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Secrets - SoA: Chapter 5

Summary: Reader has lived in a life full of secrets. When her father dies unexpectedly and sends her on a trip all over the country, she finds out just how much like her father she really is. The end of her trip brings her to Charming, CA where she finally gets some big pieces of her family puzzle put back in place and form new relationships with the people there.
Chapter 5: Chibs and reader go back to Chibs’ place, reader gets an email
Warnings: language, implied smut
A/N: If it wasn’t clear before, this takes place after the events of the final episode, so SPOILERS – I don’t write smut soooo, sorry, not sorry
Word Count:   2800
Tags: @telford-ortiz-teller  @sam-samcro  @tstieff  @yourcroweater  @kacilove26  @hiddlelove  @evilsorceress  @reallynigga21

Secrets Masterlist

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surprise (an antoine griezmann imagine)

Originally posted by sashosasho

You’ve always been a terrible liar.

You could never get away with lying to teachers about homework, or come up with white lies on the spot to get you out of sticky situations. More importantly, you couldn’t lie to Antoine about your plans for his birthday.

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Request: “Die A Happy Man”, by Thomas Rhett - Chibs Imagine

Request: If you know the song can you do an imagine with Chibs based of Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett?

Originally posted by samcroimagines

It was morning, the alarm sounded waking me up for another day. I groaned and hit the button to turn it off. I opened my eyes and touched the other side of the bed, hoping to find my husband, but he wasn’t there.

“Really Filip?”, I sighed, getting up. I turned the light on and creased my brow when I saw an envelope over his pillow. I opened it and recognized Filip’s handwriting. I sat on bed, legs under my body and started to read it. 

My love,

Happy Anniversary, I bet you thought I forgot, but I had been thinking about it since last week. I can’t believe one year already passed since our wedding day. That was the best night of my life love. You were so gorgeous in your wedding dress, your hair falling down your back so I could ran my fingers through it while we danced.

Do you remember it? We made a toast and our music was on for our first dance as husband and wife. Jesus! Your eyes were sparkling when you looked up at me and I swear, I wasn’t listening one single word Marvin was singing. Then started to rain. I had told you it was crazy to marry in September, cold already creeping in, but you insisted. Everybody ran inside, but you just laughed and held me, told me to keep dancing. I still don’t know how we didn’t get sick, I guess it was God blessing our wedding. 

Baby, last night was hands down
One of the best nights
That I’ve had no doubt
Between the bottle of wine
And the look in your eyes and the Marvin Gaye
Then we danced in the dark under September stars in the pourin’ rain

I still remember the first time I saw you. Wendy had brought you to the clubhouse, to her birthday party and you were wearing a red dress. It was simple, showing just enough skin to get on my knees. I swear to you, I fell in love right there. You smiled and talked to everybody while I was feeling like a teenager again, thinking how to get closer to you. The boys teased me all week because I had a grin on my face all the time, thinking about our date.

I thought you were a goddess in that red dress, but Love… That black dress you wore in our first date took my breath away. I saw your beautiful legs and my hands itched to touch them. I was trying to be a gentleman, but that cloth embraced all your curves so perfectly. All I wanted to do was to get out of that restaurant and have you in my bed.

I knew you were Wendy’s friend and already knew about the club, but I was afraid you would run. I was falling for you and just the thought of seeing you leave… Love, it was enough to drive me insane. You stayed and I couldn’t believe. You said yes and that was beyond my dreams, it was too good to be true. It was good Love, it is good.

I thank God every day for having you in my life. A strong woman who stays by my side through everything and still is able to be sweet and be my safe heaven. The woman who sets my body, my soul on fire. I tell you I love you every day, but I’m not sure if it’s enough, if you can understand how much I need you, all of you, good and bad, forever.

I don’t need anything else in this world Love, as long as I have your little hand in mine, walking with me until the end.

Happy Anniversary my love, the first of many.


P.S. When you are ready, join me in the kitchen for our breakfast.

Baby, that red dress brings me to my knees
Oh, but that black dress makes it hard to breathe
You’re a saint, you’re a Goddess,
The cutest, the hottest,
A masterpiece
It’s too good to be true,
Nothing better than you
In my wildest dreams

And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough
That all I need in this life is your crazy love

If I never get to see the Northern lights
Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man, yeah

“Damn you Filip Telford”, I whispered, drying the tears rolling down my face. I never thought that big bad biker could be so romantic. I wasn’t expecting a surprise like that for our very first wedding anniversary. I got dressed and walked to the kitchen. My handsome husband was doing pancakes and I walked, as silent as I could, to wrap my arms around his waist, “Happy anniversary!”

He turned around, grinning and made me gasp when he lifted me, crushing his lips on mine. I melted. Filip made me laugh, putting butterfly kisses on my nose, cheeks, eyes…

“I love your letter Telford”, I smirked, grabbing his chin to make him look at me. He smiled and put me back on the floor, still holding me close.

“I tried to buy a gift, but I couldn’t decide, so…”, he shrugged, apologizing for not buying me anything. I tugged his shirt, not leaving any space between us.

“I don’t need any fancy gift Filip Telford”, I locked my eyes with his, making sure he would understand every single word, “I just need you. You coming home to me every night. You loving me and holding me close. Breakfast together, stay at home, laugh until our faces hurt, listen our favorite songs while we made dinner, you being in the mood to dance…”

“You are amazing Y/N Telford!”, he smiled wide and spun me around. He nuzzled on my neck, whispering, “How about we do all that today?”

“What?”, I pulled back to look at him.

“Breakfast, home, laugh, dance…”, he grinned, waiting for my answer, “I have the day off Love”

“Oh Filip Telford”, I shook my head, feeling the happiest woman in the world, “What other surprises did you prepare for today?”

He didn’t answer. Filip just turned the stove off and picked me up, bridal style, walking to our bedroom.

I don’t need no vacation,
No fancy destination
Baby, you’re my great escape
We could stay at home,
Listen to the radio
Or dance around the fireplace

Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man

Freedom (Chibs x OC)

@pocketfullofsadness this one is for you boo! Hope you love it!!!

Due to this request being so specific, I named the OC. I tried to write this from the Reader POV and it wasn’t working very well. Sorry guys! Her name is Saoirse (pronounced Ser-sha). The name means Freedom. I found it fitting.

Let me also preface this story with the fact that I know very little about the war that was happening in Ireland. I’m not trying to say one side was better than the other. All I’m making clear in this imagine is that Saoirse wasn’t ok with Chibs’ decision. 

Anything bold and italicized is from their past together.

Originally posted by filipchibstelford

Warnings: Violence & Language

Playlist: Beggars – Krewella x Diskord

I was sitting in the front seat of the car, both hands gripped onto the wheel. My knuckles turned white with the tension I was exuding onto the object under my fingers. My mouth was dry and my eyes were wide. I felt the sweat on my forehead begin to drip. If I wasn’t in a constant state of fear, I may have found this funny, only due to the fact that my body was at least ten degrees lower than the healthy mark. I probably had a mild case of hypothermia, if I was being honest. Hypothermia mixed with heat stroke. Was that even possible? My breathing hitched as I felt the metal silencer shove harder into my gut. I swallowed, nearly dry heaving from the stress. I had no idea why or how I’d been caught up in this mess, but here I was, a petite woman from Belfast, strapped into a hatchback vehicle, parked in the blazing sun of some podunk US town named Charming.


He flicked his cigarette away from his body, letting it bounce against the asphalt. They all noticed the car. It had been sitting in the same spot for an hour now. They didn’t know who or what was in the car so they erred on the side of caution. His eyes narrowed behind his sunglasses as he tried to zero in on who was in the front seat. He licked his teeth, a grimace on his face.

He slapped his VP on the shoulder, “I got this.”

They’d already had enough problems with Zobelle and his band of Aryan asshats. As a club they’d decided not to retaliate but if they’d sent someone to spy on them, there was nothing wrong with roughing them up a bit. He strode across the parking lot, stepping right up to the car. When he reached no more than five feet away a memory from his teen years, flashed before his eyes.


I sat down, unsure of how to process the news he’d just given me.

Saoirse.” He called out, kneeling in front of me.

Tears welled in my eyes, “How could you?” He jerked backwards from the accusation in my tone, “What happened to all the promises you made me, Filip?”

He shook his head, “I’m doing this for you, for us.”

I slapped him across the face, “Don’t you dare use our dreams to fuel your lies.”

He clenched his teeth, seething in anger. I saw the flash of abrupt change in his eyes. He wasn’t my Filip anymore. He’d been corrupted. The war alive within him.


“Did he see you?” The man wrapped under the thick blanket, demanded.

I gulped, and nodded. I prayed that the man on the floor of the backseat could see the nod. I hadn’t expected being thrown back into my late teen years by seeing the first man I ever loved. Scars stretched across his cheeks and a hardened look of a killer clear in his eyes. I wanted to cry, not for the danger I was in, but for the innocence lost. Neither of us would ever gain it back again. The war ruined a lot of people’s lives, ours included.

“Good.” The man saw my movement, “Drive away.”

I followed the order, swallowing my tears and revving the engine.


He froze on the spot unable to react as he heard the tires squeal out of control, the small Hyundai screeching down the street.

“Shite.” He swore as he stared at the empty street.


I was yanked out of the driver’s seat and dragged into a dingy motel room. The man tossed me down on the bed and I fought to keep the cry of terror internal. There were four other men in the room, all armed to the nines. I scurried across the bed, pulling my knees up to my chest. I was a grown woman, cowering in the corner of the room. How had this happened to me? Three days ago I were enjoying a drink at the bar with some friends.


He splashed another round of freezing cold water on his face, staring at his eyes in the mirror. Was his mind playing tricks on him? He was thrown from his distracted state by the sound of a knock. He whipped his head in the direction of the door to find Juice eyeing him with concern. He nodded, acknowledging the younger man’s presence.

“Irish want to meet.” Juice voiced.

“Alright.” He answered.


The man who kidnapped me made it clear that I needed to be showered and dressed within the hour. He picked out a skimpy sundress and informed me that I either wear that, or show up naked. I cried in the shower, knowing it was the only time I’d be able to show any true emotions. I shrugged into the dress, my skin cold to the touch. The only thoughts making this bearable were the thoughts that maybe Filip had recognized me. Maybe he’d be able to get me out of this mess.


I ended the engagement two weeks ago but that didn’t stop me from seeing him off. My eyes were wet with tears. I still wasn’t ready to lose the man I loved. I saw him in his uniform, playing the part of the perfect solider. If he’d been true in his enlistment, I’d have thought he looked dashing but I knew the truth. I knew exactly why he’d willingly been recruited. He spotted me in the crowd, and the anger around his eyes softened. I wiped my arm across my eyes and he gave me a subtle nod. The gesture made me burst into tears and the other young woman around me followed suit. All worried for the men in their lives. I saw the sorrow fill his face and noticed as he took a step forward. I screamed in agony at the pain in my heart. I spun around on my heel and disappeared, shoving my way through the crowd of mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends. I wasn’t one of them anymore.


“Stay out here.” Clay ordered.

He nodded, stood beside the line of Harley’s. He knew why the order was made. He and Jimmy had too many issues between the two of them. Now that he knew both Fi and Kerrianne were safe in Belfast, he had no reason not to kill the scum on the spot. He stayed away, knowing that he couldn’t burn the bridge between the Irish and the Sons.

He pulled out a cigarette from the pack in his pocket but before he was able to light it, he saw that hair glinting in the sunlight. Hair he hadn’t seen in nearly thirty years. She was shuffling along the sidewalk a wild look in her eyes. A look he’d never actually seen on her before.


“Saoirse?” I heard his voice as he spotted me standing there.

My entire body shook from nerves and I gazed up in his eyes. He reached out, his hand landing on my forearm and the touch sent shivers coursing through my body. I blinked, tears blurring my vision.

“I’m scared.” I mumbled. He leaned in closer, trying to hear me. “They’re watching us. They have guns. What have you done? Filip, what’s going on?”

He took a step back, his eyes wide from hearing my voice again.


He had to back away, hearing her speak his name for the first time. He couldn’t help the reaction it sent through his body. If there was anything he ever regret in his life, it was the way things ended between the two of you. He’d let you down, and he knew that but he also didn’t think you’d up and leave him. He always figured you’d find your way back to each other. He never expected it to take this long and definitely not under these circumstances. Circumstances he didn’t fully understand yet.


It was the middle of the night. I raced along the empty streets, hoping that neither side of the revolution found me. All I wanted to do was make it home. I wasn’t supposed to stay so late at work, but there were people that needed the aid. Playing the neutral party during a civil war was arguably more dangerous than being on either side. I sped around the alleyway corner, dashing under the streetlamps. A firm grip wrapped around my upper arm and I yelped. Another hand reached around and clamped down on my mouth. I panicked and began bucking against my perpetrator.

“Hush.” The thick Scottish brogue whispered into my ear.

I could recognize that voice from anywhere, “Filip?”

The hands dropped from around me and spun me to face him. He pushed me under the streetlight and I could see the longing in his expression.

“Saoirse.” He whispered.

Our reunion was short, hearing the footsteps of his mates coming from the other end of the alley. He shoved me away from him.

“Run.” His voice frantic, “Run Saoirse. Run and don’t look back.”

I stumbled over my pea coat, dropping down onto my knees. His hand gripped my bicep and yanked me back up. His lips crashed down onto mine and I weaved my fingers into his hair. Our tongues met in a brief battle, fighting for the upper hand. He pulled away and I spun on my heel. I took off down the street, praying every prayer I’d ever learned in my short life. IRA. True IRA. He’d done exactly what I hoped he wouldn’t do. The only way he’d have been accepted into the True IRA was to kill someone on the other side. He’d completed his initiation. I wept as I ran. My Filip ceased to exist.


“Who brought you here?” He questioned.

She wrung her hands together, her eyes darting all around. He could tell they were being watched. She hadn’t needed to tell him before. There was no way she’d accidently find him. There was no way they were ever to find their way back to one another. It was never written in the cards for them.

“Who brought you here?” His voice stern.

She startled, backing away from him. He immediately regretted his force. She wasn’t at fault. She’d been kidnapped. He reached out and she jerked away.

“Tell me.” He coaxed.

She stuttered, “Uhm – I think he said his name was… Jimmy… O – “

“O’Phelan.” He finished her sentence, “God dammit, Saoirse! I told you to run and never look back.”


In a brief moment of rage I lifted my hand and struck him across the face. His head whipped to the side, his hair coming undone and messing around his face.

“How dare you?” I hissed, my voice quivering from the terror and rage melding together. “I was the one who tried to protect you from this. I see your scars. I see your pain. I see your lost virtue. Always one for the god dammed cause.”

Seemingly from nowhere a dozen men rushed the scene between the two of us. Two men grabbed my upper arms and tugged me away from Filip. Filip was held back by another three men and I kicked, realizing they were taking me away again. I’d played my part. My purpose was finished. The dread sunk in and I regretted my actions.

“FILIP!” I screamed, as the men yanked me away. My body thrashed from side to side as I tried to break free of their hold.


“SAOIRSE!” He screamed, elbowing the men holding him back. He managed to break free and sprinted towards the van they were shoving her into her. He could hear her pleas. She was begging for her life. His vision blurred into red. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She was supposed to have been saved. He made sure of that when he let her go that night twenty-five years ago. He reached the van too late as it skid out of the parking lot and onto the open road.

A hand landed on his shoulder and the lilted accent spoke, “I see you’ve met my new pet…”

He grabbed the hand and whipped it around, dropping Jimmy down onto the ground and shoving his knee hard into the crook of his spine.

“CHIBS!” He heard Jackson holler, “STOP!”

Jimmy grunted, “Hear that Filip? Your boys and I made a deal. Looks like the girl has no more use for me.”

He hauled his fist back, smashing it into Jimmy’s face. Jackson and Opie caught him before he could pound the slimy shit into the ground. They hauled him back up while he attempted to break away. Jimmy stood back up

“Fiona wasn’t good enough for you?” He spat in Jimmy’s face, “You had to go and drag up my past. A woman who’s done nothing wrong?”

Jimmy tapped him on the cheek, “I think you’re forgetting your own history. If I remember correctly, you let her get away once. Knowing full well that she was working for the opposition.”

He blanched. He was never actually sure that she was working for the other side. All he knew was that she helped people with food and shelter.


I was locked in the bathroom of the motel room. There wasn’t anywhere to escape too. I could hear the men outside of the door conversing. It was in a language I didn’t know. It sounded harsh and angry. My first guess was Russian but I really had no idea. I curled up into the bathtub, my arms wrapped around my knees. Exactly twenty-seven years. That’s how long it had been since I gave Filip his ring back. Exactly twenty-five years since he let me go that night in the alley. Was this how I was going to die? Still in love with a man I hadn’t seen from or heard from in that long. Someone who probably moved on long ago. Someone who probably had a family and children. Even in his deplorable situation there had to have been a woman who loved him enough to stand by him when he was at his worst.


Stalh and Jimmy had been dealt with, their bodies disposed of and never to be seen or heard from again. All the boys loaded back into the school bus. He took the wheel when Piney stared at him.

“We have one more stop.” He said.

They nodded and let him drive. He sped down the freeway. Juice had tracked her down. He knew exactly where the Russians had been keeping her.


I heard the crash from the other side of the door. There were shouts that were soon drowned out by the sound of gunfire. I screeched terrified that my end was finally coming. I cowered into the bottom of the tub, trying to shrink into a ball of nothingness.


They smashed down the door and fired at will, not a care in the world. He’d already assessed the main room and knew she wasn’t in there. He pushed the bathroom door open and yanked back the shower curtain. She was curled into the fetal position and screamed out in terror when he laid a hand on her arm.

“Saoirse.” He murmured, bowing down next to the porcelain basin, “It’s Filip. I’m here. It’s ok.”

Her breathing hitched and she fought to breathe normally but turned her head to him.

He nodded, “I’ve got you.” He reached out and cradled her into his arms. 

He lifted her out of the tub and she wrapped her arms around his neck, burrowing in close to him. He rubbed his hand along her arm in a soothing motion.

“I won’t let you go.” He murmured, “Not this time. I’ve got you. It’s just me and you. I love you.”

He pressed a chaste kiss to the top of her head and felt as she sighed into his neck, “I love you too.”

Request: IRA sweetheart

Request: Imagine having known Chibs when you were younger and been part of the IRA together. You just moved to Charming to try and escape Jimmy and reconnect with Chibs. Fluff and smut would be amazing

Hello friends, how are you today? 

IRA Romeo and Juliet? Well, almost…I hope you like it. I kinda got lost in this one, writing about IRA, I get lost in the background sometimes…As always, I’m rambling…

Enjoy! Love you all!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by imagine-samcro

Your mother tried her best to keep you away from the IRA life, but when your grandfather was one of the Kings, there was no escape. You grew up seeing soldiers and guns around his house, learning all about the organization. You grew up a beautiful young lady and many eyes were on you, but yours only saw one soldier. Filip Telford.

He was young, handsome and a great soldier. You shared an instant connection, everybody could see that, especially Jimmy O’Phelan. Jimmy was also a young soldier, but he already had experience and a great ambition. He wanted to be close to the Kings, doing all he could to get there, including make Filip’s life a living hell.

You were in love and you didn’t care, though stolen moments were all you had, you love grew, day by day. Filip was proving his commitment with the organization, but it all came down when Jimmy decided to put him on a test. In the field, things could be hard and you didn’t know what happened, but Filip didn’t came back.

Connor, one of the men your grandfather trusted and your friend, told you what had happened. Jimmy had banished Filip, with the King’s approval, not only from the IRA, but from Ireland too. He lost everything and Connor told Jimmy had gave him the Glasgow smile before sending him away.

You cried, for the first time in years. Now you had soldiers at the house’s door day and night, everybody acting like it was normal. You knew it was Jimmy’s orders; he was conquering more and more power every day. You had to leave that place, soon.


IRA main business were guns, selling them especially to groups in America. You knew a little about that and though Jimmy had a great power, nobody would stop one of the King’s granddaughter to do what she wanted. You started to follow Connor and make contacts, that was when you heard the first new about Filip in years. He was in Bellfast, with the Sons of Anarchy charter, being a prospect. Jimmy didn’t know that and you had a plan now.


“That is a bad plan”, Connor said as he carried your bag to the truck in the middle of the night.

“Shut up Connor”, you said. You had to go, Ireland had nothing left for you. “I know the risks, all of them…Filip, Jimmy, Grandfather…I have to go, I have to…”

“Good luck lass”, he said. You smiled and hugged him before got in the truck. You were going to Bellfast and supposed only to deliver a new shipment of guns that would be sent to America. Nobody but Connor knew where you actually were and that you were really going there to find Filip.


He wasn’t there. You made all your way to Bellfast and the SAMBEL’s president told you the young prospect had being transferred…to SAMCRO, the mother charter, in California.

“Problem?”, he asked as you both watched the guns being transferred to a ship.

“Nothing”, you said, arms crossed. You knew it was a big risk, but you couldn’t give up know. “”When are the next ship sailing?”


You jumped to the land as the IRA members who had gone with you took the guns from the ship. SAMCRO was supposed to pick them up by sunset and you started to feel nervous. Filip would be there? Did he want to see you?

You lightened a cigar and waited, the thuds of your boots following you as you walked around the storehouse. The soldiers didn’t ask anything, but you could tell, by their looks, that they were curious. What the granddaughter of a King was doing there? Was this a test?

The bikes made a loud noise; you threw your cigarette away and got up from the chair you were. The door opened and a man with grey hair walked in, followed close by a blond guy.

“Clay”, one of the soldiers said. The men exchanged compliments and you walked towards them, catching the blond’s eyes. The soldier brought the men to you, introducing them. “This is Y/n, heiress from the Kings”

“Jax”, the blond said and you noticed their patches. He was the vice-president and Clay was the president. “Did you came to check the distribution?”

“Not exactly”, you said, looking to both. “I heard you have an Irishman between you”

“Yes”, the blond said, exchanging looks with Clay. “Chibs…Filip”

You took a deep breath and barely could hide your smile. “Can I talk to him?”


He couldn’t believe. After such a long time, you were there. You were still beautiful and his heart was beating fast, as it did when he saw you in Ireland. After that bastard Jimmy O’Phelan kicked him out, Filip thought he would never see you again. He didn’t spend much time on Bellfast either, he had nothing to lose so he took the opportunity and moved to America. He was the contact between Bellfast and SAMCRO.

“Y/n”, he whispered and walked towards you. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you Filip”, you said. He noticed you eyes wide, you were nervous, but he was too, not knowing what to do. “I looked for you, since the day you left. I heard you were in Bellfast”

“Aye”, he said. Your lips were so close, he had dreamed about them a thousand times. “Only for short time. I came to Charming, work with SAMCRO”

“Aye, I heard”, he notice you taking a deep breath. He still remembered you breathing together, exhausted from the love you made. “I had to come Filip, I had to…”

“How about IRA?”, he asked. He had to ask that question, he knew the risks. You would pay for that. “Did the Kings send you?”

“No”, you said and he closed his eyes to listen what he knew would come next. “I deserted”

“Y/n…”, he started. What he could say? He couldn’t send you back, you would suffer and… He wanted you, more than never.

“Filip, please, tell me…”, you closed your eyes, almost in pain. “Tell me right now if I did wrong. I had to see you, I still love you…Tell me, please, if you…”

Filip stopped you, his lips against yours and his hands cupping your face. You melted in his arms. You knew you were risking everything, but it was worth it.

“I missed you girl”, he smiled. “I still love you”


Your bags were in the van and the wind was blowing through your hair as you ride in the back of Filip’s bike. You were heading to Charming with SAMCRO and even in the bikes, you could notice the looks form Filip’s brothers. He had told them, briefly, your story and nobody said nothing about you going with them.

Clay had been worried about your connection with the IRA, but you assured him it was your responsibility, nothing would affect the gun business if you could help with that.

Charming was a small town and SAMCRO shared a place with Teller-Morrow Automotive, a place where Filip worked too, fixing cars. He introduced you to everyone in the club and that night, at the bar, you told your story.

“Jimmy is cruel, he has more power than ever before”, you said, taking a swig of your drink. “I fell bad from grandpa, but I had to leave. It was for the best”

“When Jimmy find out”, Filip rubbed his hand over his beard. “He will come after you lass. This was…”

“Please don’t say it was stupid”, you snapped. He couldn’t tell you that, not after what you had done just to go back to him. Everybody exchanged strange looks. Their queen, Gemma, broke the silence.

“It was very brave sweetheart”, she said and looked at Filip. He nodded and slowly, everybody left the club, heading to their homes and bedrooms. He took your hand and guided you to his bedroom in the back of the club.

“It’s not much love”, he said, opening the door, letting you enter in the room. You looked around and turned to smile at him.

“It’s perfect”, you walked towards him, cupping his face and kissing him. He kicked the door closed and pulled you closer, his hands on your waist. You ran your hands up on his neck, tangling your fingers on his hair. He tasted as good as in the first time and his arms were still strong around you. “Filip…I’m sorry”

“Please, love”, he whispered and pressed his forehead against yours. “Please don’t be sorry for what happened to me. I should had fight, I should had…”

You silenced him with your lips, grabbing his kutte, staying in your tiptoes. Filip groaned, pressing you against him. His was kissing you, hard, licking your low lip. A shiver ran down your spine and your legs were weak. His tongue explored your mouth, his fingers slid under your shirt and you moaned, his warm touch on your skin.

He lifted you, wrapping your legs around his waist and carrying you to the bed. Filip gently laid you down and knelt on bed to admire you. He ran his fingers through your hair, touched your nose and traced your lips. His thumbs caressed your cheeks and trailed down your neck until your cleavage. Slowly, he unbuttoned your shirt, exposing your red bra and your skin. It was a slightly touch, but it was making your heart beat fast and you could feel your panties getting wet already. He took of your shoes as you sat on bed to get rid of your shirt and bra.

“Jesus! So beautiful…”, he whispered, pure adoration on his voice as Filip admired you. He hovered over you for a kiss, his fingertips touching your nipples before his hand held your breast, squeezing and making you moan on his mouth. Your hands slid his kutte off and unbuttoned his shirt. He threw the pieces on the floor and dragged your jeans down your legs, panties too. Filip let his jeans and boxers felt around his ankles and grabbed your legs, pulling you closer to the edge of the bed. When he leaned forward to kiss your breasts you could fell his length against your core, he was hard and the friction drove you crazy.

“Filip…I need you, please”, you whined. He touched your lips, his eyes full with love.

“Slow love, let’s take it slow”, he whispered and kissed your body until he was knelt on the floor, your legs over his shoulder, letting you exposed to him. You let out a whine when he blew air over your core before slowly kiss your inner thigh. The tip of his tongue slid through your folds, his fingers opened you for him as he took you clit between his lips, sucking it. You tried, but it was impossible to stay still, you had waited for that so long. Your back arched as he sucked and licked you, his fingers teasing on your entrance. Your hand held him there as your legs trembled with the orgasm.

“Do I wanna know where you learn this?”, you said breathless and he got up again.

“No”, he smirked. “It doesn’t matter love. I’m yours, I always have been”

“Good, because…”, you started but your words turned into a loud moan as he filled you. Your walls stretching around his hard cock. You had missed this, nothing is the world would ever compare to that moment, when you were together and he was all yours, lost inside you. “Filip…”

His hands reached for your breasts, squeezing them as he thrusted deeper. You wrapped your legs around him, he groaned and pulled back, slowly. His hands ran down your body and your thighs, grabbing your hips to pull you even closer. He entered you again, still slow, taking his time with you. You rubbed your clit and looked at him. His pupils were wide when his eyes met yours, you could see the love and the lust in them, making your heart skip a beat.

He was making love to you, saying your name like a prayer and making you moan his. Him inside you, his hands over you, his mouth…You were closer to the edge, tightening around him. “Please Filip…”, you whined. He cursed in Gaelic, his thrusts harder, losing his pace as he was getting closer too. You tried to hold on the sheets and your body trembled with pleasure, you felt Filip came inside you, his hands holding your hips tight. He was breathing deep, resting his head on your chest. You ran your fingers through his hair, catching your own breath and smiling.

Filip laid by your side and took you hand in his, kissing your fingers, “I’ll keep you safe love, we are never be apart again”. He turned on bed and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer, nuzzling on your hair.

“I believe in you Filip”, you said, turning your head to kiss him. “I love you and there is nothing we can’t face together”

“Aye, my love…You and me”, he smiled. “I love you lass”

Robert Appreciation Month
Day 3 - Music Related

So, officiously, Robert plays the harmonica.  I made this using a Filip Jers photo of as reference, since never before have I ventured on drawing a harmonica in my life, and I wanted an accurate pose.

I would love to see people matching him with other instruments, though! When I found that out I didn’t think it fit him that much, because I normally relate the harmonica with characters like Sid, but now I kinda like it c: In my headcanon Robert is a visual artist, not a sound artist, so his talent wouldn’t extend to music. But, anyway, here is the piece of the day!

(ROBERT APPRECIATION MONTH TIP: There’s no need to be a “canon” thing. And since it’s music related, it could be lot of things! For example: ball, music box, serenade, opera house, musical,… seriously, the options are infinite, specially if you’re a writer! You can even write him a song, if you want! Or share a music that remind you of him.)

@cyikemen​, please pleeeease #GiveRobertARoute2k17!