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Blind Pt. 2 - Joe Sugg Imagine #6

Hey guys, 
Change of plans! It will take me another part to end the story, sorry.
But I hope you’re enjpying the second part anyways.
Kat xx.


It’s been a month since she left and Joe sorted everything out. He wasn’t missing her as much and the thought of coming home to an empty apartment wasn’t frightening anymore. He stopped worrying about her, because Caspar told him she was fine. But since she left he hasn’t had one one night stand. He would go out and he would drink but he couldn’t stand the looks or the smiles of any girl he thought was pretty. Because Caspar said they looked like her. Joe saw her face on every girl. And it drove him crazy. It was a Sunday morning and he was playing guitar, learning a new song as his phone rang. He didn’t even look on the screen while picking up. “Hello?” “Joe. It… It’s Y/N” Joe didn’t know what to say. “Are you still there?” “Yeah. Yeah I am, sorry.” Even in his ears his voice sounded weird. “How are you?” He didn’t know what to answer. His heart was pounding hard against his ribcage, he didn’t expect to hear from her that soon. Or ever again if he was honest. “I didn’t think you’d call.” “I wrote that I’d call. I just needed a few weeks to myself.” “Yeah. Yeah, right.” “How are you?” She asked again. And suddenly Joe had the urge to cry. He didn’t know why. “Fine. You?” You could hear the tears in his voice. “I’m good, thanks. Things are getting easier day by day. I never thought moving to another country was that exhausting.” Joe thought he misheard that. “Another country?” “Oh, I figured, Casper would tell you. I’ve moved in with Britt. I’m in LA now.” “YOU ARE WHERE?” “LA? Joe, is the service okay, aren’t you hearing me well?” “Why would you move that far away from me?” He couldn’t hold it back anymore. He always thought she weren’t far from him and that thought made it easier to be away from her. But LA? Did he broke her that much? “Joe, I was applying for a job at the youtube space here anyway. I got it, I had the choice between LA and London so I went for LA. I mean, I wanted a fresh start.” “You could’ve had a fresh start in London as well, Y/N.” “Yeah. I guess.” Her voice was filled with sadness. “I’m sorry, you know. I’m so fucking sorry and I miss you so much, Y/N. If I had known what I was putting you through, I never… I’m the worst best friend anyone could have.” She could clearly hear the tears in his voice. “Joe, no. Don’t say that. You had no idea I’m… I WAS in love with you. It’s fine. I just needed space. Space I now have. And… And I miss you too. So much.” Now Joe could hear the tears in her voice too. “So you don’t hate me?” “No, I don’t. You’re my best friend. Forever.”
From then on they called each other almost every day. They started where they left off. Joe even cancelled plans on the evenings to call her before her work. Everyone of his friends were happy, that they were getting on again. It was just as easy talking to her and he knew that LA really made her happy. She seemed so much more herself and that was making it easier to accept that they wouldn’t see each other.

“You’re coming to VidCon, right?” Joe made himself dinner, talking to Y/N on the phone. “Yeah, I planned it, I hope nothing happens.” “You know I’m actually working at VidCon this year, so we’ll see each other.” She told him and Joe’s heart skipped a beat. He would finally see his best friend again. “You are? That’s so cool! I’m really happy. I miss yooouuuu.” He really did. Even though they talked pretty much every day it wasn’t the same not having her there. She laughed. “I miss you, too. But don’t you think it’ll be awkward. I’m scared it’ll be.. you know… after everything what happened, the letter and stuff…” “Y/N, no. You’re my best friend. We talked about it, we worked it out, it’s fine. We’re fine, alright?” “Alright.” “Good. Now eat your breakfast you only have half an hour left before work.” Y/N laughed about his concern she wouldn’t eat enough. Joe was very caring about the ones he loved. They talked the whole time she had left and when they ended the call there were smiles on both faces.
But Y/N still was overthinking the get together with Joe. Was it too early? Since she moved to LA everything was going great. She made friends, she went out, she even went on a few dates. But could it be a backlash if she would see him again? “Why are you so quiet today?” Britt asked over dinner. “I’m just thinking about seeing Joe again. Do you think it’s right?” Britt shrugged. “I really don’t know, Y/N. I mean, you’re really getting over him. You even have a crush on someone that’s not him. For me that’s a really good sign. But you was head over heels for Joe. Seeing him again might not be making it better.” “That’s exactly what I thought! I mean, I miss him so much and everything in me just wants to see him, but that scares me and I don’t know if I’m just missing my best friend or.. if I really am still in love with him. On the other hand, I have a date with you know who tomorrow night.” “NO WAY!” Britt squeaked in excitement. “He asked you out? I’m so freaking happy for you. You almost talk as much about him as about Joe.” Y/N laughed. “I know, I thought he was kidding at first. But I’m really excited.”

VidCon was loud. Extremely loud and Y/N was getting a headache in the first two hours. She was running around between all the helpers who got problems, the security and the main stage. There were people everywhere and she could barely make her way through the masses. Joe did send a text, saying he arrived on time, which was good. He probably was giving autographs right now and would later be interviewed on some stage. It was the late afternoon of the first day and Y/N was exhausted. Two more hours to go, before she could leave. But Britt and her already made plans to go to the afterparty for influencers so she couldn’t just chill and watch Netflix although that was all she wanted to do right now. “Y/N!” Someone screamed over the noises and she saw Jack, Conor’s younger brother waving at her. She smiled and waved back, before making her way to him. ”Jack, oh my god, it’s so nice to see you.” They hugged. “Yeah, I’m glad to see you, too. Joe is on break and is looking for you everywhere.” “He is? Well, I think I’m giving him a call then, thank you for letting me know!” “Anytime, love. Do we see each other at the afterparty?” “Yes, a hundred percent. We’ll talk!” They hugged goodbye and Y/N was looking for a quieter area to call Joe. “I’m looking for you! I’m at stage 3, backstage.” “I’m coming, they have technical difficulties anyway.” And with that she went to stage 3 first helping with the problem and then looking for Joe backstage.
She saw him almost immediately. He looked good, like he slept well although he had to have a jetlag and with a hint of a tan. London seemed to have good weather too this summer, Y/N thought. He recently got a haircut, his hair was shorter than the last time she saw him. But the most interesting thing were his eyes. They were shining as he smiled at the man infront of him, probably a co-worker of Y/N’s but she wasn’t sure about that. His eyes were the first thing she fell in love with and they were the most difficult to forget. Not that she wanted to forget them as a whole. But she wanted to forget the dreamy look in them when he smiled, because it always made her heart skip a beat. As if he sensed her look, Joe turned to her and his face lit up completely. “Jesus…” Y/N sighed as her heart like she had predicted skipped a beat. Joe quickly made his way to her and pulled her into a warm hug. She breathed in his scent and hugged back.
“I missed you” She mumbled into the crease where his shoulder and his neck met, where his scent was the most intense. “I’m so glad to finally see you again, love.” They separated from each other and that closely Joe could see the little freckles on the top of her cheekbones, the sparkles of gold in her eyes and the crinkles under them from smiling. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, he thought. It was nothing he never thought before, you had to be blind to not see how beautiful she was. “How was your flight?” “Everything went perfectly fine. I didn’t sleep so I could sleep at night and my jetlag wouldn’t be as bad.” “Very smart, Joe. Very smart. Ugh, I’m exhausted. Being a supervisor at such a big event isn’t as easy as it seems, may I tell you that. I’m glad I’m nearly done for the day.” She couldn’t take her eyes of off him. It’s like she had a grainy picture of him in mind and now that he’s infront of her she had to take every little thing from him in to make it high quality. “Me too. If you want we could grab dinner together and after that we’ll meet the others and go to the afterparty.” She wanted to go with him so bad. “I can’t. I already made plans with Britt to eat at home, we both need a shower after today. But you can join us if you want.” “I.. don’t know I made plans with the boys, but maybe can cancel that…” “You don’t have to, it’s fine. We’ll see us at the party anyways. And tomorrow we could grab lunch together if you want. Or you could come over and see my new place.” “I know, but I want to spend as much time with you as I can before I have to leave again.” That melted her heart. She could see how genuinely happy he was to see her and that made her even happier. But she could practically feel herself falling for him again at every second.