made by julien

Jenna talking about how she dreamed of being a zoo keeper when she was little, then remembers all the pets she and Julian already have and the audience starts to scream names of other animals they should get

Jenna: *trying to understand the screaming* an owl? a towel? ….. oh dan howell! *laughs* Whenever you mention Dan Howell is just *makes cute little noises* You know who loves Dan and Phil more than anybody though *points at Julien* Exposed!

Julien: Oh yeah, are you kidding me? I got to sit on a couch with them, it was amazing!

This made my day

I wanted to draw an evil!Clover for a long time and the show finally gave me a route :’) SO.. color concept for an au where instead of going on a journey to learn to control her anger, Clover is instead captured at the end of “Un-King Me” and agrees to become Koto’s queen to protect the interns.

Koto wants to unlock her true potential for violence and aggression, and is convinced she’ll come to see things his way. Feeling that all other options have failed her, Clover decides to throw herself into his ruthless training so she can one day be strong enough kill him, save the people, and have revenge.

She’ll become more Warrior Queen than anyone can handle, and the kingdom will be safe at all costs.

all Zanes are good Zanes, I stand by this, but why oh why did the movie creators look at my darling boy and his gentle face, and rounded filled-out feeling body, and occasional hard edges and the perfect visual balance that struck, and go “…..that’s nice, but what if he was more like…….. 8D. like the emotional range of an emoji.” “……get this to character design STAT.”

“If I could do what I want I would become an electrician
I’d climb inside my ears and I’d rearrange the wires in my brain
A different me would be inhabiting this body
Have two cars, a garage, a job, and I would go to church on Sunday

A diagram of faulty circuitry explains how I was made
And now the engineer is listening as I voice all my complaints
From an orchestra of shaking metal keeping me awake
I was just wondering if there was any way that you made a mistake” 

-Julien Baker, Happy to Be Here

Ninjago Theory

The previous Master of Ice that we saw in flashbacks in season 7 was married to Julien and since they couldn’t have kids Julien made Zane. But before Zane was finished the Master of Ice got really sick (like deathly sick) and transferred his powers to a core of Cronosteel that could power Zane. After the Master of Ice’s death, Julien raised Zane alone.


trump sucks but here is a dog wedding to cheer u up a bit