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Alek Wek taught me.

She taught me to love myself. She taught me that my black is beautiful. She taught me how to love my black skin and the blackness of it. She taught me that no matter what racism and colorism I may face, I can rise above it. She taught me self-love.

I never grew up seeing people like Alek Wek, Grace Bol or Lupita Slay'O in media. So now that there are people with skin as dark as mine being defined as beautiful, it has taught me to love myself.

Finally, ALL shades of black, even mine are finally being recognized as beautiful by non POC and POC.

anonymous asked:

Any particular reason you dislike Roden?

There are several, actually. 

  • she made a prison rape joke. 
  • she said in an interview that girls who only have male friends are bitches.
  • she preaches about majoring in women’s studies, and yet uses derogatory references constantly (and then laughs and agrees with Colton that her name calling is true )
  • made a trip to africa and her comment was “she was surprised that they had indoor plumbing and architecture” 
  • when Daniel and Crystal broke up she was a complete bitch. although she says she and Crystal are very close, her comment about them breaking up was “that’s why you don’t shit where you eat”
  • is also a complete hypocrite, considering she’s now dating her former co-star Max Carver.

there are literally other people who have masterlists of why she sucks. i haven’t listed every gross thing she’s said, done or supported so here are the links.

We’re all entitled to our opinions. My opinion of her is very negative. hence why I’ve posted much less of her than when I first started blogging. 

Ida Laura Pfeiffer (1797-1858) was one of the first female explorers in the world. Austrian by birth, she began travelling at the age of 45, and visited numerous countries on all continents. Her travel writings were very popular and were translated in several languages.

She only began fulfilling her childhood dream of travelling the world after her husband passed away and her children left the family home. Throughout the years she made several trips across Africa, South America and Australia, writing about her experiences all throughout. Even though she was received as a member of the geographical societies of Paris and Berlin, the London one rejected her on account of her gender.


So this is in my back yard right now. It’s 29 degrees Celsius and raining, which in my culture is meant to be a sign of Cheetahs getting married. #Rwanda The Africa They Never Show You? Pretty much.