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I hope this doesnt seem rude but I really dont like the thought of Alex in a kpop group. Im a mixed race Korean and when we decide to join groups we are ridiculed, treated as the least favorite member and just hated, yet she comes in and everyone loves her? Im my opinion Kpop is so that us Asians can have representation, not for non asian people to be shown. (This probably sounds hella rude and racist fuck) it just bothers me Pt.1

How Lee Michelle came and was an amazing singer but since she was half black k fans hated her, how Chocolat a group where all the members are korean/german,italian,spanish and were sent death threats to the point where they are now in college, working normal jobs bc they no longer want to be idols. Yet the moment Alex was announced as a member intl fans loved her “yes finally a non asian member” when she could’ve made it in America perfectly fine. Pt.2

It just hurts me so much to know that bc were mixed we are “tainting the blood line” but no matter what race you are if youre not mixed youre “perfect”. She is mixied with white and so is Vernon and thats the only reason fans like them more bc they know they they wont be “dark/ugly skin color” and its horrible and im just so tired of it. Alex is amazing, sweet, smart and funny but she doesnt belong in the Asian Entertainment world. Pt.3

i get your pov! i also think the spotlight alex gets for simply existing as a westerner in kpop is weird and unwarranted. on the other hand i think she herself has been respectful about this (she was invited to do this, didnt force her way in, shes learning korean and learning about the culture respectfully) so i dont blame her in particular. but its true that mixed ppl get so much shit already, especially if theyre dark skin

Prince Calum Pt. 2

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Summary: Your doubts in your love lasting between Calum and you has done nothing but weaken the bond between you two. No matter how many times Calum has told you that he loves you more than any jewel or thing in the world, all you can think about is the acceptance of society due to the fact that the eldest must be married first; and your sister still has yet to be loved.

Word Count: 754

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shit me and my girlfriend say to each other pt. 2
         ( part one found here. )

“All I need in life, to be honest. Motherfucking cats.”
“We’re super BFFs. The galest of pals.”
“Partying hard with four medical appointments.”
“I named it Rocko.”
“I just whacked my head off the shower wall.”
“I try to be a hygienic adult and this is what happens.”
“I felt like we Freaky Friday’d.”
“Fight them.”
“Stab him.”
“I just saw old man penis.”
“How do you feel about having a newly blinded girlfriend?”
“Will you be my guide dog in human form?”
“Fight your manager.”
“And I got flirted with at Starbucks and I can’t deal with all this attention.”
“You should just fight everyone.”
“You have swords, right?”
“I have a two foot knife.”
“Can I borrow your sword for an indefinite period of time?”
“I’m a god damn wizard.”
“That was 240 seconds of love.”
“Corrupt me.”
“You’re the old person. It should be you taking the nap, grandma.”
“You’re like two, shut up.”
“I’m one of those millennials that knows all the internets and facebooks.”
“Just because you listen to the pop station sometimes doesn’t mean that you’re culturally knowledgeable.”
“You KILLED me!”
“You killed me first!” 
“You would probably burst into flames.” 
“Also, he gets stabbed by a fork at one point.” 
“Welcome to the hell that was my 15 year old self.” 
“A kid just came out of the restaurant walking like fucking Hitler.” 
“I’m a strange bean.” 
“I’m a poorly constructed human being.” 
“Hogwarts houses are the most important.” 
“Call me back in two minutes, I’m pooping.” 
“Me and my best friend used to call each other while we pooped in high school.” 
“I just drank a bottle and one half of wine.” 
“I’m not really in a closet. I’m actually really out of the closet.” 
“Hold him at knifepoint until he does things.” 
“Do you secretly write for The Onion?” 
“Every person should come equipped with a cup holder.” 
“It’s the cats who are born with extra toes that control everything. These ‘weird’ cats have thumbs and use them to their advantage.” 
“Cats secretly run everything.”
“Just beat the problem with a 4x4 for positive results.” 
“I do my best especially when I’m procrastinating.” 
“Who am I to know the inner workings of the super mind?” 
“That sounds like a recipe for disaster.” 
“This just in: I have a mustache.” 
“I had to go two hours without swearing today.” 
“Did you recite a monologue of swears after that?” 
“No, but we had a fire alarm and that meant me cursing all the way down the stairs.”