made by me vol4

controversial post, but @everyone avoiding watching rwby bc they’ve seen hate on the internet about how it ‘gets bad’: the posts are lying. hatedom is wrong. the show gets better as it goes, and season 4 actually features the strongest writing to date. just watch it and see for yourself… do not listen to people

Day 17 - RWBY - Prompt “A cold night and Yang the comforter” from weaponscomplex

I hope this feels as warm as it made me feel while drawing ‘cause for some reason I used the Vol4 Team… makes this a little more Hurt/comfort than I intended it to be TT^TT Also I tried out a new Sign, mainly because I need a color at the bottom and I’ve seen others do it as well…

Anyway I hope you’re enjoyed this!

More and more let’s enjoy the cold!