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I'd usually say this on anon but not today. I think you're amazing and one of the kindest girls here, I love your blog soooo much and your writing as well. I hate when people are rude to you like, why? And why on anon? You've got people here that love you and that's what should matter, I LOVE YOU 💕

I’m so glad you didn’t write to me on anon, because then I got to a name on you. Thank you so much, really, this was the cutest thing ever. People like you, make my day so much better and I’m so happy you’re spreading so many good vibes. Truly, you’re a precious human being. Thank you so much for these warm and loving words, they made my heart very happy! I love you too

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😤😤 I feel you so much; I basically live in the shadow of my step sisters. I just don't even mess with them anymore. I can't hold a conversation without them stealing it. I just don't understand, and all I want is to be noticed. And I just wanna say, you are so pretty. Your blog makes me laugh so much. You're such a good person and I love you! Stay strong! ❤🌹

i am so sorry!!! that isn’t right at all!!!! 

you can always talk to me and I will give you all my attention :) <3

thank you so much!!! this literally made me feel so much better! i want to hug you rn!!!!!

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I had a bad night and I just want to say that your hashtags made me feel so much better, thank you <3

Aw, glad to know they are helping out! Hope everything gets better for you love, try to stay positive and you can get through this!


Who You Really Are 

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OmG yoUR DRESS IF FABULOUS. YOU ARE FABULOUS. THAT DOG IS FABULOUS. I hope you had a great time there! Don't worry about the date thing, you have 17,000 people here ready and waiting just to see you let alone be your date :D *hugs all around* - Kurtle anon


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it’s prom season again and marinette’s ultimate plan is to get chat to come as her date and make adrien jealous…much to her disappointment, adrien isn’t present at the prom (gee i wonder why), but she ends up having a blast with chat anyway.


thanks for being patient with me guys! this is a birthday gift for a friend. speaking of birthdays, i turned 18 today!! it feels so weird. i’m now legal……….ヾ(。ꏿ﹏ꏿ)ノ゙

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tv meme: nine female characters » robin scherbatsky [3/9]

“You’re the least needy woman I’ve ever met. That’s awesome. I mean, no guy is gonna say, ‘Who’s your daddy?’ to Robin Scherbatsky; you’re your own daddy. And mommy. And weird survivalist uncle who lives in a cabin with a shotgun blaming stuff on the government. And that is what makes you the most amazing, strong, independent woman I’ve ever banged.”