made by filipe

Robert Appreciation Month
Day 3 - Music Related

So, officiously, Robert plays the harmonica.  I made this using a Filip Jers photo of as reference, since never before have I ventured on drawing a harmonica in my life, and I wanted an accurate pose.

I would love to see people matching him with other instruments, though! When I found that out I didn’t think it fit him that much, because I normally relate the harmonica with characters like Sid, but now I kinda like it c: In my headcanon Robert is a visual artist, not a sound artist, so his talent wouldn’t extend to music. But, anyway, here is the piece of the day!

(ROBERT APPRECIATION MONTH TIP: There’s no need to be a “canon” thing. And since it’s music related, it could be lot of things! For example: ball, music box, serenade, opera house, musical,… seriously, the options are infinite, specially if you’re a writer! You can even write him a song, if you want! Or share a music that remind you of him.)

@cyikemen​, please pleeeease #GiveRobertARoute2k17!