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I remember the movie they made about the Canadian blond couple who murdered young girls they were called the Barbie and ken killers and I remember the movie about them made Karla the victim. Holy crap can they stop making female serial killers veictim? They are killers!

That film was very disappointing. Yes, Paul beat Karla but she was just as willing to participate in the murders. Initially, it was believed it was all Paul until they found the tape that clearly showed her partaking and even enjoying it.

Let’s know about Karla!

Since I didn’t have space to write everything, here’s a little more information ;)

Karla started training when she was 7. Since then she already won a lot of competitions around her country. Her bedroom in the farm was full of medals, trophies and also with a lot of plush of horses, ponies and unicorns, and photos of her with Jupiter.



Camila is a Gryffindor.

Lauren is a Slytherin.

They used to be best friends, until the Sorting Ceremony.

What happens when you’ve known someone during your whole life, but the world tries everything to put you two apart?

Before Karla Homolka became one half of the infamous murder pair, the Ken and Barbie Killers, she was an avid reader of true crime, not always on her free time. While she worked at Martindale Clinic in St. Catharines, veterinarian Patti Weir recalled that every Thursday Karla would go to the library and return with a bag full of books, which she would keep under her desk. The books always contained themes of sex, abuse, and death, including such titles as the well-known Ann Rule novel about Ted Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me, and Dying to Get Married: The Courtship and Murder of Julie Miller Bulloch by Ellen Harris, detailing a woman’s relationship with a sadistic man who ultimately killed her. The other memorable title was Bret Easton Ellis’ popular and controversial novel American Psycho. Karla made sure everyone else knew of the books’ gruesome content, as well by enthusiastically reading the most graphic passages aloud to her female coworkers.

Imagine Leonardo is having a solo training session with Master Splinter, and he’s blindfolded as to improve his other senses. You decide to pop in that morning to bring him some breakfast (say you’ve bought some powdered donuts and coffee) and are as quiet as you can be. Despite the sounds of his grunts and the overbearing voice of Master Splinter bouncing throughout the lair, Leo still manages to hear your footsteps and a little smile appears on his face.

Before Splinter can as Leo what he’s smiling about, Leo leaps in the air, does a backflip in mid-air (to impress you, he can feel you watching), and lands right in front of you. You’re not even fully collected from your surprise and Leo already has immediately pulled you in his embrace. He pulls his blindfold down around his neck, tilts your chin up and presses his lips to yours and says ‘good morning’ against your lips. You hand him his breakfast and the last of yours you’re not able to finish on your own. With a bit of powdered sugar on his lips, he sweetly kisses you (*ba dum tss*), sees that he’s left some on your lips, and kisses it away. He licks his lips and smiles when you chuckle a bit, sliding his blindfold back onto his eyes and resuming his training.

After Master Splinter decides Leo has trained enough, Leo happily is dismissed, rips off his blindfold and runs to your side. Leo wraps his arm around you and leads you two to the entertainment area. Splinter rolls his eyes, smiles, shakes his head. “Teenagers,” Splinter mumbles under his breath.


welcome to the new age

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Dude, i heard the "leaked audio" of scar tissue by C and i love it so much gurl! i felt bad though for pressing it just to hear it. im really excited in camila's album and i cant wait to hear all the songs she made.

😂 Karla will understand you, no worries. 👌🏻 I haven’t heard it. Imma juz wait for the final release so I can scream. 🌚