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She Cheated

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Carl Gallagher smut (with his best friend that I created named Karina)

Got this idea when I re-watched Mandy telling Lip she loved him while simultaneously breaking my fucking heart.

my first attempt at smut so sorry if it sucks, send in requests!


Carl angrily watched Dominique as she kissed another guy, a heartbroken look on his face. He was beyond pissed that she was cheating on him, but he was even angrier knowing that he’d take her back if she apologized. What were his options other than being alone again? Telling Karina his feelings and being rejected by her as well? Yeah fucking right.  And honestly, did she have to do it out in the open like that? On the front steps of the party that she clearly fucking forgot she had invited him to. He wanted to make a scene but instead he stood up straight and started walking a few blocks toward his own home, stopping at the house next door to his, in between The Gallaghers and Vee and Kev. He knocked on the door loudly until his best friend appeared in the doorway, looking as though she had just made it home herself. She was in torn leggings and a little white top, covered by his own sweater and jean jacket, the new sneakers he’d bought her on her feet. The difference between her and Dominique was that when he bought her things, she cherished the fuck out of them, not having much herself. But he ignored her outfit and his eyes focused instead on her neck, a few fresh hickeys running down her glowing brown skin and disappearing into her top. “You wanna come to a party,” Carl asked, a little more pissed off when he saw the marks that he wasn’t responsible for. But that was a selfish thought for him to have, as she wasn’t his girl. “I thought you were going with Dom,” she answered and the light airy way her voice sounded made him smirk. “Are you high?” he asked, laughing when she nodded with a lazy smile.

“I wanna go with you.” He continued, not wanting to tell her about what he saw and make her feel like he was going to her as a second choice, not when the reality was that she was and always would be his first choice, she was the only person who didn’t make him feel like shit 24 hours of the day. Karina smiled and exited her house, shutting the door behind her and tucking her key under her mat, following him back down the way he came, letting him lead her up the front steps, where he had caught Dominique cheating, and into the party where he instantly found himself lighting up as well. He had originally intended to find Dominique and put her in a situation where she was forced to watch him with his best friend but couldn’t say a word without snitching on herself, but he was distracted by his best friend making him laugh. Actually his whole plan was thrown off when she started making shitty jokes, having him in a fit of laughter and just like always he couldn’t figure out why the fuck he hadn’t asked her out when he had the chance. Fiona swore up and down that Karina liked him, and had liked him since they were kids melting action figures together, but he couldn’t believe her. She had been far too happy when he mentioned the idea of liking Dominique, to have feelings like that for him, but he couldn’t tell if that came from wanting him to be happy by ignoring her own feelings or if she actually had none for him at all.

He wanted to keep his little secret from her but he couldn’t anymore when Dominique cut into their conversation to greet Carl, reminding him of what he was there for, making him get a little handsy with his best friend; but Karina still saw how he cringed away from her when Dominique explained that she was at the party with a ‘friend’. “The fuck did she do?” Karina asked when Dom had walked away after not receiving a good response from her boyfriend, and Carl looked back down at his friend, pulling her outside and ignoring her complaints of just having gotten there. “She’s cheating on me,” Carl admitted, making her stop and look at him. She nodded her head and put out her blunt before attempting to march back into the party and beat Dom’s ass but stopped when Carl grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She couldn’t believe that he still loved her enough to protect her from a much deserved beatdown. Karina ripped her arm from Carl’s grasp and took off down the street angrily, Carl following after her. “Where the fuck are you going?” “Home, Carl! If you don’t give a fuck about your feelings then why should I?” she screamed back, crossing the street and making her way down their own, passing her own house and walking into his where she could get her hands onto alcohol that wasn’t under lock and key as it was at her own house. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Carl screamed back after a few minutes of silent confusion, catching his front door when she tried to slam it shut in his face, startling Lip and Ian who were speaking in the kitchen. Lip raised an eyebrow when Karina entered the kitchen and pushed past him to pull a beer out of the fridge. “Don’t worry I’ll move,” he said sarcastically sharing a look with Ian before turning back to the girl, watching her chug a beer before tossing the empty bottle in the trash and reaching for another one. “I didn’t ask for her to cheat on me, Karina” Carl screamed some more, ignoring his brothers and tearing the girl’s second beer from her hand when she paused her drinking to let out an exasperated laugh at how he was completely missing the fucking point. “Yeah you fucking did Carl. And you’re asking for her to do it again by enabling her by pretending it didn’t happen. What was your plan huh? To bring me with you and fucking, like, seduce me in front of her? Huh? Make her jealous, let her see that getting pussy isn’t a problem for you so if she wants to lock it down than she has to ditch the side dick?” Karina yelled back. Ian would have laughed at how he and Lip were trapped in their fight but he chose to stay quiet. “I didn’t do that” Carl yelled defensively. “You think I didn’t notice how loud you were laughing at what I said or how we only stood where we were in plain sight of her? I’m HIGH Carl, not fucking stupid,” Karina hissed, tapping her temple roughly, locking her hazy eyes with his own red ones, seething that she was being used, a few curse words slipping out in Spanish like they only did when she was beyond angry. The Gallagher brothers had never seen her so pissed off; and they had watched her completely destroy and set fire to the car belonging to an ex of her mothers who actually thought he could get away with groping her one night while her mother was at work. Carl didn’t reply for a moment and instead flashed his brothers a ‘can you get the fuck out?’ look, but sighed when they made no motion to move. “Can we talk upstairs?” he asked angrily, yelling a ‘just fucking go Nina!’ when she went to disagree, her nickname slipping out, and turning to follow her when he heard Lip clear his throat with a smirk. “You need a couple condoms?” he asked, hoping to ease the tension with a hate sex joke. Carl’s eyebrows furrowed but he nodded and Lip looked to Ian who hesitantly reached into his wallet and handed Carl 2 condoms, that he snatched before running up the stairs to his room, where the radio was then turned on, blasting loud music. Lip and Ian stood in confusion. “Is this their first time?” “I don’t know..” Ian answered, not as involved in the teen’s potential love life as he had been when they were younger. Lip nodded and the brothers made eye contact and laughed lightly before holding out their drinks. “To Carl and Karina”

Carl pushed the door of his room open to find Karina sitting on Ian’s bed, a pissed off expression on her face. He turned on his stereo and faced it toward the door so that no one would hear their conversation. “I’m not using you Karina,” he announced, getting annoyed with how she kept brushing off his admissions. “You don’t get it do you Carl. You’re the one getting used.” “Yeah I’m not fucking stupid Karina, I caught her didn’t I?” “Not just now that she’s cheating Carl. She let you buy her shit that she didn’t need, and she wouldn’t let you around her friends or go near your family, and she wouldn’t touch your body till you cut off the tip of your dick, and she wouldn’t let you see me because we’re ‘too close’. She’s been embarrassed of you from the start and she didn’t like you, baby, she liked how you made her feel; like she was special. But she’s not special. She’s fucking trash at best and she doesn’t deserve you. She doesn’t know you, Carl. She doesn’t know how hard it is in this house and how much you’ve been through and if she does it sure doesn’t seem like it the way she writes off your feelings. You’re better than her; and you’re clearly not aware of this fact if you can get over her cheating and get back with her without a fucking problem.” Karina yelled angrily, standing up to grab his head in her hands forcing him to look into her eyes and take in her seriousness. He tilted his head back slightly when she let go and looked just above her head when he took in her words. No one had ever said something like that to him. He was so used to hearing how he wasn’t good enough. Hell his teachers at school called him a mistake right to his fucking face on the daily, growing up. When he didn’t answer right away, he expected her to walk out, but Karina still made no move to leave. “I’m not leaving the room and pretending I didn’t say that to you Carl. Not when all I did was tell you the fucking truth. The only way I’m leaving your sight is if you show me you understand what I’m saying. Besides, you don’t want me to leave, because if I do I’m deadass walking back to that party to bash that bitch’s head in with the ‘killing bat’.” Carl laughed at the seriousness in her voice and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to get his emotions under wraps again.

“I don’t know how to tell you how I feel,” Carl told her, but before he could shut down on her, Karina made a decision for them both, deciding that their relationship was worth the risk if it meant that he could be genuinely happy for once. “Then why don’t you show me,” She said. The music was loud, and he was so focused on her lips that he didn’t know if he read the words off of them or if he had heard them but either way he answered her by pushing her hard against the desk next to Ian’s bed and pressing his lips harshly against hers; against the only person who wasn’t forced to be in his life by being a product of Frank or his mother, and who stayed with him despite this. He pushed his jacket and sweater off of her shoulders so that she was sitting in front of him in that little white top before connecting their lips again, running his tongue lightly against her bottom lip and moaning when she bit his lip in return, pulling her head back an inch and dragging it with her before releasing it. Her head was fucking spinning as he continued to kiss her, his tongue playing with hers for a second before he grabbed her long dark hair and bunched it up in his hand, pulling it to the side so that she’d tilt her head and expose her neck to him. “Who did this?” he asked, sounding annoyed as his lips lightly ran against her still sensitive hickeys. “Estelle Sampson,” Karina admitted, making him stop. “That sounds like a chick name.” “It is.” Karina laughed at Carl’s expression as he lifted her slightly and dropped her onto the desk, stepping closer and pressing his hard on against her crotch, making her stop and stare at him.

Suddenly the situation felt way more real to them both, but the sight of her messy hair and kiss swollen lips was all Carl needed to lean forward and pull her into a much slower kiss than what he had ever shared with Dom. But in his defense, he had never had feeling like this for her. It was different with Karina, years’ worth of emotions and sexual tension being communicated through this simple kiss that he didn’t want to break until he absolutely had to. But when they did break apart he just busied himself with kissing and sucking on her neck, paying extra attention to the already sensitive marks on her skin, loving how she gasped at the feeling. And while he did this he rested his hands on her thighs, squeezing and rubbing as he pushed his hands up and down them before running them up her hips and waist, finally connecting them with her top that he pulled up over her head before pulling off his own. He had expected to have to wrestle her bra off next but bit his lip when instead he saw her bare chest. He looked up at her quickly for approval before he bit at her collar bones and worked his way down, until she leaned back on her hands, pushing her chest out to him. He took this as a ‘hurry up’ and cupped one of her breasts in his hand, using his other hand to tightly hold her waist for support as he licked a stripe over her sensitive nipple before biting it lightly, making her moan. He sucked the brown nub and ran his tongue around it in circles, pushing down on her hips when she attempted to move them against his for some friction. “What do you want me to do?” he asked smirking, expecting her not to answer, as Dominique usually did. Normally she’d ignore his statements and just lay back like a pillow queen, not giving anything back, only receiving, which is okay sometimes, but not every single time. Actually he had expected Karina to be the same way. Growing up, talking to boys who weren’t a part of the Gallagher family was unnecessarily hard for her, but that clearly wasn’t the case now that they were older and she was far more experienced than she had been willing to tell him. “I want you to take your pants off,” she stated, biting her lip. He tried not to look nervous as he complied and removed his pants and shoes. She knew that he had gotten circumcised but he had never admitted to her that despite this, Dominique still refused to suck his dick, and only fucked him because she was sick of being a virgin. But the look on her face told him that she knew of his dilemma. “I heard Dom in the locker room, she said she didn’t suck your dick but you were so desperate that you fucked her anyway,” Karina said as she pushed off the desk and slipped onto her knees in front of him. Carl clenched his fist in annoyance that Dominique would carelessly share their private shit with anyone she came in contact with. “You want me to?” she asked, looking up at him through her lashes, and she gathered that his answer would be a yes when he ran his hand over her jaw and slipped it into her hair. He then nodded and sucked in a breath when she pulled down his boxers and licked the underside of his length, keeping eye contact. He watched himself disappear inside of her wet mouth and tightened his hold on her hair when she started to suck while she pulled him out until just the tip was in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head, moaning slightly to let him feel the vibrations. “Fucking shit,” he moaned at the feeling, thrusting into her by accident but almost cumming on site when he saw that she didn’t gag. Using this information to her advantage, Karina raised a hand and pressed it over Carl’s that was in her hair and used it to motion him to guide her head how he wanted it, before reconnecting it to his dick, pumping in the opposite direction that she was sucking and using her other hand to lightly massage his balls. He bit his lip hard as he tugged and pushed on her head setting the rhythm he liked, trying his best to make the feeling last before he couldn’t anymore. He looked down at her as she removed her hand from his dick and pushed him as far into her mouth as she could, swallowing against the head making him grunt and cum, moaning in appreciation as she continued sucking on him while he was so sensitive. When she pulled away he caught his breath and helped her stand. “For the record, I would have done that while you were uncircumcised,” she laughed.

Carl lazily smiled, a little more relaxed now as he pushed her back onto the desk, busying himself with pulling off her shoes before yanking off her leggings and panties. He didn’t miss how her breathing got heavier and how for a second she didn’t look as confident as she usually did. So he leaned in to kiss her again as he let his hand rest against her pussy, his thumb pushing past her lips to circle around her clit, feeling how wet she already was. Her moan this time was more of a whimper at the contact and he knew that he was going to enjoy every noise that left her lips. After all, no one in his grade had as much experience going down on girls as he did. A fact that Karina refuse to let him forget. He pulled away from her so that he could look down and watch himself spread her open and slip a finger into her warmth, loving how she shut her eyes and bit her lip tight. He pushed his finger in and out slowly as he continued to let his thumb rest on her clit, rubbing it back and forth hard with the motion of his hand as he fingered her, only stopping to push in a second finger, licking his bottom lip when he felt how tight she was. He smirked when she whimpered as he pulled his fingers out completely, raising them to his mouth and sucking them clean, before he grabbed her thighs hard to pull her closer to the edge of the desk for him, getting on his knees in front of her. Though just as he was about to rub his tongue against her throbbing heat, she covered herself with her hands. “Wait stop..” “Do you really want me to stop?” Carl asked as he leaned back and ran his hand through his hair, trying to look past how good her body looked and focus on her expression. She shook her head in response and took a deep breath. “Then move your fucking hands,” he demanded, and as soon as she did he settled between her legs, sucking lightly on her lips before spreading them apart with his fingers and licking at her wetness, sucking on her clit and flicking his tongue against it, removing a hand to rest it on her thigh and pull it away from his head and press her hard onto the desk so she couldn’t squirm. The sounds of her moans where making him hard again, but he ignored it as he slipped his fingers back into her, not pausing his assault on her clit until he got up to reattach his lips to her nipple as he sped up his thrusting fingers, resting a hand behind her on the desk so that he could lean over her and give her nowhere to go but against him. She groaned loudly and tilted her head back when she felt him inside of her, stroking her gspot and he rested his hand flat against her, his palm against her clit rubbing hard and fast as he fingered her harder, his fingers moving up and down against her gspot until she could barely make any noise and turned into a shuttering mess, her hips shaking as she started to cum squeezing around his fingers and making him curse at the feeling of that and the wetness leaving her.

Carl kissed her neck again as he waited a few minutes for her to catch her breath before nodding his head in the direction of his bed which she headed to while he grabbed his previously discarded jeans and pulled one of the condoms Ian had given him out of his pocket, neither noticing how the music had stopped. Carl pushed her up the ladder connected to his bed and climbed up after her, pushing her down onto her knees, watching her press the palm of one hand against his mattress and the other against the surface of his wall; the small posters taped too them sticking to her sweaty hands. He bit his lip as he lined up his hips with hers and pushed himself into her slowly, a chill working its way down his spine from the feeling of her tightness along with the sound of her grunting lowly at the feeling of being so full that it was slightly uncomfortable. She pushed against the wall and he groaned as she pushed back onto him, taking a little more of him and finally he squeezed on her ass tightly, pulling her cheeks apart in order to watch himself push into her all the way.

She breathed heavily as he pulled out half way and snapped his hips back against her. He filled her up so good but she was so lost in the feeling that she couldn’t form the words to tell him. Carl removed his hands from her ass and used one to hold her hip and the other to reach up and bunch up her hair into a ponytail, making her take her hand off the wall and rest both elbows on the mattress, arching her back, her ass pushing up higher making him moan loudly and move his hips harder, feeling his bed start to rock and hit the wall. But he didn’t worry; this had been his brother’s bed and if it could survive Lip and Karen, then it could survive anything. When he grew a bit tired he pulled out and sat onto his heels instead of kneeling behind her, and he had expected her to flip onto her back and let him continue doing the work the way Dominique always had, but he clenched her hips tightly in surprise when she pushed herself up slightly. She sat on his lap, back against his chest and he leaned back a bit, propping himself up on his hands and watching her movements with lidded eyes. “Oh shit,” he muttered when he felt himself fill her up again and saw her put her hands down on the mattress again, lifting her hips up and slamming them down again slowly, her back still arched perfectly. She did it so effortlessly that he wanted to cum on sight but instead he put his hand on her ass again and guided her to a faster rhythm, that made him throw his head back and stare up at the ceiling to get a hold of himself. “You’re doing so good baby, just hold on a little longer,” she said with a gasp that turned him on even more. How could this be his best friend, being so sexy without even trying when she had always been so fucking awkward around the opposite sex whenever he was around. “Why are you so good at this?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows, pushing his hips up to meet hers harshly at the frustrating thought of her with other guys when all she had to do was snap her fingers and she’d have him; but he was distracted from his anger when he heard her whimper at his movements, pushing him to do it again and again hearing her get louder each time until he stopped abruptly and held her in place, not letting her move.

He then flipped her over and crawled over her so that he could see the faces he’d been missing all this time. He looked down at her as he grabbed her legs and pushed them against her chest, pushing into her again. She bit her lip to hold back a moan, in fear that her faces would look stupid, but felt her heart flutter when he reached out and held her chin, pulling her lip from between her teeth with his thumb so that she’d let out her noises for him, letting a moan out himself. But as they held eye contact something in the atmosphere changed and he found himself slowing his hips, but still pushing in just as hard, making her toes curl and her back arch, and he released her legs and let them wrap around his waist before he fell onto his elbows and hovered directly over her, their chests touching. She stared into his eyes as she reached behind him and scratched down his back. All they could hear now was they’re heavy breathing and the sound of skin slapping skin and being so close to him was starting to make her throb inside in the most incredible way. Karina felt her eyes tear up as she felt her orgasm build, knowing that as soon as they’re intimacy was over, they’d have to go back to their lives; he’d have to go back to his girl who unfortunately wasn’t her. Carl noticed the tears and rested his forehead against hers thinking they were a reaction to the intensity of the situation but pausing when he barely heard her whisper. “I love you. Fuck, I love you,” she whimpered as her back arched and she gasped as her orgasm hit, and he pushed into her hard helping her ride it out as he stared down at her in shock at her admission and how good it made him feel. “Shit, I love you to,” he answered, the bed slamming against the wall again as he thrusted faster and harder, kissing her with everything he had, her fingers pulling on his hair until he groaned and came, slowly pulling out and removing his condom and holding it over the bed, letting it fall and hearing it hit the plastic bag inside his trash can. Then he rolled onto his back and laid next to her, both their chests rising and falling quickly, both a little sweaty, both in bliss now that years of sexual tension had been relieved.

“I’m sorry,” Karina said aloud as she stared at the ceiling, tearing up again now that she realized what she had done. Carl’s eyes hardened as he turned his head to look at her, “Sorry that you love me?” “No, sorry that I told you.” He looked confused and reached out to thumb away what was left of a tear that slipped out of her eye and onto his pillow. “You didn’t have to say it back to make me feel better.” “Fuck you Karina. I don’t say shit I don’t mean just to spare people’s feelings. Who the fuck do you think I am.” “Do you mean it when you say it to Dominique?” Carl swallowed and he knew she was right, either he was lying to her or he was lying to his girlfriend. “I’ve never lied to you in our lives. I mean yeah, just being in your vicinity gives me a boner but that’s not the only reason we just fucked and I didn’t tell you I loved you just to get you to do it again. I said it cuz I meant it.” He answered. “Then what about Dom?” “I’ll talk to her tomorrow,” he replied as he turned onto his side and wrapped his arm around her naked waist, pulling her close to his body and kissing her lips a few times. “To tell her I fucked her boyfriend?” Karina laughed humorously, clearly in distress that now she would have to deal with them getting back together and Dom keeping her away from her best friend once again despite having cheated first, and Carl shook his head. “No to tell her I can’t see her anymore.” Then he rested his head on her chest kissing her collarbones and getting comfortable, closing his eyes and enjoying how her fingers naturally ran through his wavy hair, her nails scratching his scalp lightly. “Can I take you on a date tomorrow?” he asked and smiled when he felt her chest stop moving for a second before continuing, her skin getting warm, meaning she was blushing. She was truly one of a kind. He had done a few things to her in the last few hours that would have made any girl blush but asking her out was what did it. “I know a diner where I get free pie,” he added with a smirk as she giggled.


Carl pulled Karina into the diner with a loud laugh, pulling Fiona and Ian’s attention away from their argument about his tardiness. “They’re on a date,” Fiona exclaimed in excitement as she watched her younger brother guide his best friend into a booth before sitting across from her. “Yeah they fucked last night.” Ian replied casually also openly staring at the young couple. Fiona dropped the glass in her hand, onto the floor, grabbing Ian by his collar and pulling him down to crouch behind the counter with her before the teens could turn to see the commotion and catch them. “They did what?!” she hissed and Ian found himself laughing at the look on her face. “Yeah they had the music playing loud but it stopped and they didn’t bother to turn it back on; sounded like they put a whole in the wall.” Fiona squeezed the bridge of her nose tightly and began to pick up the glass shards when she found herself dropping them again when she was startled by someone crouching behind her, butting into the conversation. “So you guys gonna come take our order or what?” Carl asked, jumping slightly when he heard Fiona yelp and saw her drop the glass onto the floor. Ian laughed at the sight and the three siblings slowly stood up and saw Karina sitting at the booth waving at them. “Carl I thought you were with Dominique?” Fiona asked, disappointed at the thought of him cheating but excited by his new potential girlfriend being his best friend that their family truly loved. “Yeah I broke up with her this morning. Turns out you weren’t completely full of shit when you told me that Karina liked me. So you were right this time but don’t get used to it. I don’t feel like it’s something that’ll happen again.” Carl replied as he started to walk back around the counter making Fiona smile proudly at him, “Oh and she won’t give me a slice of her cherry pie till I get her a slice of apple, so… get on that.” “And just like that he’s back. Go sit down.” Fiona stated, her smile slipping off of her face, hitting Ian’s laughing face with a rag.


Did you know that Agnès Varda shot the photographs for Anna Karina and Godard’s wedding?