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A Time For Wolves


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Where Lord Brandon Stark asks Lady Ashara Dayne during the Tourney at Harrenhal; to accompany and dance with his brother Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark. In which Ashara Dayne accepts, for the festivities at Harrenhal. 

Tom Bateman as Brandon Stark

Sam Claflin as Eddard “Ned” Stark

Pelin Karahan as Ashara Dayne


Beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time.

Eddard Stark remembering his sister Lyanna
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You know what would be more heartbreaking than Sansa and Arya reuniting?? Sansa and Arya reuniting with Bran. Their sweet little brother Bran, who when they last saw was almost dead. In the books bran was the sweetest stark, he got a long with everyone and was the family’s favourite. Keep in mind they never saw him crippled. Imagine Bran being dragged by Meera towards the gates of winterfell, wishing more than ever that his legs still worked so he could run to his sisters. Imagine how little and vulnerable he’ll feel when they are the ones who run to him, when they kneel on the ground so they can hug him. But it’s alright because his happiness over seeing his sisters overshadows his shame and sadness about his legs. And promising himself that the fact that he can’t stand won’t stop him from protecting his last family with every drop of blood he has.

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i'm really sorry idk why i'm sending this but i'm really sad about robb tonight? and idk if u have any favourite HAPPY facts or headcanons about him that u wouldn't mind sharing maybe? bc i feel like all the content for him on here is red wedding related and that's bumming me out lmao!! if not that's ok :))


You never have to apologize for sending me an ask, and especially not a Robb-related one. I love and miss him so much, too. And you’re right, most of the content is always sad and/or Red Wedding-related. And there is more to Robb than just the way he… died. So yes, absolutely :)) 

I’m gonna separate modern AU and canon universe headcanons, because I have some for both!


  • while in Winterfell, Robb always played games with his younger siblings, mostly to entertain them, but also because he loved spending time with them and feeling a bit less like the future Lord and more like just Robb 
  • he is the sibling to always break up fights and make sure that everyone is okay - not only because he’s the eldest, but also because he’s pretty level-headed and good in a crisis (in this case, crisis means food in Sansa’s hair)
  • Robb’s actual name is Robert, but no one ever uses it for him because a) he’s nothing like King Robert b) it’s too formal and he is just a lot more like a “Robb” than a Robert 
  • he loves to go riding in the woods, and while he loves doing so with his siblings and Theon, he sometimes likes to go all on his own, just to enjoy the quiet
  • he is completely unaware of the fact that some of the young women (and Jeyne Poole) working at Winterfell have a bit of a crush on him, like he has no idea
  • he always manages to cheer his siblings up. he cheers Jon up when he’s called a bastard, he listens to Sansa sob about the sad romance tale she just read, he encourages Arya to do the things she likes instead of the things Septa Mordane insists upon her doing, he encourages Bran with his dreams of being a knight, he carries Rickon around Winterfell, entertaining the little one when he’s bored - and he even listens in when Theon (on very rare occasions) talks about the Iron Islands in a more of a longing kind of way instead of the usual boasting
  • he likes going hawking with Ned, because it’s one of the few occasions on which he actually gets to spend alone time with his father, and they always talk for hours about this and that
  • his favorite thing about being King in the North is not the glory, or the fame, or anything else like that. he loves that he can feel like he’s a part of something, like the men around him trust him and respect him. Robb’s always been very big on loyalty and trust, and he feels that among his troops
  • while at the beginning of his march to save Ned, he tried to keep his (gorgeous) curls at bay somehow, after Ned’s death he just gave up on that and let that beautiful hair do what it will
  • even though he knows that great swords like Ice are very valuable and important to a family name, he never craved Ice for himself, because he recognizes that the weapon isn’t any better than the man wielding it 
  • while Robb has his social side, he also has the quiet side to him, and because of that, sometimes all he wants is to get away from the noise and messiness of being around his men, and to just sit by himself for hours 
  • he likes going into the Godswood, not only because he believes in the Old Gods, but also because it’s something he learned from Ned, and after his passing, it’s something that makes him feel closer to his father
  • ever since he found out he was going to be a father, he fantasized about how it would be: how he could teach the child to walk, to ride horses, to be a good man - or a good woman, he really wouldn’t mind either one 
  • and to end this list of headcanons, he never went to the Twins that night and lived happily ever after, just as he deserved.


  • Robb never got the fuss about taking selfies - he enjoys taking pics of other people, scenery, food, Grey Wind etc a lot more
  • some say he got into the best college because of his parents’ connections, but it’s just because he’s a smarticle who worked harder than anyone else
  • he doesn’t mind drinking, he does it with Jon and Theon every now and then, but even when he gets smashed, he sort of maintains this politeness and never does anything he might later regret (if you don’t count accidentally stumbling into the Stark house at night and knocking over one of Cat’s vases)
  • he often goes jogging in the woods behind the Stark mansion with Grey Wind
  • he loves snow, and often convinces Jon to build a snowman with him whenever there’s enough snow for it - and he likes snowball fights even more
  • when he got his first apartment, he was so excited about getting his own set of keys that Arya decides to play a trick on him and hid the keys for two days 
  • even though continuing the family business (in my headcanon, it’s a lawfirm) had always been something that was sort of expected of Robb, he actually, genuinely wants to be a lawyer and to build the Stark company even further
  • he reads a lot, he’s read most classics, but he also really likes scifi and fantasy books
  • he has an insanely contagious laugh, you can’t help but to be in a good mood when you see him happy
  • Robb really likes men’s fashion and is always well-dressed and dapper
  • he is always nervous on a first date, but luckily for him, always comes off as very adorable while being so
  • he’s a lot more shy than you’d assume 
  • he’s not the best at cooking/baking but he’s determined to get better, and often cooks with his parents and/or Sansa and Bran
  • when he, Jon and Theon go to a party, he (or Jon) is usually the designated driver
  • his apartment is usually clean, that is, until Grey Wind decides it’s a little too clean and runs around a bit, knocking down this and that
  • he always accidentally spoils his favorite shows for himself by innocently googling stuff
  • he takes a lot of notes during lectures, and his hands are always messy with the ink afterwards
  • he is just happy, okay, just as he deserves!!

wow, okay, that’s enough for now! :D thank you SO MUCH for asking, coming up with these made my day <33


Starks don’t send their regards. They do it themselves. And walk it out.

Stab me. Take my life. Lay my body in the snow. Float it down a river; beat my living soul. Try as you will, I will not break. My triumph may delay and the pain may never abate. Yet I will overcome, and they shall sing of my rise; of my bitter-sweet goodbye; of a justice paid and the steel it made. 

Lyanna Mormont: The Best Campaign Manager A Bastard Could Ask For.
The gift of Snow (Jon Snow x Reader)

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+ ask him to teach her to fight. While fighting with and without the swords in the woods someone insults the reader for doing that “un-lady” thing and try to touch her, so Jon went crazy, defends her and, without thinking, he yells “She’s mine!” +

+ Then he kisses her and confess how he fell for her and she confess the same. Maybe some smut at the end (in this Jon is not a virgin, but the reader is and Jon "teaches” her)?

A/N: I don’t write smut, sorry, as an apology I’ll write you an imagine, separate from those you requested.

Warnings: Mild swearing, but it’s GOT what do you expect???

Word Count: 932

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You were in love with Jon snow, anybody and everyone could see that… but himself co course. He returned those feelings though, he however didn’t make it as obvious. So one day after Theon Greyjoy had claimed women weren’t capable of fighting you had asked Jon Snow if he could help you sword fight, he of course said yes almost immediately. After that he’d taken you to get proper clothing for the practice of sword fighting, and in the meantime prepared a sword that would best fit your (Body type) body.  

After a week of training you’d realized how difficult it’d be, every day he had something new for you to learn, every once in a while Robb would let you take a break to study how he and Jon fought against each other. After a month you were able to spar and beat one of the many guard, but you still couldn’t match Jon, he wasn’t who you wanted to be able to beat though- you wanted to bring Theon to his knees proving that you both could be considered equally.

On one cloudy day, you were practicing alone beating up a fighting dummy, as Arya and Brann watched. The two studied her movements, but the young maiden was too entranced with her practice she didn’t notice Lady stark sending her children off to do something else. Lady Stark had known about her practice sessions with her two sons, although she didn’t actually acknowledge Jon’s presence within her family, she didn’t like the Idea of him training you- a noble woman of the north, how to be a warrior. “Lady (Y/L/N)” Lady stark called from where Arya and Bran once sat. “A-Ah, Lady Stark, pardon my rudeness- How long have you been standing there?” The young woman asked, Lady Starks face remained emotionless. “I’ve come to talk about your sword fighting,” the older woman said, Y/N grew suspicious of the woman’s intentions.

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quote inspiration → Jon x Dany

I wanted to give Jon and Dany what they lost out on in life. I’d like to think this isn’t weakness or… evasion… but a final act of kindness. I gave them their happiness.“

Meeting at Winterfell -

Imagine being a Stark and meeting Sandor Clegane at Winterfell

Word Count: 1,065

They call him the Hound, his name is Sandor Clegane and he has been in the service of the crown since just after Robert’s Rebellion. He’s the sworn sword of the crowned Prince. The words of Jory Cassel rang through your head as you stared across the court yard at the tall, muscled man known as the Prince’s dog. The right side of his face was heavily scared, burned you had heard whispered, by his own brother the Mountain, Gregor Clegane. The Hound was dressed in simple armor, the only thing unique about it was the dog’s head helm tucked under his arm. He wasn’t particularly handsome, but he didn’t seem to be too much of a brute as you had heard he was from listening to stories Joffrey Baratheon had been telling a few servants that morning.

“Why are you staring at the Hound?” the words of your twin brother, Robb, entered your ear suddenly, scaring you and making you slap his arm in annoyance. “Seriously, Y/n, what’s your fascination with him?” behind him stood Theon Greyjoy and your half-brother Jon Snow.

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sooo since i made some mario kart headcanons i made some more house stark  video games headcanons with the help of @shiranuii

  • Starks are overall a Nintendo family cause games are made for several players so they can easily take turns
  • However Robb, Jon and Arya also like Playstation games while Bran is the indie pc games gamer and Rickon goes nowhere without his 3DS
  • There’s an ongoing agreement that xbox sucks but Theon says he wants one to be edgy. But he doesn’t get enough pocket money. Jon neither
  • Sansa isn’t a hardcore player but put her in front of beautiful games and you can be sure to not see her for hours
  •  As well for life simulator games like the sims or animal crossing
  • Sansa would play dating simulators all day. The ones where you have a horse farm and there’s 5 hot guys and one has blue hair and they are all the same but she cries at the end of the story
  • Jon, Arya and Rickon share their love for horror games (to Cat’s terror and attempts to keep the lil baby away from them) and test how long the other members of the family can last playing them
  •  surprisingly or not Cat is the one who usually manages to play the longest and even finishes games
  • when a jumpscare happens she is mostly confused
  • Cat : ‘umm so who’s that can i talk to them? or do i have to fight them?’
  • Kids in the background : YES MUM AHHH YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THEM
  • and she’d make comments like 'oh, that wasn’t very nice, young man!’ when a zombie tears her character’s arm off
  • and you’d always think she is gonna die cause she’s so clueless
  • but then for some miraculous reason she aims super perfectly all the headshots just in time
  • Everyone :*stressed shaking and sweating after super close and creepy battle
  • Cat: ok so did i win? do i have enough money to buy the fire gun now?
  • Arya: you finished the game mum
  • Cat: What!? I wanted to buy that firethrower
  • everyone: …

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