made by people for people

imagine needing a “reason” for justifying hating chris that you’re willing to spread a quote round that has been taken completely out of context and made out that it was said a certain way, when in fact it was the opposite

whatever, go off

  • me: *makes a minor criticism of a subset of cartoons*
  • someone who doesn't even follow me or know what this blog is about: wow, turns out YOU are the person getting really mad at cartoons... really makes you think 🤔

why do people act like the game grumps have murdered 600 puppies and eaten the corpses when in actuality they probably accidentally made a mildly offensive gender joke once

Maybe the real cryptids were the friends we made along the way

(aka I’m betting my ass that Joseph was not only a cult leader but the Dover Ghost the whole time)

EXO’s rival is EXO