made by me vol 1

Peter Quill Imagine

Hii! Can you maybe write a Peter Quill imagine where they’re dating and she’s also from earth (but she goes back like twice a year or something to see her dad), so she makes him a mixtape?

“Are you sure you don’t want to come,” you asked your boyfriend again for the hundredth time. You were going on one of your trips back to Earth to see your Dad, who you only get to see twice a year.

“I’m sure,” he looked down at his feet before looking at you. “I just don’t think I’m ready to go back yet.”

“I understand.” You gave him a long kiss then grabbed your bags. “I love you and I’ll be back in a week.” You went into the smaller pod and turned to wave goodbye to Peter one last night before you pressed the detachment button and went flying into space.


You docked back into the ship, grabbed your bags, and opened the pod’s door and as soon as you stepped onto the ship you were greeted by your smiling boyfriend. “There’s my girl,” he wrapped you in a big hug and pressed a sloppy kiss to your cheek. “How was your trip? How’s your Dad?”

“It was good. He was great. Asked me a lot of questions about you.”

“I’m a great guy, who wouldn’t want to know about me.”

“That’s true. I mean, you are the one and only Star Lord.” You two walked back to your room and you shuffled through one of your bags. “Hey, I got you some things.”

“What?! It’s like an early Christmas,” he cheered and jumped on to the bed next to your bag.

“Here. Open it.” He unwrapped the small square present to see a clear CD case with ‘Star Lord’s Mix Tape Vol. 1.’ His face lit up.

“You made me a mix tape! Sick.” He flipped it over and read the tracks on the back.

“I thought I’d make you one with the hits from the 90s since you already have the 80s. But,” you reached back into your bag and pulled out something behind your back, “since you have lots of music to catch up on I got you something else.” You handed him the small box and he looked at it confused.

“What is this? Is it another Zoon?”

“That’s an iPod,” you chuckled. “I downloaded tons of songs and playlists other people had made. It’ll take you awhile to get through all of those.”

“There’s like a thousand songs on here,” he gasped.

You leaned down and gave him a quick cheek, “Better get started on it then, Star Lord.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Made Awesome Mix Vol. 1

The Contours /Do You Love Me /x

Blue Swede /Hooked On A Feeling /x/

The Raspberrie / Go All The Way /x

Creedence Clearwater Revival /Bad Moon Rising /x/

Norman Greenbaum / Spirit In The Sky /x/

Journey / Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ /x/

The Animals /Boom Boom /x/

Autograph /Turn Up The Radio /x/

Elvin Bishop / Fooled Around And Fell In Love /x/

10CC / I’m Not In Love /x/

David Bowie / Moonage Daydream /x/

Chuck and Mac / Powerful Love /x/

J. Geils Band / Centrefold /x/

The Band / The Weight /x/

The Four Seasons / Oh, What A Night /x/

Joe Crocker / Feelin’ Alright /x/

The Jackson 5 / I Want You Back /x/

The Doobie Brothers / Takin’ It To The Street /x/

The Beatles / Twist And Shout /x/

Redbone / Come And Get Your Love /x/

The Runaways / Cherry Bomb /x/

Rupert Holmes / Escape /x/

Little Richard / Long Tall Sally /x/

The Five Stairsteps / O-o-h Child /x/

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell / Ain’t No Mountain High Enough /x/

A crazy thing I found out about Pac-Man’s NES port: There is no split-screen (or any killscreen, for that matter) in this game.

I was kind of surprised at this, since it was released initially in 1984. I’m not sure when the first Pac-Man split-screen was publicly attained, but the fact that Namco was already aware of it in 1984 suggests to me that it may have happened by then. Or maybe they just wised up. Who knows. Instead of a split-screen, it simply loops the last levels to avoid the infamous bug.

Another thing that made this stand out to me is that Namco Museum Vol. 1′s port of Pac-Man has the split-screen bug in it, as I personally played up for the sake of documenting it for this blog. Maybe they wanted to be more genuine to the arcade version? Who knows.