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Ninjago Theory

The previous Master of Ice that we saw in flashbacks in season 7 was married to Julien and since they couldn’t have kids Julien made Zane. But before Zane was finished the Master of Ice got really sick (like deathly sick) and transferred his powers to a core of Cronosteel that could power Zane. After the Master of Ice’s death, Julien raised Zane alone.


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I don’t get mad when you ruin my OTPs.

Frankly, I don’t have OTPs to ruin.

What I do have are elaborate illusions of the characters’ happiness in life, and I adhere to these so strongly that it causes me a certain amount of physical pain whenever I am confronted with a far more angsty and accurate fanfiction that shatters them wholesale.

@woodswolf. Your writing is amazing and your theories are bomb but please, my feelings