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Witchsona commission for thelabyrinthlolita, from puppetgrenade

pink/charms/herbal tea witch + corgi familiar

  • Friend: so if Brendon's the sun cuz he's so bright why is Ryan the moon?
  • Me: well obviously because he's hella mysterious and he can control the rise and fall of the sea level
  • Friend: what
  • Me: Ryan's a mermaid with moon powers

The Phoenix 

“I was never surprised that they did not have a phoenix on display. There is only one phoenix at a time, of course, and while the Natural History Museum was filled with dead things, the phoenix is always alive.”

-Neil Gaiman, Unnatural Creatures

  • Drampa: He's a nice old Pokemon that loves children and will play with them as well as protect them
  • Cutiefly: If a person is happy or excited, they will gather around you because they have a colorful and wonderful aura ovo
  • Type Null: Spits in the face of god, science, and nature itself. A horrific attempt at humanity trying to replicate the powers of the divine, gone horribly wrong. All that remains left is a poor, misshapen creature sewn together by bits and pieces of other Pokemon and silently begs for death every time it breaths.

Completely random thought that just occurred to me. Haven’t given it much time to simmer in my mind or to look up possible contradictions in lore, but it seems to make sense on the surface of things. 

I’ve been wondering when, precisely, Solas would have gained the moniker Fen’Harel. He says it was an insult that he claimed for his own purposes. I had kind of assumed that one or more of the Evanuris had given it to him in response to his rebellion against them. We know that they use it in their own propaganda. Yet Solas is recorded in legend as being one of the Creators and a god in his own right… Did his rebellion last long enough to be the source of these myths or did he have the name before that?

Solas said that their rise to godhood was a gradual process sparked by war. Legends say that the Creators and the Forgotten Ones were sworn enemies who regularly fought one another. The Dread Wolf is associated with both camps.

Was the war that started it all between the Evanuris and the Forgotten Ones? And if so… was Solas originally on the “wrong” side of that fight? If he’d been allied with the Forgotten Ones and switched sides partway through the conflict… wouldn’t it make sense that the Forgotten Ones would give him a villainous and untrustworthy moniker? And that legends would declare he was both a Creator and a Forgotten One?

It would make sense in some ways. In this scenario, he would have adopted the imagery of the Dread Wolf long before there were temples built for the various Creators. It would explain why his statues appear in temples dedicated to the Evanuris… which is harder to explain if you assume they were the first ones to declare him a rebel and a traitor. 

Just some thoughts. Right now it’s kind of lingering somewhere between lore theory and headcanon for me. But I find the idea intriguing. 

Petra hangs above the void, kicks her feet as she has not done since she was a child, since before the witches claimed her. Amethyst clouds swirl before her, casting shadows across the spars and wreckage that litter the Reef. Beside her, a knife-edge of reclaimed metal juts into empty space.

She has come from her charge’s cell, his four arms eternally clutching blades and gemstone. Focused, as always, on carving something beautiful. In a way, she envies him - he has nothing left to lose.

She stands, rolls her shoulders. And places a single, tentative foot on the beam next to her. Ship or Ketch or the detritus of a dead civilization she cannot say, but it remains solid beneath her despite the shifting mists and the pounding of her heart. The Tower has three, but now the Reef has only her single eye and all the rickety balance she can muster.

She does not slip. It has been years, but her feet and heart remember. She had worried it would not be so - strength hard-won is too easy to forget, and the sureness of bare feet atop cold metal is an unexpected relief.

They call him the Warden. She wonders if it makes him chuckle, alone in his barren chamber - the Warden, more a prisoner than anyone. To the Reef, yes, but to himself as well; to the histories he has crafted, to his house, to the Fallen - to the Eliksni. She watches his eyes when he thinks that no one else does. Sees them widen in surprise and narrow in hurt. Saw the pain it caused when errant Wolves cast off their chains. 

What he was planning, she could not say- but dreams have their price, as she well knows. At least her prison is larger.

And yet, when she enters the poisoned atmosphere of his dungeon, she is always thankful for her mask and the anonymity it grants. She does not doubt that he would burn the Reef to ash if it meant the rebirth of his house. She does not fault him for it.

They are both loyal in their own way, and as she looks beneath her into emptiness she swears an oath - swears it seven times: as long as he stands with his head high, so will she. They are needed, both of them.

She pirouettes atop the beam. Smiles to herself at the accomplishment, but feels her throat catch. Variks knows it as well as she does: there is a gravity that comes from the Last City to which she cannot put a name, despite witch-born knowledge, despite battle-earned cunning. His Great Machine has brought its grudges with it. And she could not care a whit, because -

Because her Queen lives. And if claiming her once more means the Reef must burn, so be it. She will light the match with laughter in her heart and dance among the flames.

non-canon ferelden map

okay kids here’s the deal. the official maps we’re given are tragically lacking in detail & ridiculously underpopulated. so to continue my legacy as Map Nerd Extraordinaire, here’s my non-canon & much busier map of ferelden. feel free to take as much or little of this as you like, just gimme a credit if you do!

details & closeups under the cut

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Yeah actually hear me out here-

I’ve noticed myself and a number of other users realizing the sort of stagnation in lore and site progress, so what if we as Users made our own en-masse Lore registry?

A thread where we- as a Userbase- can list all Lore Clans and update thread subscribers on lore? We can take pings, post offers on Clan alliances, post when we get ideas, have a sub-thread where we throw ideas around. A Discord group, perhaps? The Lore Library or something. Lore-writers can toddle onto a place and yell out “HEY Who’s looking for some joint lore” and be in a place where they know their voice won’t just be lost to the sands of time? Too many lore writers go unnoticed and its tragic. What do all of you think? I’d gladly scrape together other likeminded people where we can pull something off like this

remember when we all freaked out and thought PinkGuy died and made all these lore theories and headcanons about him but in reality he just choked on teriyaki sauce in the bathtub

i replayed the jak series a while back cuz i thought it would bring back fun childhood memories but no i was wrong and now i feel empty inside cuz i now desperately want a deeper look into the precursors

yeah we know what they are now and what they did

but i want more knowledge on all this

ancient precursor ruins, more giant robots

more tiny orange furballs running around

And so it began ...

Ilúvatar: *thinks*
Ainur: *are created*
Ilúvatar: .. oh. Neat. Do a music.
Ainur: *makes music*
Ilúvatar: Awesome - hey, what’s that one doing.
Ilúvatar: He’s ruining the mus—
Ilúvatar: Okay, just because you have more power than everyone else does not mean you get to be a dick.
Melkor: 2 metal 4 u
Ilúvatar: I did not create you for this.
Melkor: Suck it, dork.
Ilúvatar: Stop it.
Melkor: Sorry. (Not actually sorry)

IMO I think if Emerald was gonna have Wallace as Champion they should’ve reworked his theme. The RSE Champion theme does not suit him at all. Should’ve had something a touch gentler or more elegant to suit him. I don’t really see the purpose of the change at all (Steven had a more interesting team to battle and I’d rather have seen Wallace as a coordinator Champion or something pre-Lisia’s existence) but if they were gonna do it they should’ve done as was done for the Alder-Iris change and given him his own theme.