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“Maybe I’m cold, and maybe I don’t have the mother gene, and maybe a thousand other things that make me such a horrible villainous bitch in your book. But in Jerry and Karen’s book, I’m still their mom.


favorite character meme: one characer - mellie grant

“I am the first lady of the most powerful nation on the planet. I did not get here because someone like you held my hand and called themselves my hairdresser. My hair is done. So don’t ask me if I can be honest like I’m some little girl confused by all the books and smart talk. I can be honest, I can also lie. It all depends on what’s in my best interest.

two-thousand year old soulmates

miss atomic bomb the killers (when I look back on those neon nights, the leather seats, the passage rite I feel the heat, I see the light) || you took the words right out of my mouth meatloaf (when I listen to your heart, I hear the whole world turning. I see the shooting stars fallingthrough your trembling hands.) || the sea and the rhythm iron and wine (your hands they move like waves over me, beneath the moon, tonight, we’re the sea) // islands in the stream constantines and feist (we start and end as one, in love forever) || samson regina spektor (the history books forgot about us, and the bible didn’t mention us. I loved you first) // the story brandi carlile (I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules, but baby I broke them all for you) || jezebel iron and wine (lay here my love, you’re the only shape I’ll pray to) || hallelujah kate voegele (it’s not a cry you hear at night, it’s not somebody who’s seen the light, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah) || the dolphin’s cry live (we are lost til we are found, this pheonix rises up from the ground and all these wars are over) || we’re turning into regular people the tumbled sea


happy belated birthday, sara!

the passage of time - bear mccreary | breath of life - florence + the machine // to get a dream of life again, a little vision of the start and the end | the tower - vienna teng // she carries the act so convincingly, the fact is sometimes she believes it | all these things that I’ve done - the killers // another headache, another heartbreak, I’m so much older than I can take | the sound of silence - simon and garfunkle // in restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestoneviva la vida - 2cellos | winter - joshua radin // I should know who I am by now | let it be - the beatles // whisper words of wisdom, let it be | bring on the wonder - susan enan ft. sarah mclachlan // I don’t have the time for a drink from the cup, let’s rest for a while ‘til our souls catch us up | time - hootie and the blowfish // tomorrow’s just another day, and I don’t believe in time


a valentines mix

stray italian greyhound - vienna teng // what i wouldn’t do - a fine frenzy // fools - lauren aquilina // let my love open the door - luminate // closer - tegan and sara // steal your heart - augustana // shiver shiver - walk the moon // heartbeat - scouting for girls // augustine - vienna teng // five years time - noah and the whale // it feels like home - chantal kreviazuk // the best thing - relient k


My midterm assignment for Computer Art - Then and Now: Music

Our assignment was to pick a theme and a few decades to show how things have or haven’t changed over time. I chose music because I listen to way too much of it. I began with the Beatles on the record player for the 60s/70s and progressed with artists influenced by them in one way or another, U2 on the cassette tape for the 80s, and Oasis CD for the 90s, and Coldplay’s  The Scientist on the ipod. I’m pretty proud of this piece and I hope you guys like it!