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Anderson and Shepard sitting together in the citadel dying though

I don’t think I’ve encountered a better cinematic moment in a video game ever.

You’re both so fucking tired and physically and emotionally totalled, and you get to sit with each other in the path of the weapon that ends the war and stare at the home you’re about to save.

And then Anderson dies.

And Shepard has to get up.

Imagine a post-ME3 Shepard visiting Tuchunka to see how Wrex, Grunt and Eve are rebuilding the Krogan world.

Imagine Shepard landing on Tuchunka with Liara at her side, and they step out of the shuttle to see cities rising the distance, and statues being pieced back together.

Imagine Shepard getting a playful punch in the arm from Wrex and Grunt, who both say that they would have gone for a headbutt if she wasn’t still healing.

Imagine Eve walking up with a dozen little Krogan children running around her, each one marveling at Shepard and Liara, some of the first non-Krogans they’ve seen. Imagine them all gathering around Liara as she tells them stories about the worlds she’s seen and the people she’s met.

Imagine one little Krogan remaining behind, looking up to Shepard with big, wondrous eyes. Shepard kneels in front of them and asks “Hey, what’s your name?”

The little Krogan meets her gaze, a hopeful smile crossing his face.

“I’m Mordin.”

‘Cerberus stole Omega from me. The Illusive Man is now squarely at the top of my shit list. He will pay for every second I’ve spent in this bureaucratic hellhole

Aria T’Loak 

i honestly honestly cannot believe this. i had such optimism for the game, the representation that bioware claims to have and support, especially after me3 (kaidan) and da:i (dorian and bull). when liam was revealed to be straight my heart was broken sure, but there was another option surely, the only other male that was romanceable (bc the krogan wouldn’t be), i thought they’ll at least let us have jaal, because it was literally the ONLY option on the squad left, that it would be a guarantee after the progress made in me3 and dai. i refused to believe they would do this to us, that they would be dumb enough or just couldn’t care enough. the only option left wasn’t even given to us. honestly it can’t be an unintentional oversight, and it’s definitely purely intentional. i mean how many times do gay content get cut from their games. if it was unintentional they would have seen the imbalance within the squad romances and done something about it. they have seen it and done nothing to address the issue which only leads to the logical conclusion that this shit was intentional, and they couldn’t give a crap about us. we ended up being sidelined and was basically told we were valued less as fans. the other romances not part of the main squad were just token romances, and they claimed that the content would be equal. but that is clearly not the case, i dare say the content of both ‘less-important’ romances can’t even make up a main m/f romance in the game. we get the least options, the least content, was queerbaited, was told we would get to romance aliens (but not if you’re gay apparently) told to wait and see when there was nothing of worth to see, was told that they wanted romances to be kept secret but revealed two straight romances. things were promised and not delivered, and worst of all, this game feels like such a step back from me3 or dai, games that were released years ago. i am so disappointed and angry at bioware, at ea, at the me team, at the marketing, at the devs, at the “twitter convos”, i’m just done, i’m out.


My original piece that started all of my ME family drawings. Garrus is the best space husband and would have made my femShep very happy if we ever got that happy ending. Alas this was only to be a dream.


The eyes in andromeda look dead because a real eye is not solid hard color and it has a transparent touch to it….

In ME2 those eyes were really good.I still remember playing ME 2 for the first time it was the first thing I noticed.But it was long time ago…..And it got ruined in ME3….It started then.

ME 2 eyes were made by Bioware…Why the difference?

Look at Joker.  Pre-rendered character.

  • ME2-first pic ( click on the pic and then right button View Image for bigger pic ) Look the eyes.The eyelashes and the character in general.It was looking good IT WAS MADE BY BIOWARE)
  • ME 3 second pic

( click on the pic and then right button View Image for bigger pic- SEE THE EYES ?ALSO THE LACK OF eyelashes?????? Every single male character suffers the same in ME3 …THIS IS ALSO MADE BY BIOWARE)

So something happened in between ( they become worse for some reason) and whatever happened  was probably not good.

What I mean is that they offered you a quality and now they degrade it…That is where the critics come from mostly-  Because quality it was there and now it is gone.

In the Rubble

Dust and the smell of smoke hung heavily in the air as they’d begun the arduous task of finding a needle in a haystack. Finding one person among countless corpses and mountains of debris was hopeless, but still they pressed on. Despite utter exhaustion, a select few of the Normandy’s crew were driven to continue, probably until they could no longer function. All for the loyalty, respect, and love of one Commander Shepard.

Garrus sighed heavily, taking a moment to try and check his malfunctioning omni-tool one more time. It was beyond frustrating that it wasn’t working properly, at a time when he needed it the most. Liara walked ahead, her face a calm veneer over what he knew to be barely contained panic. In the quiet of her passing and him staring in frustration at the broken device attached to his arm, he heard the faintest of rustles off to his right.

The turian’s head immediately snapped over in the direction from which the sound had come. His eyes roved over the pile of debris, wondering if what he’d heard had been merely a figment of his imagination. But then, just as he was about to look away and follow after Liara, a twisted metal beam trembled, as though something or someone under it was struggling to push it aside.

That was all the confirmation Garrus needed to close the distance and begin digging. “Liara,” he called aloud as he frantically began to peel back the layers of destruction to find the poor soul under it all. How someone might have survived after all this time and while trapped under all of this refuse was beyond comprehension, as far as he was concerned, but he intended to help them get out. It wasn’t until he revealed an armored limb adorned with a very distinctive red and white stripe that he truly felt the strange mix of dread, hope, and despair well up from somewhere deep in his core. “It’s her! She’s here!” With renewed strength and determination, he began lifting and tossing aside the charred wreckage that pinned the commander to the ground.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Bioware having a high staff turnover contributed to the shoddy AAA production of the game? Not having anybody that directed the previous games on staff seems to have bit them in the ass.

It’s almost impossible to know. Sometimes you want to have a fresh start and fresh perspectives. I’m not sure that I’d want another game from the exact same crew that made ME3, ya know?