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And here some more Bruce Wayne ;) : 

Warning : slightly sexual I guess, and langage maybe.  

Beach Bod’  - Bruce Wayne x Reader

You hated sand. You just couldn’t stand it. It got everywhere, it iritated your skin…it was just awful. So, obviously, when your family FINALLY could get all together, you decided a day at the beach was a good idea. Alfred made a nice pic-nic, and you all left for a secret spot you knew, where, even though it was a wonderful summer day, you knew there wouldn’t be anyone. You had a nice family lunch made of Al’s great sandwiches and salads. You bitched about sand getting in your food, and your sons and husband just kept mocking you for your grumpiness. You were the one who always smiled usually, and also, you suggested you should go to the beach so…But still, fuck sand.

At the present moment, your boys, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian, were trying to drown their father. How cute. Of course, they were not really trying to drown him, they were just having fun…you hoped. You had to give Bruce credits though, he was alone againts four teenage boys very much in shape, and still managed to keep his head out of the water. It was nice to see all of them relaxed, laughing, splashing each others and not actually trying to kill each other or brooding.

The boys finally came up with a strategy the four of them together to be able to duck their father’s head in the water. Dick held onto one of Bruce’s leg, while Jason was holding the other. Tim used Damian as a battering ram, and threw him as hard as he could in his father’s chest.

You winced a bit, not liking when they played too rough. Bruce gasped, the air knocked out of his lungs, and fell backward into the water. Tim held Damian above his head like a trophy, and your youngest boy exploded in laughter, which rarely happened. You wished it happened because of something else though, you couldn’t help but think he was laughing because he thought hitting his father in the guts was extremely funny…

Bruce surfaced, half laughing half in pain.

-I think I’m done for now boys…

They whined, wanting their dad to stay and play, but he was adamant on the fact he needed some rest. They got over it quickly, as Tim climbed on Jason’s shoulders, and Damian on Dick’s, preparing for a fierce battle.

Bruce walked towards you, and you couldn’t stop from staring at him. You had been together for years, but man his body was ridiculous. The all six packs thing, broad chiseled chest, sexy back muscle rolling as he was stretching, muscled thighs…Perfect beach body. The man was working out. A lot. You loved to sit on his back and read while he was doing push ups.

He laid on the towel besides you his arms coming to his face to shield his eyes from the sun.

You placed a hand on his abdomen, gently rubbing it as if to soothe the hit he took moments ago.

The corner of his mouth went up in a smile, but he didn’t move, breathing softly. You almost thought he had fallen asleep, even with the rauckus your children were making a few feet away, but when you took your hand off of his belly, he caught it and dragged you down to him.

Sand flew everywhere, and even with the lips of your husband on yours, tongue trying to slip in, you were not happy. He noticed, and pulled away, raising himself on his elbows.

-Sand ?

-Yes, sand. Fucking sand.

He laughed.

-I think I’ve never met someone hating sand as much as you…

-Anakin Skywalker is agreeing with me.

-What ?

-In Star Wars episode two, he…

-I’m sorry I don’t speak to people who acknowledge the existence of modern Star Wars films.

He said as he laid back down, your hand in his. You couldn’t stop the smile creeping on your face. You both hated episode 1 to 3, and it was a running joke between the two of you that those films didn’t even exist. Ignoring as best as you could the sand sticking to your legs, you rested your head on his chest, drawing abstract patterns on it with light fingers.

-Episode seven isn’t that bad.

-They killed…

-Yeah yeah I know who they killed, don’t open the wound back baby.

He chuckled, and tangle one hand in your hair. The water was already drying from his body, and you mourned the lost of the freshness of it. He noticed your small sigh, and, putting his free arm under his head, raised his head to look at you.

-What is it darling ?

-I’m a bit too hot.

-You’re very hot.

He winked at you, and pinched your ass, and you hit him weakly on the chest.

-Seriously though, if you’re too hot, just get in the water. It’s nice and fresh.

-No, because then…

-…The sand is going to stick to me and I hate sand, which is why I suggested coming to the beach with my love and my kids and…

-I don’t sound like that mister Wayne !

You exclaimed as you sat up, even if you had to admit though, you kinda sounded like that.  

He raised on his elbow once again and gave you his signature smug look.

-I’m going to kick you in the face Wayne.

-You wouldn’t reach it.

-You’re lying down.

-You’re really short.

This time, you punched him a bit harder in the chest, and though it didn’t hurt him, he acted like it did just to please you. You instantly felt guilty though, and after making sure you didn’t hit any of the bruises he got during his latest night patrol, you reached to stroke his cheek and mouthed the word : « sorry ». He gave you another smug look, and you knew that even if you’d hit him full force, he wouldn’t feel a thing. The man was a brick wall compared to you. And oh my God his smug face annoyed you everytime. You were about to smack him lightly when he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him once again, so fast that you fell over him and « accidentally » straddled him. You smile in the kiss as you felt his hand slowly roaming down your body.


Damian was just looking for a tuna sandwiche when he witnessed his parents starting to eat each other’s face…Or just, French kissing passionately, same thing for him really…His sandwiche dangling from his mouth, he made gagging sound as the two of you laughed lightly. But being the over-dramatic child he was, he went too far, and in a theatrical gesture, he threw just the tiniest amount of sand towards you, which landed in your hair.

Everyne froze. Dick, Jason and Tim half out of the water slowly went back in it, as if trying to get away from a wild animal.

Damian just stood there, sandwiche in mouth, slowly realizing what he had done.

And Bruce was ready to catch you and stop you from murdering your youngest son. You really REALLY hated sand. But against all expectations, you started to laugh loudly, of this cute laugh your husband loved so much, and that was too rare for his liking. Soon, laughter took over all of you, and you stood to try and get rid of the sand on you.

Bruce sat up and tried his best to stop the fit of laughter that took over him. He swore that no one but you was able to make him laugh like that, your laugh being so communicative. You gestured for him to get up, and soon his tall and large frame was towering over you, eyeing you with curiosity.

-Come in the water with me ? And help me take my revenge on Damian…

The boy heard you, and quickly abandoned his sandwiche, running back to his laughing brothers, hiding behind Dick and Jason. But it was no use, Bruce got rid of both the teenagers in a swipe of his arms, and you got a hold of your youngest, with the help of Tim, you dragged him under the water in another fit of laughter.

-Traitor !

Damian yelled at Tim, but he couldn’t quite act as mad as he wanted, because as much as he liked to deny it, moments like this, with all of you, were his favorites.

You gathered him up in your arms and squeezed him tenderly as he tried to wriggle out of your embrace. You gestured to the other boys for a group hug, and soon, Damian was screaming bloody murder as you all squeezed him in the middle of you.

With a gentle smile full of love, you let go of them, and went back to your husband who was a bit away, letting you and your sons having your moment. Bruce opened his arms for his own hug, and you gladly accepted. You didn’t had a lot of times like this, just with them, enjoying them without thinking about anything but each other’s company. You kissed Bruce’s chest, and he tangled once again a hand in your hair, as the other gently went down on the small of your back.

The boys were too busy fighting to comment your sapiness, and you just looked at them lovingly as you enjoyed Bruce’s embrace…until you felt his hand slid slowly in your panty. You eyed your sons quickly, they weren’t looking at you, and anyway, you were deep in the water enough for them not to even see anything.

-What are you doing Bruce ?

-Getting rid of the sand that got everywhere ?

You smiled mischievously, and shook your head, repressing a moan as he touched a particularly sensitive part. You took his hand out of your swimming suit.

-I’ll let you do that when it’s just the two of us honey. Now, carry me back on the grass, I really fucking hate sand, there’s no way I’m walking in it wet. It’ll stick…

Bruce smiled, and you climbed on his back. As you reached the grass, your head resting on his scarred shoulder, you couldn’t stop your heart from beating fast with happiness, and you already dreaded the end of the day, when you’ll have to get home and your boys will go back to their dark world. You suddenly remembered why you suggested the beach even though you hated sand…it was exactly for that, because it was sunny and bright at the beach, a nice change of pace…

You kissed Bruce’s shoulder, and you could see his broad smile from the corner of your mouth, forgetting about your somber thought. For the moment, you were just going to enjoy your boys, and hope to have thousands of other days like this one.


the meanie couple is my ultimate weakness


i didn’t wake up from the dream at home in my bed. i woke up from the dream in a clearing, in the middle of the woods… it was at this point that i heard a distant sound cutting through the night air. it took me a while to figure out what it was. 

it was the sound of a telephone ringing. {x, x

GANGSTA. Gaming Headcanons

These were part of a discussion by myself, @nicolas-benedetto, and @sugar-blind, because we are anime trash and FUCKING PROUD DAMMIT XDDD

So @beta-sheratan, @cutewolfx, and @all-quiet-in-the-menagerie, and any other GANGSTA. fans, let us know how we did!! XDDD

Nicolas: Loves playing GTA, Saint’s Row, and Just Cause because dear god the level of fuckery that can be had is ENORMOUS, and you know he’d love just going ape-shit and stealing every car/tank/plane, and beating pimps with giant dildos! BUT, he also loves playing the Nintendo DS Pets games, because kitties

Worick: Favorite games are Japanese Dating Sims, and his favorite is School Days, because the main character is a total douche who gets what’s coming to him, and that amuses Worick to no end

Alex: She loves playing games like Cook Serve Delicious, and Sims. She even once made up herself, Worick, and Nic, but then was majorly embarrassed because her Sim would flirt endlessly with Nic’s, and couldn’t count the number of times they had sex in the shower. She also loves JRPGs, because they can be really beautiful and she loves the stories

Nina: She’s into LoveLive! because it’s fun and pretty, and other cute games like Animal Crossing. She’s also the master at Surgeon Simulator, and always get’s near perfect scores

Theo: Ironically is TERRIBLE at Surgeon Simulator to the point that it makes him question his career choices

Loretta: She doesn’t have much time for games, so games like God of War, Just Dance, and DDR work best for her

Marco: Secretly LOVES Candy Crush and Angry Birds. He only posted a selfie once on his Facebook when he opened the account, which Connie still favs a few times a day, the rest of the time he just sends requests to Galahad and Loretta regarding his progress in the games he plays through the site.

Galahad: Used to have a Facebook for a few of the games, but deleted it since he only ever got spammed by game requests from Marco. Now he’s mainly into Def Jam, Street Fighter, and Mortal Combat, as well as more classic fighting games like Killer Instinct

Connie: Connie has a lot of frustration built up from her shop always getting shot up, so she takes it out on all kinds of FPS games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Boarderlands. She has the dirtiest mouth on XBOXLive!, and frequently yells/screams at the screen, even when not playing with others. Example -

Monroe: He likes to know he’s making the most of his time, so he feels comfortable playing EVE Online. He even has businesses and makes extra money through the game, executing things there the same way he does in the real world

Gina: When in private, she indulges herself in some Plants vs. Zombies - Garden Warfare, but when around others or during a time when she has an open door, she prefers games like Fallout and DOOM

Ginger: Ginger loves cute indie games like Don’t Starve. She likes how quirky and smart they can be, but also really cute and violent too

Doug: He is a big ol’ ball of contradiction! He loves playing the Prince of Persia games, as well as Goat Simulator when he needs a good laugh

Delico and Yang: They play Viscera: Cleanup Detail and just troll each other the whole time. Yang will hide dismembered bodyparts in random places so that when Delico thingks they’re done and are checking to see if everything is clean, the parts will just fall out and splatter everywhere. In retaliation, Delico will wait for Yang to look away/leave for a moment, and then hold up various severed heads and other disturbing things in front of Yang’s immediate view so that when he comes back, that’s all he sees

Miles: Miles is pretty boring with his games, liking to play internet poker and some Facebook games where you can cash in game earned points for things like shows in Vegas, but since he can’t leave Ergastulum, it’s his own way of torturing others since then no one else will be able to go either.