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Omg! "Daddy, Duck, and Little Ducky" was soooo cute and sweet! Good job!

Awww! Thank you! 

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But I can’t take all the credit. I wouldn’t have ever come up with the idea if it wasn’t for @wayward-mirage and her AMAZING seriesesies (too many but it’s intentional) Never Say Never and Now Or Never 

Totally sharing the aesthetics I made for it because why not! It’s too good of a series!


Hair has nothing to do with the reason we playing music. It’s a style. Something that will never last as long as the songs we play and the words we sing. Listen up ladies in bands, I’m so proud to be one of you and I don’t care if we all look exactly alike or if we are all carbon copies of each other. We have things to say and it’s up to us to get people to not just look but to L I S T E N !” – Hayley Williams

i havent done one of these in like a year (plus its late) but ive met so many cool ass people in that time and wanted to show them how much i love them this valentines day with this lil thingy i made :) edit creds to manda !!!

these are just my mutuals, but everyone else i follow are hella cool too and i love you. if i missed anyone i am so sorry i am making this at 1am and im tired 

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