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Day 6: Mantis Shrimp

Ahh this one was really difficult for me.
I made an item on gaia when I still worked for there called Chromatic Killer based off the mantis shrimp so I wanted to create an actual mermaid version of it. In the end I had to change quite a few things to accommodate the super colorful tail to try to make the design work. Hope you guys like it!


Gaia Online created these fan designs for a parody game of Splatoon on their website for their Summer Event! They are SO adorable! 😍😍😍

(Jelly = Jellyfish and Goldy = Goldfish)

Edit: If you have a Gaia account, click on the Josie and Peyo hopping icon and it’s called Something Fishy.

ok now that we know who all the 7 red robes are, lemme just. predictions/getting shit straight

  • lucretia made her oak staff, who knows exactly what it does but its based on protection magic
  • lup made the phoenix fire gauntlet, her body was in wave echo cave where she hid it and her soul is now in the umbra staff, which has an affinity for scorching ray
  • merle made the gaia sash, because of course he did
  • taako made the philosopher’s stone since he is a transmutation wizard
  • magnus made the temporal chalice, we already know that, but i am wondering what connection magnus has to divination magic
  • barry made the animus bell; he possessed pringles and casted command on davenport, idk exactly what class he is but hes definitely focused on enchantment. and if the animus bell is actually necromancy and not enchantment, then thats pretty obvious too since hes a lich
  • and that means davenport made the oculus. perhaps his talent for illusions is what fooled everyone in to thinking the relics were being destroyed, not collected.


“See that? That’s the end of life as we know it. Yep, it’s the end of the world; the actual apocalypse. And where am I? I’m deep under the suburbs of suburbia, watching it on telly. A few minutes ago I was a dead man, now… Now I don’t know what I am. Yep, it’s been quite a morning so far.”

Headcanon that the Raven Queen had her eyes on Sloane. Smart girl, knew which side her bread was buttered on, not much respect for the rules but enough respect for Her, capable and adventurous. Not quite reliable to send out in the field, but the sort of soul that could be very useful guarding the Eternal Stockade or helping out around the place. Perfect employee material, and in a dangerous enough line of work that she was probably going to die sooner rather than later. 

Then she had to go and stick her soul in a magical tree, and now the Raven Queen is going to have to wait centuries to get her. Something made with the Gaia Sash is going to stick around for a while, depending on how well the citizens of Goldcliff want to take care of their new, magical botanical mascot. Time isn’t technically important when you’re an immortal, but you have to get joy out of the little things and she’s super disappointed. 

Presuming the entire universe doesn’t end, Hurley and Sloane are going to rock up to the afterlife two hundred years late, holding hands and dropping cherry blossoms everywhere, and find themselves face to face with a personally offended goddess of death. What took you girls so long? She’s had a job waiting for you for ages. You made her wait

everyone’s heard of the mangrove by the sea where trees’ roots plunge into the earth and purify the magic flowing underneath, blackening their roots. once their roots can no longer filter the magic, they wither and the magic carries them skyward as they slowly break apart and scatter their essence. the magical denizens in the area pass stories that entering the groves could sap away your own magic if your soul isn’t pure, so most dare not enter.

in the mangroves where the magic of the sea and forest meet, it is rumored that a princess of the wood and a princess of the sea rendezvous in secret.