TOP TWO: Harry Potter, Hogwarts Houses inspired hair bows (Gryffindor & Slytherin)
NEXT FOUR: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959), Princess Aurora inspired hair bows (Make it Blue VS Make it Pink)
BOTTOM ONE: Disney’s Cinderella (1951) inspired hair bow


I will make Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw bows too! These are just “test runs” for now. Plus the Ravenclaw one was giving me a hard time regarding finding colors. Book colors vs movie colors? Eventually decided “why not both?”

Honestly I feel like the Harry Potter ones need a bit of improvement but I can’t place exactly where yet. I’ll figure it out.

The Disney bows are my “new & improved” versions of previous attempts. 😄 I really hope I captured the essence of the characters.

happy birthday, sammy!


>>made by me do not repost<<