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Poirot and Miss Marple anime

Good quality versions of all 39 episodes of Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple (2004-2005) anime series have appeared on Youtube, complete with English subtitles!

Happy watching!

Every GoT interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau since 2013
  • Interviewer: *asks something about Jaime that has absolutely nothing to do with Brienne*
  • NCW: well you see when he was in the baths of Harrenhal with Brienne...

8 Characters (anything) you relate to!

From Left to Right:

1. Alex Benedetto (Gangsta)

2. Revy (Black Lagoon)

3. Tanya (Mortal Kombat)

4. Christie Monteiro (Tekken)

5. Integra (Hellsing)

6. Laura Matsuda (Street Fighter)

7. Taki (Soul Calibur)

8. Sombra (Overwatch)

I’m tagging: @lucatiel @blackmoonbabe @sonic06apologist @mermaidpants @saphirablufire @servantlovesmaster @magnolia-eclair and @mattastrophic . 


Younger vs. older Poirot

Curtain? What Curtain? Instead of a lonely old man dyeing his hair black, how about a silverfoxy elderly version of our beloved detective? My own personal headcanon. :)

Ouch! I have a tremendous paper cut on the web part between my index and middle fingers. The pain is excruciating. Look closely, it’s there! It’s my left hand. Thank God I’m right handed.

I’m not sure who’s in more pain though, me with a horrific cut or Sheila who is patiently rolling her eyes while listening to me whine. Owie!

Tonight Sheila and my neighbor Christie made Jello shots and packaged sandwiches. Tomorrow is Christie’s 50th birthday. We have a party bus. A group of us will be heading to to St. Paul to visit four craft breweries. The Jello and sandwiches are to keep our strength up between breweries.

My job tonight was to use a Sharpie and put a T (turkey) or H (ham) on the wrappers. I did a fantastic job.

not twilight related but today´s the opening night of anastasia on broadway and im sad because im not there and i will never be but i can´t wait for the soundtrack (’in a crowd of thousands’ is SO beautiful) and i just love this musical so much. 


“Fans of course are obsessed with your relationship with Jaime. In fact, so much that some marvelous fan art has been created.” (x)

Featuring artwork by chaoslindsay & bljgot!


The Genetics of A/B/O: Getting Rigorous in Here!

So almost three months ago, I got it into my head that there should be a genetic model for inheriting alpha/beta/omega genders (sexes?) and spent maybe an hour or so doodling ideas on scratch paper before writing it up into this post. About a week and a half later, Christi found the post and made some much-needed improvements on it and invited me to try for the Omega Network, and eventually, I did. (They’re fantastic people, and I’m so very happy to call them friends.)

Last week (or two weeks ago?), following a discussion in the network, Christi made another post to summarize what we’d come up with, and also created a really great theoretical diagram for the anatomy of an omega male. And then yesterday, we all got into the science of a/b/o again, and I felt like we’d benefit from a comprehensive look at that genetic scheme from before. So I broke out Excel and got to work.

To keep this short, I’d just like to draw your attention to the third cap, which contains the “Types of Offspring for Individuals” table. It’s probably the most interesting table because of the average percentages listed at the bottom, which give us, as said in the description, a look at what the population distribution for gender might look like in an a/b/o universe with this genetic model.

It’s not surprising that alpha males come up the most often because they can have three genotypes, as opposed to everyone else, who can only have one or two, but I’m actually quite surprised at how evenly the other genders actually come out. However, the population tends to skew towards more males.

I might make another summary table separating alpha/beta/omega from male/female to see what those numbers look like, but until then, the science of a/b/o!


“Our first Christmas together, we made gingerbread. But we dried them out and we turned them into Christmas ornaments - which we still have to this day.”

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