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trump sucks but here is a dog wedding to cheer u up a bit

Meeting a Country


it wasn’t often Julien made his way up north to Canada.  the cold was horrible and even their summers were mild compared to what he was used to.  that didn’t mean that the country was without its perks.  it was gorgeous, for one, having picture perfect scenery almost everywhere he looked, and the people were friendly and helpful.  the night life was also decent, at least in the larger cities, but he felt it was missing a bit of… class.  as such, he was there to scout for properties that would properly demonstrate his tastes, or could be made to do so.  it was for this reason that Julien currently found himself outside the city, something he had never considered before, and in a town built around skiing in the winter and fishing/hiking/camping in the summer.  the place was charming enough, he supposed, but it was in desperate need of a good bar, and that, was what he was hoping to provide.  

what he wasn’t expecting, even more so than setting up shop outside a city, was the hunk of man that was casually strolling through the small town.  who knew even an out of the way place like this could have people like that? maybe it was something in the air.  excusing himself he slid up to the man “I’m sorry to disturb you sir, but are you a local? I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about what kind of atmosphere and drinks you’d like to see in a bar”

« Maximage Formula Guide », 2012 

Experimentation about colour in offset printing, 80 pages, edition of 100

24 x 33 cm

Made with David Keshavjee, Julien Tavelli and students at Ecal.

Published by Ecal

Who: Julien & ?
What: Halloween party
When: October 31st
Where: Diran opera house
Julien’s costume:

It had taken a while for Julien to settle on his costume, but he eventually decided on the Red Death outfit from The Phantom of the Opera.  He’d almost switched to Kris’ whole theme, but then had figured that his current costume was too good to just toss aside.  Julien made his way into the opera house, adjusting the mask on his face and taking a seat by one of the tables, waiting for Kris or someone to show up.

Audrie stared down at the phone in her hands, letting a quiet exasperated sigh leave her lips. She received yet another text from her father, insisting that she go on a date with someone of his choosing. His constant intrusion into her life and old-fashion sentiment was annoying, if not a little concerning. Placing her phone into her back pocket, she ignored the text, before walking up to her friend. “So is my car okay? It was making some weird noises earlier and I could have sworn something was wrong with it.” She spoke, as she made it over to Julien. “By the way, thanks again for checking it out on short notice.” @julienffs

Gus made sure to get up before Julien was awake, sneaking out of bed carefully so he wouldn’t disturb the elder man’s sleep. He ran down to the kitchen and started to make pancakes and coffee for himself and Julien. He cut up some fruit while the pancakes cooked and grabbed a jar of nutella. He set everything nicely on a tray and made sure to grab cream and sugar for the coffee’s. He went back upstairs and set the tray gently on the bedside table, going over to Julien and shaking him gently. “Jules, wake up…” He whispered softly. “I made breakfast for us…”