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Happy (pretty early!!) Birthday to Kaj! :D  I wanted to be early to make up for being so late last year!

They’re based off the owl moodboard you sent me. Here’s a frosted forest witch for you! The coloring is based off of a paint grullo horse. They have dun stripes and “cobwebbing” on the face which is a mark found on some dun horses. The hair is inspired by Scandinavian braid styles and the hooves/horn are based on the crystals from the moodboard. (Their CM is supposed to be a moon with crystals growing from it but I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out). Their talent is focused on preservation charms/magic. 

Kaj you are such a sweet, positive person and you are mind-blowingly talented. I love all of your darling characters! They take after their creator! c: You bring so much joy to those around you with both your art and, more importantly, your delightful spirit. I’m so happy to have met you. 

yknow what’s really not my aesthetic is fantasy/scifi where it’s mentioned once or twice that gay people are a thing in this universe but all of the important romances are straight and the lead characters are assumed to be straight fro the get go

bloodropsblog  asked:

I understand what you mean. I love to learn! I love to know things. But when it comes to school I'm barely passing. Stress is what causes us to think we aren't smart. You can be smart in certain places and not at all in others. Doesn't make you any less dumb. It just means you have the knowledge in one field of education. Elders think its all about what they learned when things changed since they were our age. People are different and don't let them get to you. You are so smart in your own way.

Thank you. <33 


in which camie helps bakugo learn that sometimes, sacrifices just have to be made



Can we kill this joke/meme of “Let’s systematically oppress this fandom/fandom group I don’t like” before it’s spreads too far.  It’s tone deaf at best, horrifyingly disgusting at worst.

list of things lup and taako have argued over:
  • who owns that skirt
  • how to pronounce macarons
  • what the best type of wine is
  • the ultimate fmk scenario for the crew
  • who the hotter twin is
  • who kicked whose ass at duelling/pool/arbitrary game they just came up with the rules of which are also made up
  • who the hottest not them member of the crew is
  • which of them has had the coolest/gruesomest/most dramatic death

All right, listen. All of you, all of you sending me messages calling me a filthy capitalist and telling me I can’t tell you not to be angry, I am not telling you not to be angry, I am telling you to ensure your rage is Productive.

There is a difference between rage with purpose and rage that you let paralyze you into apathy. The first is the stuff that change and hope is built on, the second is what people want you to fall into so they can get away with shit without ever being challenged, because why challenge what you can’t fight, right?

Do not ever think you cannot fight something, do you hear me? There is always a chance to make something better, whether it’s something big or something small, there will always be options and there will always be people out there willing to fight, not just for themselves but for you too. Because this shit matters, okay? The big and the small. It matters. 

But you can’t just rely on others to change the world into a better place for you, you have to be a part of the process too. You don’t get to sit back on your laurels and lament the state of the world with snide cynicism if you are not actively part of the solution. And I know it’s sometimes hard to know where to start, but here’s a helpful suggestion: you can start with not being a snide little gremlin on the internet telling other people that their hope is pointless.

And to the person who told me “not all our lives are sunshine and hallmark moments”, like somehow that justifies their apathy, yea, you’re right. Not all our lives are sunshine and hallmark moments.

I’m a chronically ill disabled immigrant woman who has spent the last two years of her life facing one financial difficulty after another. I’ve had to beg for help to get necessary medical procedures, for house repairs, for food. I am well aware life is not a hallmark moment, thank you. 

Positivity does not come naturally to me. I am actually a very broken, depressed, very angry person at my core. It would be so very easy to turn my face away and ignore injustices of the world, both great and small. But that’s a choice I have decided I cannot live with. And YES, kindness is a CHOICE. 

Love is a choice, empathy is a choice, hope, is a choice. And it took me the longest time to realize you can use outrage and anger to fuel all of them for the better good. 

There is not a single atom of my being that is sunshine and rainbows. What I am however, is 100% exponential rage and exhaustion willing to throw down whenever or wherever my voice and actions will help. A hopeless populace is a docile populace. So even if it burns, my god even if you think you might die under the weight of caring, you take that rage, you take all that anger and pain and fear and you turn into hope and you launch it at those who would keep others down and you burn with it. You burn until you take them with you.

So the night is dark and full of terror? Be a light. However you can. In big ways or small. A thousand tiny gestures of kindness sustained over time will eventually make up a whole. Start somewhere.

But don’t you ever tell people it’s pointless to hope, or to believe in a better world. Don’t you dare take that from them. Do better. For your sake as well as others. You deserve better too. 

Hope is not the reserve of the naive, it is the foundation upon which better things are built. So stop trying to tear it down.