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7 Years: Part 3

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been 7 years since you walked away from the love of your life.

Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating

Part 1 Part 2

Bucky came back to his apartment still rubbing the shoulder you punched. You had quite a swing, “You alright there, pal?” Steve asked looking up from the book he was reading as he sat on the couch.

Bucky threw his gym bag on the floor and went to the freezer to get an ice pack, “Y/N punched me in the shoulder. Now it’s sore. But I deserved it.”

Steve chuckled, “Yeah, you did.” 

Bucky trudged over to the couch and sat next to his friend whilst nursing his bruise, “I think winning her over is gonna be a lot harder than I thought.”

Steve scoffed, “You think? You know, Y/N. She’s a tough cookie to crack. It’s gonna take more than just flirty words to get her back.”

Bucky gave a frustrated groan, “I really need to put some thought into this.” He sighed looking at his friend, “What time is it?”

Steve looked at his watch, “Uh, 11:30.”

“Shit!” Bucky shot up and ran towards his room, “I gotta get ready!”

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Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo Notes

Hi everyone! I’m going to post my notes on what I figure out/find out for the new Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo update that went live this morning!

Stuff I know so far:

  • Secret Store Room: You need to talk to Tom Nook and take out yet another loan for this upgrade. It’s about 158k bells. It will be added the next day to your home.
  • In order to connect your Happy Home Designer data, save game after you first enter upon updating it, exit, and it should show up in the start screen menu. Isabelle will help you out with this. Click to connect data and it will ask if you have download or retail (physical copy). Lottie shows up explains treats. I believe this means you can now use the new furniture that they made for Happy Home Designer.
  • Still can’t find Wisp’s magic lamp FOUND WISP! Walk around your town and he will call out to you! Then you take him home!
  • Check your TPC card (your little in game ID card) and there are now daily tasks to earn meow tickets. Note– once you complete the task it will not do a happy little victory dance or anything. The ticket machine will flash at town hall and then you can use it to get your tickets. 
  • Amiibo Camera is also in the start screen menu.
  • I time traveled ahead a day. The Secret Storage now shows up once you enter the house you live in. It’s a sliding door icon on touch screen.
  • Secret Storage consists of 4 tabs (playing card suits) with 9 trays in each. Yay for hoarding all that junk in game!

10. high school popular kid/nerd au

Send me a ship and a number and I’ll write a short fic [[NO MORE]]

The noise from the back of the library was really starting to grate on his nerves. They’d been at it all lunch hour. And now the hour was almost up and Levi hadn’t gotten hardly any studying done. Don’t these assholes know that he has a calculus test next block? If he failed this test he was going to kick all of their asses. Couldn’t they have their jock football bro shouting match in some other fucking building?

The shrill of the bell rings throughout the school and Levi slams his book shut, earning a startled look from the Freshman across the table from him. He stands and shoves his textbook into his backpack and hurries to the back door of the library, his irritation quickening his pace. As he passes through the bookshelf and enters the open space full of tables at the back of the library, his eyes fall on the culprits. As he suspected, nearly all of them are wearing letterman jackets with various sports symbols stitched into the fabric. Fucking jocks. They think they own the place. And they sure as hell don’t need the ogling stares of the girls at another table fueling their egos.

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I will eventually get better pictures when I make new ones (I sold out of Undyne and Muffet over the weekend :x) but for now here’s three new magnets I made last week.  Isabelle from Animal Crossing (with a real bell!) and Undyne and Muffet from Undertale! 

 I really, really, really loved how all three of these turned out, and making Undyne was a great learning experience cause I had to handpaint a lof of the details, it opens up a whole mess of magnets I was a bit too timid to attempt in the past X3

My cat and other cats

Was there ever a bit of regret for having Maia (understandably) break up with Simon but have her go back to they hot guy who changed her into a werewolf to the first place? I know Jordan was very sorry for what he did, but what made decide to not take a different approach? Where Maia actually ended up with Simon and Isa belle could have been with Jordan? It just interests and upsets me that Maia and Simon could have been an interesting couple: Vampire and Werewolf, both liked video games and the same general fashion sense, they had problems with love… Isabelle and Jordan seem like two gorgeous people who could have anybody. What are the chances that they could have ended up and stayed together just fine? — dreamingspark

This edges close to  the sort of questions  my friend Libba Bray calls “Why is your cat your cat and not some other cat?” (Basically: “, I guess I could have written about that if I was writing a different book, but it’s what you do decide to write about that makes a book, not the infinite number of things you don’t”.) 

If you sit down to write say, a star-crossed tale of anthropomorphic mice, you might not have an answer to “Why not a tale of two ferrets who are deadly enemies?” because it simply never occurred to you to write the second thing. It never occurred to me to pair Jordan and Isabelle. I never thought of either of them as hotter than Simon and Maia and I’m not sure about pairing people due to hotness level, anyway.

I always thought it was fairly clear from City of Glass that things were going in a Simon/Isabelle direction. They have all the sexual tension, they have the scenes together that cut to the bones of the characters. Only Simon can approach and comfort Isabelle after Max’s death. Only Isabelle can make Simon smile while he’s in prison. They grow steadily closer from the end of CoA on. I don’t see how you could not fall in love with a guy who tells you the entire plot of Star Wars to get you to sleep, but that might just be me.

I like Maia a lot and indeed she shares interests with Simon, like video games. So do Clary and Jordan. And I think you could write an interesting story about a vampire and a werewolf in love, but there are lots of examples of that out there, and I also think vampire/Shadowhunter is equally interesting.

As for Jordan, he is a complicated and intensely difficult character to write. He did an unforgivable thing, even if he did it in a situation that has no real analogue in life: there is no situation people find themselves in in which they have been turned into werewolves without knowing it, and thus are subject to almost out-of-body fits of rage and paranoia. I suppose being dosed with heavy hallucinogenics comes close, but I am wary of treating magic as a metaphor for everything. Magic is a metaphor, but it isn't only a metaphor. It has to function as just magic, or it doesn’t work. It has to give rise to the existence of things like the Praetor Lupus, which was invented because people who are turned into werewolves are a danger to themselves and others.

I will say that when I first wrote about Jordan I had no intention of bringing him back. I realized I was going to have to bring him back somewhere in City of Glass, and that if I'd known he was going to come back, I’d have written him differently in Ashes. In Ashes he’s just awful, nothing redeeming about anything he does; he hits Maia, which, even if he is staggering around under the influence of the equivalent of ten doses of PCP, is unforgivable — in a lot of ways the hitting is worse than the fact that he bit her and turned her, since that blow is what comes closest to having an analogue in real life, where wolf-biting doesn’t. (And Jordan does indeed explicitly discuss domestic violence in CoFA.)

So in bringing Jordan back the point wasn’t getting him together with Maia, or with anyone. It was about writing a character who’d done something terrible, and not the kind of terrible you often see in pop culture, where they’ve accidentally caused a tragedy or should have laid down their own lives to save a friend but didn’t get the chance or whatever. No, he actually did something awful, and now he has to live with the consequences of that. I wanted to write about: Can you come back from that? Can you find redemption in someone else or do you need to find it in yourself? Is there any number of good deeds that will erase a bad one? Is it possible for Maia to be with Jordan, can she actually forgive him, should she actually forgive him, does she need to be with him again to let go of what he represented to her, does she have to accept the manner in which she became a wolf in order to embrace the power she has now and fully become who she is; is Jordan  a necessary aspect of her moving beyond her greatest fear and the thing that holds her back most, or is being with Jordan a backwards step?

Writing Jordan without ever letting go of what he did or forgetting it or forgiving it is a complicated balancing act, but it is also the point of Jordan. Sometimes people ask me if they’re supposed to like him or not. You’re not supposed to feel any specific way! Different people with different experiences respond differently. Liking him or hating him doesn’t mean you experience the story worse or better, rightly or wrongly: it just means you experience it differently. (Also, until CoHF, you’re not going to get the whole picture — sometimes you actually have to finish the whole story to get an accurate read on how you feel about a character in the end. Think of Snape!)

Anyway, that was all a long way of saying that I wanted to explore aspects of Jordan and Maia that I could not have if Isabelle had dated Jordan. Nothing about Isabelle forces Jordan to face what he did in the past. Nothing about Isabelle dating Jordan puts Isabelle in a position where she has to make tough decisions that in the end, empower her. As for Simon and Maia, the arc of Simon’s character is deeply bound up in whether he wants to be part of the Shadowhunter Team or the Downworlder Team. Being in love with Isabelle pulls him toward Team Shadowhunter in an interesting way — aside from just the general fact that I think they work  as a pairing partly because they don’t have all the things in common Simon has with his friends. He likes that Isabelle doesn’t know the plot of Star Wars already — being with Maia would have pulled him more toward Team Downworlder, and while there is an interesting story there to tell, it isn’t the story I wanted to tell.

Sometimes my cat is just my cat, and not some other cat. :)

Shadow Manor

Summary: Mr. Gold sets out to find himself a wife that will bear him an heir for his estate. But his marriage to Belle French turns out to be a little more complicated than the mere business arrangement he had in mind.

Rating: NC-17 (not yet in this chapter, but soon enough ^^)

I had an idea *dances into the sunset* xDDD (I really, really like this trope, don’t judge me). Masterlist here, Recent Updates here. Also, aglarnis, this is your birthday present (and I’m sorry that it has neither smut nor Goldstiltskin nor anything else you asked for, but hey, look, shiny new AU *.*)


The Deal is struck.

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Seamless, Part One

Bad Faery Prompted for Dog Days of Rumbelle: Belle and Gold are contestants on the reality show of your choice.  What are their motivations for being there?  How awkward is falling in love with cameras around 24/7?  And what happens when they’re the final two vying for the prize?

Summary: Royce Gold auditions for Project Runway to humour his teenage son adamant about getting his papa to pursue his secret dream of being a designer. He didn’t expect it to like it so much.

He didn’t expect to like his model more.

Rating: PG (what are the chances it’ll stay that way, though?

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a favourite disney character?

Princess Jasmine because when I was little I didnt exactly look like most of the disney princesses & I could relate to Jasmine the most. You have no idea how special that made me feel. I mean sure I also love to read books and I love Belle ( she is my second fave) but Jasmine just made me feel special, like I could be a prinses whereas Belle taught me not to feel bad for liking to read. Fun fact though: my second name is Yasmine and my third name is Isabelle and that is why I call myself queen alley because lets face it I am named after royalty (eventho my parents didn’t know at that time) so yeah I’m pretty much a princess myself (but you guys HAVE to call me queen) no but seriously make me the queenoffandoms.

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Shadow Manor: Trifling with Technicalities

Summary: Mr. Gold sets out to find himself a wife that will bear him an heir for his estate. But his marriage to Belle French turns out to be a little more complicated than the mere business arrangement he had in mind.

Rating: NC-17 (not yet in this chapter, but soon enough ^^)

Masterlist here, Recent Updates here. [Part I]


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Marked: Malec+Soul Mate AU

You can find chapter one here.

Chapter two:

Alec quickly gained his composure, ignoring the look Isabelle was giving him. They all walked into the apartment which was full of people. Faeries and vampires but Alec didn’t see any werewolves which was not surprising. You won’t find werewolves near vampires. The living room was brightly decorated in neon colors, a large disco ball hanging from the ceiling, the lights were bathing the room in a dim purple hue and the dance floor was packed with bodies. The music was too loud, the walls seemed to move with the beat and it matched the beating of Alec’s heart which he found very off-putting. It was faerie music after all.

Alec stared at the floor, the burning in his forearm had stopped. He was very curious to see his mark. A part of him was thankful that it was boy, it told him he wasn’t crazy fantasizing about men but the other part of him dreaded it, weighed on his mind, swallowed up his soul. He focused on his breathing he was not going to freak out here.

Magnus ushered them to him room and Alec hurriedly moved towards the bed, he needed to sit. He needed to focus on why they were here in the first place. He couldn’t stop thinking about how captivating Magnus’s eyes were, like a kaleidoscope constantly changing yet holding their mystery within them. Alec looked down, staring at his lap, toying with the stray thread on his sweater’s sleeve. If he could just push the sleeve up, just a little…no he wouldn’t take the risk.

Magnus had not acknowledged him in any way. His shock had come and gone in a second and it made Alec wonder just how well practiced he was with dealing with his emotions. But he saw the twitch in Magnus’s fingers, when the warlock had stopped gesturing and was looking at Clary, like he was aching for something. Alec realized that it was him, Magnus was aching for him. He felt a warm sweet feeling in his chest and he bit his bottom lip.

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The Tenant, AKA the Rumbelle Sex Shop Challenge

Blame this on the RMC. Specifically blame this on Lost. This is entirely her fault. All of it. Something she said sparked the idea for an AU where Belle, new in SB, opens a sex shop, much to Regina’s dismay. Gold is both amused that the mayor is up in arms about it and quite a bit… intrigued. As the landlord he takes it upon himself to regularly check on the business and Belle, slowly, coaxes him into.. trying some stuff out.

The Challenge: This is the Introductory fic. Whoever wants to add to it is welcome to do so. It’ll be like a messy round robin, slowly leading towards a growing emotional and physical intimacy between Belle and Gold.

The Rules:

  • Each fic must feature a toy or a product from the sex shop Gold tries out or learns about through Belle.
  • No repeating toys or products. 
  • Ideally the intimacy must slowly be built on, though of course it doesn’t much matter if the fics jump back and forth a bit as long as you clarify in which state of the relationship they’re on. When it’s all done we can figure out some order.
  • The initial fic is canon and cannot be contradicted.
  • You do not have to ask for permission but if you decide to write something let me know and I’ll see if someone else is already writing something using that toy or if it fits what other people are writing.
  • EVERYONE can participate.
  • It does NOT necessarily have to be smut.
  • Tag the fic The Tenant.

If you have any doubts about anything you can send me an ask, I really don’t mind.

Rating: (This part) PG-13


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