome??

Oh… my… FUCK. THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. Rowan and Aelin were both so on board with this okay and when they asked Fenrys he was like super turned on duh but also?? so?? honored?? Like his king and Queen picked HIM???? HYFR LETS DO IT and he thought he’d be doing a lot of the work but NOPE AELIN AND ROWAN ARE VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS AND MAKE SURE TO SHOW FENRYS JUST HOW MUCH THEY LOVE AND APPRECIATE AND CHERISH HIM AND HES AN EMOTIONAL MESS WHEN ITS OVER AND THEY JUST MAKE ONE BIG SPOONING PILE AND ITS ACTUALLY BEAUTIFUL OKAY

What if...

Fenrys is the one who tries to keep Aelin sane while Rowan comes? He knows Rowan is coming, and he knows he will get Aelin out.

But what if Aelin is too broken? No, he thinks. The Queen endured too much, she risked so much, gave up everything. Fenrys knew there was no way in hell Rowan wasn’t coming for her, and he knew that there was nothing that would stand in the Prince’s way. 

Maybe it was Fenrys’ turn to do some good. So he works around every command, he looks for every possible loophole, to maybe take away a bit of Aelin’s pain, heal her wounds, talk to her, remind her that Rowan is coming, and that she has to hold on. And even when Maeve finds out, and she punishes him, he still tries. He can’t take away her pain anymore, so he gives her water. He can’t heal her, so he feeds her. 

So Fenrys prays to every God that’s listening that Rowan gets there before Maeve goes after Connall, because he knows who he’s going to choose.

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Remember this? In Queen Of Shadows When Rowan and Aelin Just had their reunion and she started to wash his hair? I love this scene! It’s so simple but I really like it! So I made it Hahahaha
Rowan and Aelin are too perfect ❤️
Sarah J Maas Characters

Rowan and Lyria’s Child(ren)

I had another theory. (Bear with me I didn’t do as much digging and research as I did with Amren and The King so please bear with me)

Here we go : 

If I remember correctly, Rowan came home to find Lyria dead (Ha, feels). When he found her, her throat was slit and she was mutilated and her stomach was cut open

Cut open. 

Cut open.

Now Maeve is all for dramatics and it would make since she had her goons pry Lyria’s child out of her stomach to do something even more horrible. But did Rowan ever mention that?

And I think Maeve is a bit more poetic than that. And a bit crueler. 

If she didn’t have the child(ren) killed, I think she took her/him/them. I think Maeve saw a new loyalty in Rowan to his mate and his child(ren). My theory is Maeve made Lyria Rowan’s fake mate to get him to love and cherish her to ultimately break his heart into tiny dust pieces by having Lyria killed (so whenever he met Aelin. he wouldnt believe in love ever again and surely not believe in their mating bond). But I don’t think she expected them to get pregnant. 

I think Maeve Queen of the Fae saw an opportunity. One far greater than just killing the child(ren). She could make something from the ground up, straight from the womb. They would know nothing different than her word. 

Even with the cadre, they had a sense of right and wrong, they just couldn’t act on it (in EoS, they found loopholes and that can get mighty annoying). But if Maeve were to raise a little warrior from birth, she would have a weapon. 

Maeve told Aelin that any of her children with Rowan, could rule the continents. So any child of Rowan, has a chance of ruling too even without Aelin’s fire magic. (maybe a smaller chance but it’s still there)

Add Maeve’s cruelty and drive and utter darkness and manipulation (and about a thousand other things) and she has made a child of war (like a Manon. Born to be a child of love and peace but raised to be a child of blood and war) Poetic, amiright?

Now Maeve has her little warrior, all set and ready, ready to take on the world and WIN. And the best thing about it is Maeve gets to still comfort Rowan on his loss of Lyria and his child, while smiling like the Grinch as she raised his daughter/son/both to be cold hard killers. 

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Even if (when) Rowan manages to free himself from Maeve’s clutches, he doesn’t know that Maeve has his child(ren) in her devil claws and is sucking all the good out of her/him/them. 

And I think that’s something Maeve would DO. 

I know it’s not long, but thanks for reading anyway. Share your thoughts and please tell me if this isn’t possible (or is) and Rowan actually mentioned seeing the dead body of his unborn child. 

I’d love to write a fanfic on this, if it is at all possible.

“You are my extraordinary relationship” is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard.

Riley and Maya were soulmates and no one can convince me otherwise.