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doctor who episodes // vincent and the doctor

This is the middle of Van Gogh’s greatest year of painting. If we’re not careful, the net result of our pleasant little trip will be the brutal murder of the greatest artist who ever lived. Half the pictures on the wall of the Musée d’Orsay *snaps fingers* will disappear. And it will be our fault. 


For a split second, he hesitates. Puts his foot down.

Of course, he knows what this is about. More than anything, this is Rose telling him–screaming at him–chase me, chase after me for a change. Fight for me. 

“Go on then,” Mickey says, making the choice for him.

And he’s off, because there was never any other option.

doctor who au // amy pond and rose tyler as artist friends (ft. the doctor, as rose’s boyfriend)

“Our girl’s brighter than sunflowers on her worst day,” she says, fingers padding over dried brush strokes. “She’s clever and silly and everything good in this gray old city. And I’ll never let anything happen to her, not like last time.”

He gazes at the canvas, studying Rose’s body all over again. Somehow she is even more lovely through the eyes of this cautious ginger woman with blue paint on her cheek.

“It’ll be different, this time around."