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HI BEAUTIFUL SOULS! In honor of reaching 13K (OMG! HOW?!?), I’ve decided to host my very first Blog(s) of the Month. I’m super ecstatic about this and absolutely cannot wait to meet new blogs and blogs that I’m already in love with. So let’s get to it pumpkin… 

R U L E S:

  • Must be following me @amazely
  • Reblog this post at least once, likes will not count but can be use as a bookmark 
  • Self-promoting and commenting on this post will lessen your chances of being pick 

P E R K S:

  • A follow from moi (if I haven’t follow your lovely blog already)
  • A new friend (wooohooo) I swear, I’m cool
  • A spot on my blog for an ENTIRE month! 
  • Surprise promos! (Just cause I adore you and your fabulous blog!) 
  • The option to collab with me, but we must discuss the juicy details before doing anything else
  • Your blog will be links in any promos I do in the month that you’re selected  
  • A spot on my BOTM archive here (under const- will be link once it’s complete)

H I G H E R  C H A N C E S:

  • Talk to me, I’d love to get to know you! ^-^ 
  • Follow my other blog @blushial
  • Apply to my other promos here
  • Reblog some of my uploads here or @comelyist
  • Be active and have similar blogstyle to mine 

O T H E R:

  • Stunning banner was made by Carissa @leavingforever // request one at @xlfdesigns
  • I’ll be choosing 3 blogs at the end of every month
  • If this flops, we’ll forget this ever happens okay? okay, good! 

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Hey beautiful people! Since both Kaelyn (@ocea) and I (@leavingforever) just absolutely adore macarons, we decided to host the Macaron Awards together!


  • Be sure to check out Kaelyn and Carissa’s blogs 
  • Reblog this post at least once (likes will not count)
  • Do not delete the text or self-promote!


  • Salted Caramel - Best Overall 
  • Cookies and Cream - Best Posts  
  • S’mores - Best URL
  • Creme Brûlée - Best Theme & Theme Edits
  • Cake Batter - Best Colour Palette & Decor 
  • Red Velvet - Best Icon
  • Toasted Marshmallow - Best Playlist
  • Mango - Best Alternate Blog Style
  • Cookie Dough -  Kaelyn’s Fave  
  • Green Tea - Carissa’s Fave


  • Be featured on an amazing awards page (under construction) 
  • Queues from us :) 
  • Two new friends!!


  • We will choose when we are happy with the notes
  • Banner was made by Carissa. Request one from xlfdesigns

Love, Carissa and Kaelyn xx

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Hi everyone!! So Kaelyn and I have decided to host a cupcakes awards because cupcakes are so amazing and tasty!!


  • Check out Kaelyn’s blog (@ocea) and my blog (@fheel) and if you follow us, then your chances of winning will increase
  • Reblog this post (Likes will count as bookmarks)
  • Don’t delete text or self-promote


  • Blog Goals 
  • Most Exquisite Posts  
  • Most Desirable URL 
  • Most Innovative Theme & Theme Edits
  • Most Darling Colour Palette & Decor 
  • Most Iconic Icon  
  • Must-Have Playlist 
  • Most Aesthetic Alternative 
  • Promising Undiscovered  
  • Miss/Mr Congeniality 
  • Ocea’s Shooting Star
  • Fheel’s Sparkling Light


  • A possible follow from the both of us!!
  • Two new friends 😊
  • You will get featured on a lovely awards page (under construction)
  • Queues from us :)

Higher Chances:

  • Talk to us!!
  • Reblog our other awards here and here
  • Reblog this post a lot so we will notice you


  • The beautiful banner was made by Carissa (@leavingforever) go request one from @xlfdesigns
  • We will choose the winners when we are happy with the notes!!
  • Good luck and have fun reblogging!! 

Have a fantastic day!!

~  Kaelyn and Derica ❤︎

hello loves! after quite a few months here on tumblr, I have found many wonderful blogs. but even though I do frequently find wonderful blogs, I find it a bit hard to find blogs that I can queue from. so, after my successful faves, I have decided to create a queue list so I won’t have a hard time queueing anymore! I’m very excited for this, and if you are interested, then keep on reading! 


  • must be following me (don’t lie, I will be checking!)
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count, but can be used too bookmark)
  • have a white, minimal blogstyle because that is my blogstyle! if you differ from my blogstyle that means I can’t queue from you :(


  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my queue list page which is currently under construction
  • tons and tons of queues (I didn’t create this queue list for nothing :P)
  • a new friend :D
  • up to 2 promos per week (upon request and if I feel like it)


  • talk to me - I’d love to meet you!
  • reblog this post more than once
  • queue or reblog from me so I notice you
  • enter for my other awards here
  • follow my side blog and resources blog


  • my wonderful banner was made by Carissa of @leavingforever | and check out her beautiful banner blog at @xlfdesigns 
  • I will choose when I’m happy with the notes 
  • also, I will look at archives so I know what I get if I add you to my queue list
  • tell me if you have done any of the higher chances so I can add you to the higher chances list! 
  • if this flops, it never ever happened

all the love, Erin x

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Hi everyone, I hope you all have been having an amazing day!! So in celebration of reaching 20k (thank you so much!!) I’ve decided to do my first favourites :) If you are interested in applying then read on!!


★ Check out my blog @fheel (you don’t have to follow but it will increase your chances of being picked!!)

★ Reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks)

★ Don’t delete text or self-promote


★A follow from me if I’m not already following you :)

★ A new friend (YAYAYAY)

★ A spot on my favourites page (under construction)

★ I’ll queue lots from you!!

Higher Chances:

★ Reblog this post a bunch of times

★ Enter my other awards here

★ Follow me on Instagram here

★ Talk to me :)


★ The beautiful banner was made by Carissa: @leavingforever and go request one from her here @xlfdesigns!!

★I will be choosing 20-25 blogs when I am happy with the notes

★ Have a great day and happy reblogging!!

Hello angels! Ognjena and I are happy to present our first awards together! Make sure to enter!

-must be following Ognjena (vogeu) and me(palxvin)
-reblog this post, likes only count as bookmark
-please do not delete this post or self promote

-Riddikulus – Best Theme
-Lumos – Best URL
-Accio – Best Posts
-Crucio- Best Icon
-Obliviate – Best New Discovery
-Protego – Nicest Blogger
-Avada Kedavra – Best Overall
-Alohomora – Best under 2k (submit proof here)
-Expecto Patronum – Ognjena’s fave
-Wingardium Leviosa – Patrycja’s fave

-two new friends!!!
-a feature on our awards page (under construction)
-a follow from us if we don’t already follow you
-two promos a week from each of us (if requested)
-we can help you with anything!

-talk to us!!!
-reblog this post more than once
-queue from us so we can notice you
-Enter some of Ognjena’s other awards here
-Enter some of Patrycja’s other awards here

-this beautiful banner was made by Carissa. You can check out her marvelous banners here
-if you have any question feel free to ask
-choosing when we are happy with the notes

Good luck! ♥

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hey everyone! so Emily and I have decided to do a collab on an awards so we’re both super excited to present to you the …


hope you are as excited as we are and read on to apply! 

🎠 R U L E S 🎠

🎠 C A T E G O R I E S 🎠

  • Best url - Lemonade
  • Best Posts - Kettle Corn 
  • Best Theme - Fried Pickles  
  • Best Icon - Toffee Apples 
  • Best Colour Scheme - Cotton Candy 
  • Best Under 1k - Snow Cones (must submit proof to either Emily here or Ava here
  • Nicest Blogger - Funnel Cakes 
  • Best Overall - Corn Dogs 
  • Emily’s Favourite - Fried Oreos 
  • Ava’s Favourite - Fairy Bread 

🎠 P E R K S 🎠

  • two new friends
  • a spot on Emily’s awardatory and Ava’s hall of fame here
  • queues and promos on request
  • gainzzzzzz (i hope!)

🎠 H I G H E R  C H A N C E S 🎠

🎠 O T H E R 🎠

  • the banner was made by Carissa @leavingforever // @xlfdesigns
  • we will announce the winners when we are happy with the notes 
  • if this flops we will forget about it

Hi everyone, Samantha (@goldusth) and I (@fheel) are hosting an award together so we would like to introduce the Best of John Green Awards.


  • Must be following us! [ @fheel & @goldusth ]
  • Reblog this post! Likes count as bookmarks 
  • For those under 1k you must submit proof to here and here 
  • Please don’t delete text or self-promote


  • Isaac: Best url 
  • Radar (Marcus): Best icon 
  • Chip (the colonel) Martin: Best color scheme 
  • Augustus Waters: Best under 1k [must submit proof] 
  • Miles “pudge”: Best posts 
  • Quentin Jacobsen: Best theme 
  • Hazel Grace: Best overall 
  • Alaska Young: Fheel’s fave 
  • Margo Roth Spiegelman: Goldusth’s fave


  • A follow from both of us!
  • 2 new best friends yay! 
  • Be a part of our featured page!
  • We’ll queue from you! 

 Higher Chances: 

  • reblog this post a lot! 
  • queue a lot from us! So we can easily notice you 
  • talk to us! We don’t bite :) 
  • follow Samantha’s Instagram (sammieroria) and join our other awards here and here
  • join Samantha’s Birthday Page here


  • The wonderful banner was made by Carissa (@leavingforever)
  • Have fun reblogging and good luck


YES YOU GUYS! Lil’ weird me just got 22k followers! It’s a pretty big milestone for me and for this blog. Without each one of my dear lovely followers, I don’t think I would have ever reached such heights. (wow i’m so dramatic. lol but srsly tho)  So thank you so so much to my amazing followers. I know I don’t really have that much interaction with my followers compared to other bloggers, mainly because I’m lazy, but I’m also kind of shy. (who u kiddin’ ur just lazy) And so, to make up for all that laziness lost time, I decided to host my first ever solo awards, which is also my first ever favorites! Hope you’re as excited as I am (yaay)


  • Must be following @goldoux aka moi me (guuuurl iz only fairr)
  • Must REBLOG this post at least once. Likes will only be counted as “bookmarking”.
  • Just don’t delete them text and I swear you’ll be foinee. Self-promotion decreases your chances tho, but u is fine


  • A follow from this weirdo, if not already.
  • You’ll get a friend in mee. (see what I did there?! *wink wink* no? okay.)
  • A feature in an adorable little page which I’m still going to make bec i’m feelin’ a tad bit lazy
  • Free queues once a month of at least a hundred and fifty posts (yass)
  • Promos and help with votes whenever you like, at request
  • Help and advice with anything, may it be HTML, love, life, love life, how to get away with murder, anything really. i’ll be your gal ;)


  • Reblog this at least once so that i’ll see more of you and your blog!
  • Be active!
  • Have a similar style. However, I will not rule out other blog styles tho. :* May you be a humor or fan blog, it’s foine. Just not a porn blog please
  • Talk to me! I swear I don’t bite. (although i might suck at replying promptly but promise i’ll reply)
  • You can also follow my Instagram here
  • I’ll notice you more as well if you reblog some posts from me, especially my uploads which can be found here (shameless self-promotion HAH)


  • Winners will be announced when i’m happy with the notes (or whenever i won’t be feeling lazy)
  • I’ll probably be choosing 10-15 but it could exceed depending on the notes
  • Banner made by the lovely Carissa at XLFdesigns.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! :)


Happy reblogging everyone and I wish you all the best of luck! Have courage, and be kind. :*

*deleting the text or self promoting is an automatic disqualification*

So I recently hit 6K followers (omg how??) and to thank everyone for supporting me, i decided to go with my gut and host my first ever faves in honor of hitting 6K followers!

R U L E S 

☆ mbf me (i’ll be checking)

☆ reblog this post, likes will only count as bookmarks

P E R K S 

☆ a new friend wooohoooo!!

☆ a spot on my favourites page which is currently under construction!

☆ a ton of queues as well as promos

☆ a follow from me if i’m not already following you!

H I G H E R   C H A N C E S

☆ talk to me (i don’t bite haha)

☆ reblog this post like madddd, it’ll get me to notice your blog more

☆ follow my instagram here and send me your username

☆ have an active blog with a similar blog style 


☆ this banner was made by the very talented carissa @leavingforever, request a banner from her @xlfdesigns 

☆ i will be choosing around 10-20 blogs when i’m happy with the notes

☆ if you have any questions don’t be afraid to sent me an ask!

good luck and happy reblogging my loves!

btw if this flops, let’s pretend this never happened

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Hi everyone!! I have decided to make a queue list so I can stock up on my queues. So here is my queue list!!


  • Must be following me (@fheel)
  • Reblog this post as likes count as bookmarks
  • Don’t self-promote or delete the text
  • Must be active


  • A new friend!! (YAYAYAY)
  • I will queue a lot from you each month :)
  • A follow from me if I’m not following you already
  • You will be featured on this page

Higher Chances:

  • Enter my other awards here
  • Reblog this a lot of times
  • Add me on Snapchat
  • Talk to me :)


  • The amazing banner was made by Carissa: @leavingforever // @xlfdesigns
  • I will choose 15-20 blogs when I am happy with the notes :)
  • Good luck and have fun reblogging!!

If this flops it never happened hahaha

In the celebration of BTS’ new album “Love Yourself: Her” on September 18 (oops! I’m a month late haha), I’ve decided to host an award solely dedicated to these 7 idiots who ruin my life but also change my life in a way I could never imagine. Seriously, my ears have been blessed! You can listen to their new album or previous albums here or on Spotify. BTS is South Korean Boy Band, I honestly never thought I would be a KPop fan, so please give it a try :) 


  • Must be following me @amazely (it’s only fair)
  • Reblog this post, likes do not count but may be used as a bookmark
  • Don’t delete the text or self-promote, you will be disqualified if you do so 


  • A new friend (aka me) I swear I’m really cool
  • A follow from me if I’m not already following you
  • You will be featured on my Hall of Fame page
  • A promo of your choice each week upon request
  • Blog, HTML Help etc 


  • Nicest Blogger - Serendipity
  • Best Overall - DNA
  • Best Blog Details - Best of Me
  • Best Url - dimple
  • Best Under 5k (Submit your FC as proof)- Pied Piper
  • Best Alternate Blog styles - Mic Drop
  • Best New Discovery - Go Go
  • Best Posts - Sea
  • Best Theme - Kim Namjoon / Rap Monster
  • Best Icon  - Jung Hoseok / J-Hope
  • Best Colour Scheme - Kim Seokjin / Jin
  • Best Playlist - Min Yoongi / Suga
  • Most Unique Blog - Park Jimin / Jimin
  • Personal Fave - Jeon Jeongguk / Jungkook
  • Personal Fave - Kim Taehyung / V 

Higher Chance:


  • Banner was made by the lovely Carissa @leavingforever / @xlfdesigns
  • We’ll choose when we are happy with the notes
  • Goodluck and Happy Reblogging 

Please don’t let this flop

Love, Lina

Piece of My Heart.

Originally posted by seekret-fanfic

Pairing: Rafael Barba x reader

Titled: ‘Piece of My Heart.” 

Word Count: 1,272

A/N: This is for @yourtropegirl ‘s writing challenge!! I got the trope, ‘Single Parent AU!!’ I am so honored to do this some justice and I hope everyone who reads enjoys!! 

Warning: some angst, FEELS, lots of fluff, could be somewhat triggering, contains brief depression and suicide. 

Tagging:  @musingsongbird  @ohbelieveyoume @svu-stories@rauliskafan @vintagemichelle91 @mrschiltoncat @yourtropegirl  @ohbelieveyoume  @esparzart  @itsanerdlife@fvckingsteverogers @abrasivepersonalitytendersoul @do-me-carisi @fanfictionforsvu

Nobody said it was going to be easy raising a child all on their own. Nobody should have to. But it was the best thing that ever happened to Rafael Barba. Rafael had been married, but things went south after their first-born daughter, Carissa was born.

Keep reading

okay, hopefully, I am not the only one who is currently obsessed with the new(ish) song Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller and Rihanna! I love it so so so much and I am currently listening to it now :) but anyways considering I love it so much I have decided to dedicate an awards to it with categories as my favourite lyrics!

so without further ado, i present to you (I’m a poet and I know it lmao)



  • must be following me (aka @heavenleh )
  • must reblog this post (likes are counted as bookmarking ONLY)
  • don’t delete the text or self-promote - you will be disqualified and all other reblogs will be discounted


‘I know you wanna see me nakey nakey naked’ - best posts 

‘I wanna be your baby baby baby’ - best icon

‘I’m too lit to dim down a notch’ - best theme

‘you know this cookie’s for the baking’ - best new discovery

‘Like the 68 Jets’ - best colour scheme

‘Just keep it white and black as if I’m your sister’ - best url

‘I probably shouldn’t be around you’ - nicest blogger

‘When I’m with you, all I get is wild thoughts’ - best overall


  • a follow from yours truly
  • a feature on my hall of fame here
  • a new friend :)
  • promos and queues on request (no more than 1 promo per fortnight)


  • reblog my uploads here (HIGHEST CHANCE - message me when done) 
  • apply for my awards with Emily here 
  • apply for my awards with Mae here 
  • apply for my around the world showcase here 
  • check out the blogs in my showcase and chuck them a follow


  • the flawless banner was made by Carissa @leavingforever // @xlfdesigns - her banners are incredible and always perfect!
  •  I will be choosing 2 blogs per category
  • I will choose when I’m happy with the notes
  • If this flops everyone must forget about it :(

so good luck and happy reblogs!

Love Ava x

Drawing practice of Mephisto, Jodan and Carissa for Gems of Ephedia.

Originally, I used show proportions, but that looked super weird, so I lengthened their jaws and shrank their eyes to give them a more adult-like appearance. (L to R: They’re like 17, 20 and 15. I made up Jodan’s age.)

Yeah, Carissa looks a little bit Winx Club because I used to draw a lot of Winx.

Also, Meph’s hair is based off this:

My headcanon is that Meph’s hair is originally ashen blond (pale white blond) and that his powered up is dark crimson.

i had a lot of people come and ask me to draw carissa/rabbit rust with you art SO HERE YOU GO!