made by dirrtylady

Bionic - 6 Years

Call me the supernova that’s taken over all time and space. I’m testing your dimension can’t keep up with what I create. I’ll break your concentration, imagination, with what I make.
Many times imitated, not duplicated, can’t be replaced. Na-na-now let me spell it out, everybody can shout my name: X-X-X-T-T-T-I-I-I-I-N-N-N-A-A”

Why is a woman’s sexuality always under so much scrutiny? Why can’t she do exactly as she please without bein’ called a million things?  Don’t tell me to behave.. Cause I’ll never play that game. Don’t tell me what to do.. Cause I’ll never be uptight like you. Don’t look at me that way.. Cause I ain’t never gonna change. And if you’re talkin’ ‘bout my life you’re only wasting your own time. If I want to wear lingerie outside of my clothes.. If I want to be erotic in my own videos.. If I want to be provocative, well that ain’t a sin.. Maybe you’re not comfortable in your own skin.
(Christina Aguilera - Still Dirrty)