made by mesodontask


I can’t believe I forgot to put these up! These pictures have been sitting in my craft folder for a while, I must’ve lost track of what I have and haven’t uploaded…

Anywho! These are some paper cut-outs of some famous Parisian monuments like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. I had planed to make more, and there is one I made that isn’t pictured (of Moulin Rouge). I was going to make a series of them, and maybe do the same for some other cities… Just another project I’m unlikely to finish.

It’s nearly 4am, so I’m off the sleep now. G'night world!


Sooo… I haven’t actually made much in the past… 4 months or so, so I haven’t really been uploading to this blog, but…

I made myself a wallet! And I’m super proud with how it turned out, because I really hate sewing by hand.

I might add a strap to keep it closed, or just some poppers, but it seems like it’s keeping itself closed pretty well anyways.