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Headcanon that SandWing dancers often tie rattles made from bells, bones, and small bits of metal around their ankles, horns, wings, and tails and shake their whole bodies and moving their wings, creating an effect like a hissing rattlesnake. This move can be used in any dance, but is especially used in what is known as the Rattlesnake Dance. Quibli desperately wanted to learn the steps, but since he had no access to proper instruction, he would spy on dance classes and teach himself.


Emma Watson Never Once Gave Credit to Dan Stevens’ Daughter Willow for Yellow Dress Design Assistance; Missed Girl-Power Opportunity for “Beauty and the Beast”

Someone had posted this on social media a while ago and I was actually surprised that Emma Watson didn’t bring this up once when she was spouting about all the changes she made to Belle’s appearance, backstory, and livelihood. But then again, it’s always about Emma Watson. “Beauty and the Beast” was more of her marketing pony for herself than the movie.

And it turns out that Willow, who was only 5 at the time of filming, might deserve a costume designer credit for the blockbuster movie. In a recent appearance on the British TV program This Morning, Dan said that Emma came over to his house for dinner right around the time that the film’s costumers were working on the design of Belle’s iconic yellow ballgown.

Little Willow, clearly a fashionista in the making, overhearing Dan and Emma discussing the dress, so she went into another room, grabbed a pen and paper, and came back later with five different dress designs.

She sat down to talk through them with Emma, as any proper couturier would — Emma was, of course, very sweet about the whole thing, Dan added, and and picked her favorite. A few weeks later, Willow visited the movie’s set for the ballroom scene, and saw the dress they had picked out made for real.“She just looked at me and went, ‘Yeah, that’s the one,’” Dan explained.

Keep this story in your back pocket, folks, because I have a feeling that in 20 years we’ll be wearing Willow Stevens’s fashions. And they’ll be fabulous.

So why didn’t Emma Watson bring this up? Could she really not share a smidgen of spotlight with her costar’s then-five-year-old daughter? I thought one of the things Watson was most proud of with Belle’s actions in the film included the fact that Belle invented a machine to do her work for her (and put soap in the water supply; nobody ever needed a laxative again in that small town/sarcasm) so she could teach little girls to read?

Ti faccio la promessa più grande che si possa fare, quella che, dopo di te, non farò a nessun altro. Comunque vada, ti prometto che non mi pentirò mai di questo nostro amore. Mi hai dato tanto, troppo, perché un giorno tu possa togliermi più di quanto mi hai donato. Non mi pentirò mai di averti amato così tanto, di averci creduto così tanto. Non mi darò mai della stupida. Non dirò mai “se tornassi indietro”. Perché lo so, anche se tu mi tradissi, se tu mi mentissi, rifarei le stesse cose, ti amerei allo stesso modo. Ci sono amori che non importa come finiscono, l’importante è che siano esistiti.
—  Susanna Casciani. @wordsofablackshadow
Quando inizi a bastarti è l'inizio per te e la fine per gli altri.
—  dalla bio di un blog. @wordsofablackshadow

Let’s be honest, I would date every member of the 1991-1994 Gryffindor Quidditch team

Se saprai starmi vicino,
e potremo essere diversi,
se il sole illuminerà entrambi
senza che le nostre ombre si sovrappongano,
se riusciremo ad essere “noi” in mezzo al mondo
e insieme al mondo, piangere, ridere, vivere.

Se ogni giorno sarà scoprire quello che siamo
e non il ricordo di come eravamo,
se sapremo darci l’un l’altro
senza sapere chi sarà il primo e chi l’ultimo
se il tuo corpo canterà con il mio perchè insieme è gioia…

Allora sarà amore
e non sarà stato vano aspettarsi tanto.

—  Pablo Neruda