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sometimes it like… dawns on me that emmerdale made a legacy character, a sugden, lgbt. like, they did that. a member of the family with one of the longest and richest soap historys ever is bi and it makes my heart so happy 

  • “Too bad I didn’t do that in ‘Dueling Cavalier’. They might have liked it.”
  • “Why don’t you?”
  • “What?”

“Singin’ In The Rain”, 1952  (dir. Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly)

with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen 


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There’s this tweet that went viral that says:“Me faithfully texting my girl while I’m at a function telling her some bitch touched me come beat her ass”. Can you write about Carl at a party where a girl is really into his “white boy carl” phase and tries getting with him knowing damn well that he has a gf. So he calls his gf and starts snitching on the girl touching on him partly because he’s faithful and in love but also because he likes to see his gf jealous and possessive

^^^ thought i’d take a stab at my own prompt that i’ve been sending around.

Carl Gallagher x reader

still pretty new to writing so i hope this isn’t too bad.

i love requests, so send ‘em if you have ‘em

Carl Gallagher sat on the last few steps of the stair case tying his sneakers while he watched his girl chase Liam around the living room, Franny under her arm, attempting to get him into his pjs. “He’s not gonna sit still. I bought him a family pack of Reese’s so he’s pretty wired,” Carl announced as he stood up and made his way over to the trio. Y/N flashed him a glare and handed him Franny before grabbing Liam’s waist and throwing him hard onto the couch, laughing as he squealed when he bounced up high and landed on the cushion once again, having no time to recover before she was hovering over him pulling his fire truck pjs onto his body quickly before he could run away again. “You sure you don’t wanna come? The party’s supposed to be dope as fuck,” Carl asked looking down at Y/N as she reached out and took Franny from him, placing her on the swing chair that she had brought from work. In fact they had a lot of new things for Franny since she had gotten a job at the baby store down the street. He didn’t have to tell her how appreciative his family was for her help.

Y/N rolled her eyes and bent over to the DVD player, popping in a random animated movie before standing up and looking at her boyfriend who’s eyes where slowly scanning her body, taking in the little shorts and his sleeveless sweater that showed of her sides and the straps of his favorite bra. She laughed as she took a few steps forward, right into Carl’s arms, resting her chin on his chest so that her head was tilted back to look up at him, “I know, but I promised Fi that I’d babysit. And Debbie needs to get out of the house and away from Franny for a little bit. Just don’t have too much fun without me.” He rolled his eyes as his hands that once rested on her back, slipped lower and lower until they were lightly massaging her ass and dipped his head lower so that he could press a few sloppy kisses against the sensitive skin on her neck.. She quickly slapped his hands away and turned to make sure that Liam was still preoccupied with the movie. “I won’t have any fun without you.” Y/N turned back to him and before she could respond he was placing a gentle kiss on her lips, slipping his hand into her hair and tugging slightly in that way he knew she loved. “Stop,” she laughed as she tried to shove him away. “Do you really want me to stop?” He asked almost in a whisper as he ran his hand through his newly unbraided hair, his eyes scanning her face, his lips dangerously close to hers in a way that made her knees weak. Quickly she pulled away from him, before she gave in and dragged him up stares to his bedroom, and walked backwards towards Liam. “Yes I do because Liam and I are very busy having movie night, right Liam?” “Right, movie night!” Liam cheered hopping onto her lap when she sat down next to him, snuggling into her when she hugged him close. Honestly the sight of his girl cuddling his baby brother made him want to change out of his own clothes and settle down next to them for the night, but before he could do so Debbie was racing down the stairs and into the living room. “Okay let’s get the fuck out of here, I need some shots,” Debbie announced before leaning over the baby swing to coo at her baby, kissing her goodbye. Carl nodded and bent over to rest his palm on Liam’s head, pulling his head closer to lightly peck his forehead and then leaned in forward to place another kiss on Y/N’s lips. “Call me if you need me,” he told her with a smile before he and Debbie made their way out the door and a few blocks over to a house party. Meanwhile Y/N and Liam dug into their junk food and laughed together at their movie.

Carl sat on the couch in the living room, perfectly centered with a good view of the kitchen where he could keep an eye on his sister making drinks like she was a fucking bar tender. They had agreed that they’d stay for another hour, but he knew that Debbie was getting antsy about being away from her baby, so much so that she wasn’t as drunk as she could have been. He was about to stand and grab her so that they could head home when a familiar girl sat down dangerously close to him, her bare knee knocking against his. He recognized Adrianna Perez from his algebra class. Let’s be real here, how could he forget the brunette who sat in front of him, giving him the perfect seat when she had gotten her ass beat by his girlfriend.

Carl raised his blunt to his lips as he stared blankly down at his lap where her hand was boldly making its way onto his thigh. “Can I help you with something?” he asked lazily, hoping she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. “I didn’t see your girlfriend around,” she smirked getting straight to the point while pushing her hair behind her ear, and leaning in close so that he could hear her over the loud music. “What’s your point?” he asked glancing back at Debbie in the kitchen, kind of hoping that she’d drunkenly sway over to him and remove him from the situation. “Well,” she started, moving her hand onto his chest and leaning close to his ear, this bitch was practically on top of him now, “I was thinking that maybe you and me could go upstairs.” “Didn’t my girl beat your ass a few months ago? Didn’t she like, drag you into the hallway by your hair? Your extensions were all over the floor for days” Carl laughed, making her turn away in embarrassment and giving him the chance to grab his phone from his pocket just as she turned back to him. “Yeah well like I said, your girl’s not here. And if she was,” she got extremely brave and threw her leg over his lap, straddling him as he took another hit of his blunt, completely unfazed, “she wouldn’t fuck with me anyway.” Carl raised an eyebrow and pressed the back of his hand against Adrianna’s forehead to check if she had a fever that was making her delusional, “Are you feeling okay? Are we talking about the same girl?” “You’re punkass girlfriend Y/n right?” “Yeah my punkass girlfriend who’d pop off on sight if she saw you touchin’ on me like that,” he replied pushing her off of him and onto the couch. “She wouldn’t do shit.” “You think so?” “Fuck, I know so.” “Okay,” Carl responded with a smirk, unlocking his phone and going to his contacts, tapping Y/N’s name, “Bet.” Honestly he couldn’t help but laugh; sure he knew that he shouldn’t have let this girl get so comfortable on him, but it wasn’t like she was getting anywhere with him; not while he had Y/N back home.

Liam giggled loudly at the movie, making Y/N grin as she poured herself a glass of soda in the kitchen. Franny was fast asleep in her playpen, Liam was finally starting to calm down from his intense sugar rush, and Y/N was starting plan out how she was going to get the little boy to bed soon. As she walked into the living room she saw her phone buzzing on the coffee table, a picture of Carl filling up the screen, so she placed her glass onto the table and placed the phone to her ear as she played with Liam’s hair, making him a little sleepier. “Hey baby, how’s the party?” she asked, before pulling the little boy’s body closer to her so that she could drape a fuzzy blanket over them. “It was good. But Adrianna showed up,” Carl answered; she could barely hear him over the pumping music in the background. “Who the fuck is that?” “That girl you fought in my algebra class.” Y/N nodded in realization and took a sip of her soda, before placing the cup down again, “Her face still fucked up?” She bit her lip to hold back a smile when she heard him laugh. “Baby, she’s tryna smash” Carl announced (he honestly couldn’t keep the smirk from his face as he heard his girl go silent, and the sight of his smirk made Adrianna a bit nervous. Clearly she hadn’t expected this when she was talking big game.) “Trying to smash who,” Y/n asked slowly. She must have been throwing herself at one of his friends, because she couldn’t be stupid enough to touch Carl. “She said she saw that you weren’t here and wants me to take her upstairs and tear her ass up. She said you’re lucky you’re not here cuz she would’ve beat your ass” (Carl almost laughed out loud when he saw Adrianna get extremely pale at his exaggeration) Y/N’s grip tightened on her phone, and her hand stopped playing with Liam’s curls. She quickly hung up and placed the phone face down on the table, taking a deep breath to get a hold of herself.

She had fought many girls in her short life, but no one was as persistent as this bitch. She tried to calm herself down and tapped her foot restlessly for a few moments before standing and kneeling in front of the little boy she was babysitting. “Hey Liam, I know we’re getting sleepy but I was wondering if you, me, and Franny could go somewhere really quick before bedtime,” Y/N asked him, and he instantly nodded, hopping off the couch and heading for his slippers as Y/N slipped on her own before pulling on the baby carrier and tucking a now wide awake Franny inside, making a few silly faces at the chubby redhead to make her smile. She then made her way to the space under the stairs where she found Liam’s sweater and backpack, and tossed it to him, and some baby headphones that she placed in the baby carrier’s pocket. She then helped Liam into his sweater and helped him slip on the monkey backpack that had a long leash tied to the end of it. He’d run off on her too many times for her to trust that he’d walk calmly beside her. Y/N then grabbed her phone and tucked it into the pocket of her shorts before walking the little ones out the door and onto the street.

After Y/N had hung up, Carl had made his rounds around the party again, the annoying girl, whose name he had forgotten after another blunt, following close behind him like a possessive girlfriend. He had been listening to one of his friends tell a funny story about a deal gone wrong when he heard a few girls squealing near the doorway, and turned his attention to them, biting back a laugh when he caught sight of the commotion. There in the entrance of this raging house party was his girl, still in her pjs, baby Franny in the carrier on her chest big headphones covering her ears, and Liam beside her holding her hand and looking around at the drunks teens that packed the house.

“Which one of you is the least drunk,” he heard her ask a group, as the music started to lower as confusion set in at the sight of the kids. A blonde girl raised her hand and announced that she was the DD, and Y/N pulled the chubby baby and carrier off and placed her in the girls arms, laughing slightly as the wasted girls surrounding the blond leaning  in close to giggle about the cute baby, and then she squatted down to Liams height, looking into his eyes. “Liam, remember what I taught you about fighting?” she asked, smiling proudly when he nodded and repeated her words, “Fighting is bad. Use your words.” “That’s right. What else.” “If someone hits me, hit them back or tell you and you’ll hit them.” “And?” “If I see you fight close my eyes tight.” “Why?” “Because I can’t snitch on what I can’t see,” Liam repeated her words as easily as he would repeat the alphabet or his numbers. In this moment Carl remembered why, aside from helping around the house, his girl got along so well with his family.

Y/N praised Liam and stood up tall, giving Carl a chance to take in how good her legs looked in those little shorts. She then turned around and scanned the room, her gaze landing on Carl who glanced to his right at the girl latched onto his arm, still desperate for his attention. When Y/N approached the duo, Carl couldn’t help but compare the two girls in front of him. Adrianna had clearly put on her best outfit and makeup, and yet here was his girl in her pajamas complete with slippers on her feet still looking gorgeous as fuck and completely outshining the girl. Y/n made her way over to the taller boy, feeling butterflies in her stomach when she watched him tear his arm from the girls grip and placed his hands on her own hips instead, pulling her body against his and placing a sloppy kiss on her lips, leaning back to rest his back against the walk he had been leaning on previously. When she pulled away, Y/N reached up and ran her thumb along Carl’s bottom lip cleaning up a bit of left over saliva, before turning to Adrianna. “Is your name Adrianna?” she asked boredly, not giving way the fact that she knew exactly who this bitch was. Adrianna looked offended that she wasn’t recognized and stood tall, attempting to look a bit more confident in herself, “Ask your man, I had him moaning it over and over just a few minutes ago.” Carl bit his lip as he watched the scene unfold. He was in love with this girl who tried her best to keep him out of trouble and who took care of Liam like he was her own brother and who helped make dinner when Fiona was running late, but it wasn’t a secret that as sweet as his girlfriend was, she was possessive. She blamed it on living in group homes and having to hide her shit all the time and on shitty friends who thought they had a right to her previous boyfriends. Carl hated that she had struggled in the past but shit, he fucking loved it when she got possessive. “Baby, you know I’m not moaning any girl’s name but yours,” he hummed in her ear, nibbling on it slightly as he squeezed her ass in reassurance. “I know baby I think she’s confusing her dreams with reality.” “No bitch, the reality is that your boyfriend deserves better than some ugly ass slut who’s mommy and daddy put her in foster care because they didn’t want to raise a ho,” Adrianna yelled. Y/N paused and her gaze on the girl hardened at the mention of the rumor that had spread around about her home life.  “Liam!” Y/n called out, never looking away from the girl, whereas Carl turned to his little brother who slapped his little hands over his eyes quickly, making him wonder just how often this kind of thing happened. (side note it happened often at the park where Y/N often found herself shoving kids off of slides for even looking at Liam the wrong way)

Y/N stepped out of Carl’s grasp and strutted closer to Adrianna, “Right and you’re better for him. A trick ass bitch who thought she could let half the guys in town give it to her up the ass and still be considered a virgin.” The now forming crowd laughed at the information that had been exposed. “Your boyfriend fucked me before the party,” Adrianna announced attempting to get under Y/n’s skin when she realized that Y/N knew more about her than she thought. “How? He was too busy fucking me.” “He kissed me right before you got here.” “Yeah? How’s my pussy taste?” Carl almost choked as her words as he watched Adrianna turn red in anger and reach out to push Y/N who effortlessly grabbed the other girl’s hair and held on tightly to it as she used it to hold her head in place while she threw punches at it, ignoring the cheering crowd. The difference between the girls style was that while Adrianna was pulling hair and scratching skin, Y/N was busy slamming her fist against the girl until they had fallen onto the floor rolling around in an attempt to get the upper hand. But suddenly Adrianna’s back was against the floor, Y/N straddling her as she hit her one last time before she was grabbed from behind and pulled off of the squirming girl who still felt the need to talk shit as if she hadn’t just gotten her ass kicked. “My punk ass girlfriend wouldn’t touch you right?” Carl asked as he dragged his girl away from the crowd and to the kids where Debbie was now watching them. “If I wasn’t so happy to see my baby, I’d kill you,” she announced as Y/N squatted down in from of Liam again. “Ready to go home buddy?” she asked as she poked the back of his hand, his palms still covering his eyes tightly. Liam nodded and pulled his hand from his face, reaching out to hold hers, letting her lead them all back home, laughing about the unexpected ending of their party.

When they had all reentered the Gallagher home, Debbie and Y/N pulled Liam and Franny upstairs to tuck them into bed before Debbie hopped into the shower and Y/N returned to the living room where Carl sat on the couch, watching his girlfriend pick up the mess she’d left from movie night. “What?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen to place some cups in the sink, turning around just as Carl trapped her against the counter. “You just popped off on a girl who tried to fuck me and then came home to clean my house and tuck my baby brother into bed. You’re the definition of  wifey material,” he mumbled before he began kissing her jaw, pulling her hair lightly to make her tilt her head enough for him to litter he neck with kisses as well. “Maybe you should stop letting sluts touch on you.” “And miss that? Yeah okay,” he replied, dragging his hands down her back and down to her thighs before lifting them up, dropping her onto the counter and stepping in between her legs, his hand massaging her bare inner thighs. “I think you should apologize for making me jealous,” Y/n said with a smirk as she leaned back and rested her palms on the counter, watching as he pushed his sweatshirt, that she was wearing, up and pulling her shorts down, exposing more and more of her skin. “Shit I can think of a few ways to say I’m sorry,” he replied before he tugged her shorts off completely and got to work between her legs.

Don: “Don’t tell me … it’s a flat tire!”

Cosmo: “I can’t understand it. This car hasn’t given me a lick of trouble in nearly six hours!”😊

Kathy: “This man … he’s … he jumped into my car and … I don’t even know who he is!”

Policeman: “Oh … why, it’s Don Lockwood!

….. “You’re a lucky little lady. Anything wrong?”

Kathy: “Why … why, NO!”💕

🎶“Good mornin’, good mornin’ …

It’s great to stay up late … good mornin’, good mornin’ to you!”🌞

🎵“Gotta Dance!”

The Broadway Ballet🎵

🎶“Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously.

Moses he knowses his toeses aren’t roses as Moses supposes his toeses to be!”🎶

🎬Original lobby cards  - “Singin’ In The Rain”, 1952 

☔starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Cyd Charisse (and many more, of course!)

From my collection

Being A Gallagher Sibling Would Include!

Being a Gallagher sibling would include!

  • + Helping raise your siblings with Fiona
  • + Mickey being your bestfriend
  • + Debbie always coming to you when she needs someone to talk to
  • + Working at the Alibi Room
  • + Having to share a room with Fiona
  • + When Ian comes out you support him and stick up for him when people are mean about it
  • + Helping Carl with school
  • + Trying to protect your siblings from hurtful comments from people who know Frank
  • + Trying to make sure Liam doesn’t have to deal with the Gallagher reputation in school
  • + Getting into fights when you hear someone made fun of Debbie
  • + Cooking all the meals
  • + Making sure everyone has food for school
  • + Sometimes staying with Lip at college because you get locked out of the house somehow
  • + You being the glue that holds the Gallaghers family together

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