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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 5 “Moo Shu To Go” Review

I am seriously getting pissed off at all of these people attacking Alec. 

With that being said, I loved this episode, not as much as episode 4,but the love is still their.

Luke is one of the reasons I love this episode. Seeing Luke defend Clary against the alpha male made my heart happy. Jocelyn put her faith in the right person.

Alec is the main reason I love this episode (no surprise there). He is starting to really crack. He made a few mistakes but he realizes he made them, and he accepts the punishment every time he makes a mistake. He is a great soldier. But now I feel like he needs to get a reward for all of the hard work he does. **Enter Magnus Bane** 

Now I am not so happy about the way Jace has been treating Alec.We got one good scene between Alec and Jace in this episode, but it did not make up for all the shit Jace is throwing at Alec. Honestly, I am sitting here crying because I see how much Jace’s cruelty is affecting Alec. 

Me: Jace, back the fuck up off. Alec is your parabatai. Quit acting like a bitch.

Okay, now on to the fact that Clary and Alec were stuck together. I enjoyed seeing them talk it out. I will not say they were becoming friends because obviously no. But they were being friendlier… sort of. One of my favorite lines in the show was:

Clary: Go ahead. Knock me on my ass. You’l feel better.

Alec: Don’t make me say your right about something.

He said this with the smallest of smirks and it was pure perfection… (Matthew Daddario is making my heart melt.)

Then after Clary get’s of the phone with Simon later in the episode. Clary confronts Alec about being in love with Jace and his sexuality. I loved this scene. Especially when She is all like, “Just say it, you’re in love with Jace.” and Alec’s comeback is, “You’re in love with Jace.” and Clary mentions that he is using a middle school comeback. It was one of the greatest scenes  in this episode.

Alec was sincerely trying to protect Clary. It was not his intention for Clary to be kidnapped, but Jace is acting as if Alec just handed her to the werewolves. Ugh, Jace is irritating the crap out of me. I mean when Alec realized he lost Clary and could not find her himself he texted Jace immediately. He took the risk of pissing Jace of for Jace.

Isabelle is my precious Angel. She gets upset when Jace blames Alec. 

Jace: Damn it, Alec.

Isabelle: What?

Jace: Clary snuck out of the institute.

Isabelle: And yet your blaming our brother? Interesting.

Then when she found out Simon was kidnapped too you could hear the concern in her voice. Sizzy feels!

The look of irritation at Jace was evident on her face.

The little bit of Magnus we got in this episode was amazing, but not enough for me or Alec.

Okay Simon is changing and Alec is picking up on this hardcore. My perfect Alexander being the smartest person on the show.

Alec: Climbing a fire escape excites mundanes? I’ll never understand these people. 

Alec is so precious!

Now Valentine, Alan Van Sprang is making me hate Valentine as much as I hated him in the books. But that is a good thing! XD

Now I will admit, I was never a fan of either Robert or Maryse in the books, but Maryse is even more hateable in the show. I did not like how she spoke to her children. I am not going to say anymore about her because it is all negative, because she is just mean.

Raphael is amazing… that is all.

The werewolves were umm…. werewolves… and also looked like shaggy mangy dogs.

The end of this episode broke my heart a little. I need some happy in this show, cue next weeks episode!

Next week we get more Malec so WOOT! XD I cannot wait!

Just a quick reminder, that Alec did save Clary as well. He is the one that grabbed her from Luke while Jace punched Luke. You’re Welcome Jace.