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I Hate Your Ideas

“I hate your ideas. I hate them almost as much as I love you, which is so much.”

“You’re insane!”

Fandom: Riverdale

Characters: Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller

Ship: Jughead x Andrews!Reader; implied Archie x Betty

Warnings: making out; some swearing

A/N: I had a weird idea. It’s not very romantic, just a bit funny. Don’t ask XD

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“You’re insane!” your boyfriend of one year, Jughead Jones, exclaimed at your proposal. “I hate your ideas. I hate them almost as much as I love you, which is so much.” Veronica was doubled over laughing, and Archie was facepalming. 

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Soulmates and Circuses

Nightwing (Richard Grayson x Reader)

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(A/n, not one hundred and ten percent sure how I fell about this I’ve had it siting in my drafts for awhile. P.s I have no idea how to end this so if you have any ideas for a part two let me know.)

(A/n: I just rewatched the last episode of Young Justice again, and so what if Nightwing only had a year to live when he ‘took a break’ after Wally’s’ passing.)
Prompt: Your clock is a countdown of how long you and your soulmate have left to find each other or else you both will die because the universe is sadistic af—and if you find your soulmate you get to live longer.
Dicks pov
       I glanced at my soulmate timer again six hundred and five days, seven hours, seven minutes and nine seconds. It was a low number considering most people received at least thirty years to find their soulmate. that’s what made mine so shocking as it fell just four hours and fifty-three minutes before my twenty-first birthday. I knew I wasn’t going to find my soulmate in time because I’d waited too long to start looking. I’d always tried to convince myself that I didn’t care if I died that young, but I couldn’t anymore. Wally’s, my best friend’s death was the final straw that had broken the camel’s back. It made me realize I didn’t want to die young and thus, I needed time to think without the vigilante lifestyle clouding my thoughts. 
       “Dick, are you sure about this?” Bruce asked as I stuffed a white cotton shirt into a black duffle bag. I was heading back to Hailey’s circus my childhood home. It’s where my life started it might as well be where it ends.
“Yeah, Bruce I’m sure. I just need time to process all this.” I sighed, this was the fourteenth time someone asked me that same question. Bruce gave me one of his signature Batman glares probably trying to get me to back down and stay on as Nightwing, so I would spend the last year and a half of my life fighting crime. “Bruce, we both know I won’t be any good to you or anyone else when all I can think is what does my clock say now or how long do I have left,” I admitted as I zipped up the duffel and slipped it on my shoulder before walking out of my room in the manor.
Your pov
(HOMETOWN) November 30th, 2017 4:00 pm

     “(first name) (last name) where do you think you’re going?” My mother inquired from where she stood leaning on the door frame. Her arms crossed over her chest as her eyes were trying to impale me with daggers.
“Well, Mama I was planning on going to the circus tonight,” I stated as we engaged in a battle of glares. After a few minutes of this, I averted my gaze, 

   “Look, Mom, this is undoubtedly going to be my last night on earth, and well I want it to be a good one.”
   “Fine, but you better be back home before that timer runs out we don’t need you scaring any little kids for life.” My Mother sighed.
   “Thanks, mom I love you,” I stated as I rushed out the door in a hurry to get to Hailey’s circus.
3d person pov
     That’s how the two of you found yourselves here tonight. So young and only minutes away from death. One doing daring feats high above the ground and one watching from bellow destined to meet and fall in love. Dick had just finished his act when both of you begin to feel the life seeping out of your forms. Dick scrambled down the ladder trying to get away from the peering eyes children they didn’t need to see this they didn’t need to see him die.
Little did he know you were having the same thought as you rushed out of the crowd not looking or caring where you were going just so long as the kids didn’t see your death. It wasn’t until you collapsed that you crashed into Dicks’ arms with only one second left on your timer that you blacked out.

Essays In Existentialism: Slow Dancing

clexa slow dancing, please! (Song Choice: Fools Rush In- Elvis)

The vineyard was filled with lights and dancing. Deep in the distance the ridge of the mountains hid the last bit of sunset, though they themselves burned like permanent bits of charred wood in the summer heat. The sky was a two tone eclipse of black in the night above and rimmed with a stubborn kind of blue. It made Clarke feel as if she were trapped in a big beautiful eye, as if she could look out into the universe from this one spot and see something purposeful or useful. As people floated around her in their best suits and dresses, sipping champagne and wine by the gallon, until their hiccupping laughs and overall merriness extinguished even the stars, Clarke felt very singular and she liked that, right now.

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Patience and Love agreed to meet at a set time and place; beneath the twenty-third tree in the olive orchard. Patience arrived promptly and waited. She checked her watch every so often but still, there was no sign of Love.

Was it the twenty-third tree or the fifty-sixth? She wondered and decided to check, just in case. As she made her way over to the fifty-sixth tree, Love arrived at twenty-three, where Patience was noticeably absent. 

Love waited and waited before deciding he must have the wrong tree and perhaps it was another where they were supposed to meet.

Meanwhile, Patience had arrived at the fifty-sixth tree, where Love was still nowhere to be seen.

Both begin to drift aimlessly around the olive orchard, almost meeting but never do. 

Finally, Patience, who was feeling lost and resigned, found herself beneath the same tree where she began. She stood there for barely a minute when there was a tap on her shoulder. It was Love.


“Where are you?” She asked. “I have been searching all my life.” “Stop looking for me,” Love replied, “and I will find you.”

Patience by Lang Leav from Lullabies

Rian Johnson Recommendation Post

Since Rian Johnson is slated to direct Star Wars Episode VIII, I thought I’d make a post of the films he directed for anyone who would like to get an idea of his style and what we may see in the next Star Wars movie (directing wise of course):

Brick (2005):

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Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (so you can’t go wrong), this movie follows a teenager who’s trying solve the murder of his ex-girlfriend.  What makes the movie interesting is that while it takes place during the modern day, the dialogue uses 20′s, 30′s, and 40′s lingo.  Fans of film noir and David Lynch would probably dig this.

The Brothers Bloom (2008):

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(my personal favorite of his movies) This movie’s about two brothers (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) who’ve ben conning throughout their lives.  The youngest of the two brothers, Bloom (played by Brody), leaves the business…only for his brother Steven (Ruffalo) to pull him back in on one last con in the form of a shut-in heiress, played by Rachel Weisz.  The movie’s just a lot of fun and also:

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Rinko Kikuchi. That is all.  She’s the best part of the movie.

Looper (2012):

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Also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yay!), this is about an assassin (played by JGL) who’s known as a looper: someone ordered to kill a target that’s sent to him from the future.  Things get interesting when his future self (played by Bruce Willis) is sent to him, and his future self escapes him…Crap. Gets. Real.  

Besides the upcoming Star Wars movie and a short he did before making Brick, these are all the movies he’s made.  Bonus:  he directed three Breaking Bad episodes (”Fly”, “Fifty-One”, and “Ozymandias”).  

Happy movie watching!!!

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