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  • me: *breathes in* I lo-
  • everyone else: YES, you love, LOVE™ V. We know. You love Jihyun Kim so much. He deserved so much better. You want to save that man. You just love V. You cry over him EVERY DAY. We KNOW. You love V. You fucking love V. Okay we know. We get it. YOU LOVE V. WE GET IT.

here are some university hc’s !! 

- keith is a dance major

- lance is an art major

- they meet bc lance visits allura one day at her studio and he sees keith doing some rlly cool contemporary dance ?? and ever since he’s been like oO H BOY MY BI IS SHOWING

- keith normally hates dancing in front of people bc it makes him nervous but he doesn’t mind lance watching

- lance comes in to do anatomy studies and he generally uses keith as his model

- when he sees the sketches he’s so gay and happy like ?? oh shit the cute artist drew me im dying shiro help

- allura never hears the end of lance’s pining, shiro has the same fate with keith

- when keith gets a new outfit to dance in [ one similar to blade of marmora ] he wears it when he knows lance will be there and he just smirks when he sees how red he is

- lance finally gets the courage to ask keith out and they’re both v blushy and shy despite being in college

the nicknames
  • ThatcherJoe: You guys are Sugglets! :)
  • Connor Franta: We're all just members of the Franta family.
  • Troye Sivan: You're all my lil nuggets ;)
  • Superwoman: Team Super for the absolute win.
  • Pewdiepie: Stay awesome, bros. ~brofist~
  • Hannah Hart: We call ourselves the Hartos XD
  • cute, right? and then there's
  • Tyler Oakley: Ha ha, let's face it, you're all just my bitches.
A difference with Lillie and Gladion

One thing I think about with these two are how Lusamine potentially raised the two of them.

It is sad to say that I think everyone can relate to feelings of your parents manipulating your own choices in life to match their own will…

One thing that gets to me is how Lusamine herself treated UB01 and Type:Null. It is possible she could have easily projected this on her children, prompting Gladion running away years earlier.

To summarize:
UB01 - Powerful by sheer existence. The ultimate beauty. It has no will of its own, so its own will is reflected from its host.

Type:Null - An experiment created to fight the ultra beast. Keeps its helmet on until it fully trust someone.

So my idea would be along the lines of Lillie facing worse emotional trauma because Lusamine would be trying to zap her of her own will. Gladion left the foundation woth torn clothes from Null, so it might be safe to say he had more physical neglect tossed at him, even if he wasn’t meant to fight the ultra beast.

If this is the case, it is easy to understand why Gladion left so early.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Icons!

Since the pokemon fans are so hyped up for Pokémon Sun and Moon, I decided to make these icons based from the revealed characters! Please like/reblog if you decide to use one of these and also credit me; not needed but much appreciated!

Female Protagonist

Male Protagonist

Rival/Trainer Hau

Professor Kukui

Mysterious Assistant Lillie