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.:: Master Nindarhmen Lavellan’s wardrobe ::.

Nin loves warm colours and will prefer wearing oranges and yellows, which match his eyes.

Fabric-wise, he prefers his pants and shirts light (linen, mostly) and his jackets a bit heavier (like velvet).

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Trent Reznor Era Summaries
  • Option 30/ Exotic Birds/ Slam Bamboo/ Purest Feeling: 2 Kewl 4 Sk00l Tr0nt. Synthpop, band geek. MY DESIREEEE BURNIN' LIKE A HOUSE ON FIREEEEEEEEEEEE
  • Pretty Hate Machine: Synthesizers and Movie Samples.
  • Dreads R Kool. Al Jourgensen turned me into a goth
  • Broken: Fuck the establishment (mostly Steve Gotlieb)
  • Have some torture porn just don't arrest me please.
  • The Downward Spiral: Fist Fucker Extraordinaire, leather gloves, keyboard abuser. Cocaine chic, Marilyn Manson is my protege (and maybe lover)
  • The Fragile: Death is everywhere and is after everyone I love. No I did not get my heart broken by Marilyn Manson and none of the songs are written about the death of my dog.
  • With Teeth: The second coming, sober yet wiser. Changes album name due to period jokes. The Incredible Sulk (Bulked up and shaved) Friendship ended with Brian, Atticus is my best friend now.
  • Year Zero: The Truth is Out There...
  • Fuck Bush. ARG. Explosions. Conspiracy. Watched too much Sci-Fi shows whilst on Tour.
  • Ghosts/ The Slip: Fuck The Establishment 2.0, (Mostly Interscope) I'm releasing shit for free. Steal. Steal. Keep on stealin'
  • The Scoring Era: Oscar winner and married with children Playing music with friends and family
  • Hesitation Marks: What the hell did I do in 1994? We're here to have a bad time. What Fight Club musical
  • Apple Music: I Am The Establishment now.... Youtube is Satan
  • Not The Actual Events: The Truth Is Still Out There. Atticus promoted from servant to band member. I miss Rob Sheridan.
  • Add Violence: Let's watch everyone shit themselves over an ARG that may/may not exist. Fuck Trump, Fuck Drake, Fuck Aston Kutcher. Oh yeah me and Manson have made up allgedly.

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Prompt credit goes to: @imagineinhobbiton


The man in question freezes at the sound of his father’s voice, briefly shocked that he didn’t sense his presence in the stables. He dismounts his stallion carefully, avoiding his father’s eyes, but turning to him. 


“You were in Laketown again.”

Legolas leads his horse to its stall and begins to unsaddle him. “And you sent scouts after me.”

Thranduil steps forward, his long cloak brushing across the ground. His magnificent robes and crown look so out of place in the Mirkwood stables. “Of course I did. Cin are nin réd.”

Legolas turns around to face his father, growing angry internally. Over the years, he’s learned to keep his emotions hidden. Especially to his father. “But im am ú- a hén.” His father frowns at his unusually harsh tone, but at this point, Legolas doesn’t care. He’s been on his father’s leash for too many years. He turns back to his horse and pulls his saddle off. “What is it you need, my king?”

He misses the way his father’s expression drops at the formal words, but it’s gone as soon as it came. “What is the girl’s name?”

Legolas pauses in hanging up the bridle. “(y/n).” Thranduil turns around and begins to pace in the majestic way he always does when he’s thinking about something. “Why?”

“Is she elven?”

“She is human,” Legolas replies. He steps out of the stall and gives his horse one last pat before sliding the door shut. Thranduil begins to walk, and Legolas slides into step next to him.


“Yes, father.”

They walk in silence the rest of the way up to the beautiful caverns of Mirkwood. Moonlight lights their path, and there is no noise except for their soft footsteps on the falling leaves. Legolas wonders why his father is so curious about his goings all of a sudden. Normally he chooses to stay out of his son’s personal exploits, only speaking with him when he is needed.

As the guards open the large doors for their king and prince to enter, Thranduil speaks again. “Ceri- cin mel hen?” 

Legolas’s eyebrows shoot up slightly at the question. He knows better than to lie to his king, even though he already knows the consequences of the truth. “Yes.”

“Then you must know that your duties as crown prince overrule that love. You are to wed an elven woman and have elven heirs when you are king. A human has no place here.”

“I do not believe that.”

Thranduil stops and faces his son for the first time that night. “Legolas, someday she will die, and your children will die, and you will have no one else. No heirs, no wife, no family.”

Legolas frowns and grits his teeth, trying not to loose his temper. “But im will ú- n- cin despite tuin losses. Im will ú- n- echor, because mel will gar- made nin laug.”

Thranduil raises his eyebrows in shock, and Legolas steps back. “I will love who I wish to love, just as you did. If that means I have to become mortal to do so, so be it.” And with that, Legolas clicks his heels and walks away, leaving his father staring at the spot he was just standing in.

Sindarin words:

“Adar” - Father.
“Cin are nin réd” - You are my son.
“But im am ú- a hén” - But I am not a child.
“Firen” - Human.
“Ceri- cin mel hen?” - Do you love her?
“But im will ú- n- cin despite tuin losses. Im will ú- n- echor, because mel will gar- made nin laug.” -  But I will not be you despite those losses. I will not be cold, because love will have made me warm.


By far this album will be the hardest one to make gifs for as there is over 20 songs as well as not all the songs being performed live or having a music video but nevertheless here is Part 2 of my gifs showcasing The Fragile


I must be a mermaid…I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living. -Anaïs Nin 🌊Made two mermaid bowls last week…always fun to play with ocean themed designs. I’m thinking I really want to make an ocean themed fairy house in the future. What do you think? Are there ocean fairies that live in the sea? #mermaid #anaisnin #mermaidparade #mermaidsarereal #mermaids #workinprogress #wip #potteryvideo #video #ocean #ofthesea

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for another lovely depiction of Orochimaru. Certain canon creaters could take a lesson from you in how to show a person in love without making them a pushover. I know that Kishimoto's timeline is a spaghetti bowl with retcon sauce, but when do you think Orochimaru left the village in canon? Do you think it was before or after the 'Hyuuga Incident' (and can I just say that is an uncomfortable understatement of a name for a massive miscarriage of justice...)

Thank you! And…honestly Orochimaru’s timeline makes very little sense? I mean, he was supposedly in the middle of his experiments with Mokuton when he deserted, but given Tenzo’s age either he preformed the same experiments previously and was just never caught (which leaves…no explanation behind what experiments he was doing, since it wasn’t the Cursed Seal, either) or someone inexplicably time-traveled. 

Two possible timelines:

1) Orochimaru leaves shortly after Minato is selected as Yondaime. Which doesn’t make sense given Kakashi’s age (since Kakashi chased him through the forest and ended up getting KI slammed in his face to the point he couldn’t move). Kakashi had his Sharingan at the time, which puts him over 14, and Tenzou at over 10. See the problem? Tenzo went to the Academy and graduated at 6, which means those definitely weren’t the experiments Orochimaru was made missing-nin for. Also, Kakashi looks almost 20 in the flashbacks? He’s wearing the same clothes he was at 20, at least. Which brings us to the other possibility…

2) Orochimaru left when Kakashi was 20, so the Sandaime had taken power again. (This theory is backed up by the fact that Sarutobi’s flashback shows he’s the one leading the attack on Orochimaru’s lab.) Still means the Tenzo/Orochimaru’s not-the-Cursed-Seal experiment timeline is weird, but *handwaves*. That puts Naruto/Hinata/Rookie Nine at ~6, and sets everything ~3 years after the Hyuuga Incident. (Also, I fully agree about the name, hello understatement.)

So, possibly, it happened before he left? I mean, given canon facts it’s all a mess, but some adjustment makes things more or less work out.