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What’s in my Backpack

I use a light grey Herschel Classic backpack. It has more than enough space for all of my school supplies and I would most definitely recommend it if it weren’t for the fact that it doesn’t have a side pocket for my water bottle, as I am very anxious about carrying it together with all of my other supplies including my laptop in case it might spill.

So here’s what I take to school with me every day:

·       Writing pads. I carry one writing pad for graph paper and one with ruled paper

·       Folders. Depending on what subjects I have that day I will take the corresponding folders with me as I don’t have a locker

·       Books. Similarly to my folders I will take the books I need that day

·       Pencil case. I use a black generic brand pencil case I will make a post about the contents of that soon

·       Calculator. I only take this with me on days I have maths class, still I thought I’d include it. The calculator my school made us buy is the Casio fx-991DE Plus

·       Tissues. I tend to get a runny nose especially during colder times so I like to carry those with me

·       Chap stick. My lips are very dry so I bring this (usually EOS or Carmex)

·       Headphones. These are essential because during my free periods (which I have a lot of) I like to listen to music whilst doing some of my homework for that day

·       Bullet journal. I write all of my assignments as well as important dates like due dates or birthdays in this so I like to keep it in close proximity at all times

·       Wallet. I bring this in case I want to buy something from the cafeteria or I forgot to pay for a trip that was planned


Nozomi Tojo Avatars

i wanna haaaaang

Greek Week-Part Six

A/N: Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on part five! Sorry this is a day late, I had some connection issues so couldn’t post! Let me know what you think of this part!x

Prologue, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Epilogue

word count: 1811

There was a shift in your relationship with Calum after that night.

Greek Week was still raging on around you. He was still president of Alpha Sigma Phi and you were still president of Omega Chi. You were both still competing for the title, your houses were still fighting to come out on top. There was still fighting talk and snickers from your friends, still scepticism that you were using each other to gain a tactical advantage.

But Calum had bared his soul to you, and there was no turning back from that.

And it wasn’t just because the two of you had slept together. He’d walked you back to the O Chi house later that night, but not until you’d spoken for a few hours. Calum had admitted that the poem he had read to you was not the one he’d read at the Poetry Slam. Lying in his bed, tracing his tattoos as your heart rates returned to normal, Calum admitted that the one he’d read to you was for you and you alone to hear. It made you realise that actually, Calum hadn’t been messing around the past couple of years. That he really did like you, that the Sport Major was serious with his compliments and his proposals. It made you view him in a different way, and after hearing his poem, you couldn’t help but feel like there was a little bit of Calum that he’d been hiding, a little bit of him that he’d permitted you to see.

Others weren’t so fond of the blossoming relationship.

“Are you sure he isn’t just using you?”

It was probably the most commonly asked question in the O Chi house. Just about everyone, excluding Roxana, had posed the idea that Calum was only investing his time with you because he wanted to win Greek Week. And whilst at first you had been touched by their concerns, it was beginning to get on your nerves.

“But Y/N, are you sure­ he-“

“Yes. I’m sure.” You snap over breakfast, adjusting the toga-like dress you had to wear for the day’s event. Calum hadn’t been considerate the night before when he’d dragged his lips across your skin. Eyebrows raised all across the room, and you let out a sigh. “I’d apologise Tiff, but my relationship with Calum is really none of your business.”

“So it is a relationship?” Meg’s condescending tone makes you grit your teeth, mainly because you didn’t have an answer to her question. “Y/N? You aren’t throwing away Greek Week all for a fling are you?”

“I am not…” You mutter, eyes lifting to glare at the blonde. “Throwing away Greek Week. I am doing everything I can to help each and every one of us be the best we can be to win this thing and make history for Omega Chi. I have not dropped the ball, I have not lost sight of what we are trying to do here. I made a promise to you guys and to myself that I would lead us to victory, and I will. Now, put your sandals on and get ready for Olympic Day.”

“Yes, Miss President.” Meg’s answering smile makes you realise that your sorority didn’t doubt you. They never had doubted you. They were just making sure you didn’t doubt yourself.

Like sisters were supposed to do.

You go to apologise to Meg, but she cuts you off with a shake of her head, sending you a wink before going to grab her shoes. A little sigh leaves your lips as you turn to help one of the younger girls adjust her dress, catching Roxana’s eye as she pours herself a drink. Rox rolls her eyes at you playfully, and you sigh again before focusing on the day ahead.

“Good luck today everyone.” You call, their attention reverting back to you. “Sorry for being a touchy bitch, promise it won’t happen again. I know I kind of just bigged up the importance of winning, but remember to have fun today as well. That is what Greek Week was originally about.”

There’s a little chorus of cheers before you all start to slowly file out of the kitchen, making your way towards the Sports Fields. Olympic Day was exactly what it sounded like; a recreation of the Greek Olympics. It was mandatory that everyone wore togas and sandals, the ‘proper attire’ required in order to compete. However in order to raise a little more money for charity, each sorority and fraternity were permitted to run two stalls; one food/drink and one souvenir.

And if you did say so yourself, Omega Chi’s souvenir stall was ingenious.

“You put far too much effort into this.” Rox laughs as you reach the stalls where some of your sister’s were already seated, selling the Floral and Vine wreaths and crowns to complete everybody’s outfit. “I mean, how long did this-“

“You worry too much.” You cut your best friend off, inspecting the display in front of you. “The real flower ones look so good.”

“Yeah, they look amazing.” She agrees, grabbing one made up of large daisies and daffodils, placing it on her head before handing Ayra the correct change for the crown. “You gonna get one?”

“Oh no Y/N, you can’t buy one.” Ayra smirks, both Roxana and your eyebrows lifting in surprise. “Someone already got you one, said to make sure you didn’t buy another.”

“Three guesses as to who that someone is.” Roxana jokes, both of you grinning as her eyes scan the field. “Where’s Calum then?”

“He said to meet him at the Alpha Sig base.” Ayra sings, winking at you before turning to another customer.

Rox hooks her arm through yours as the two of you head towards the large group of boys on the edge of the track field. Your own base was only a few meters along, so you’d have had to pass it anyway. As you approach, Ashton’s head darts up, a smirk on his lips as he jogs over.

“Ladies.” He greets happily, Rox’s arm releasing yours. “Looking good.”

“Nice wreath Irwin.” She smirks, looking at his head. “Where’d you get it?”

“You kidding? Cal made us all buy one.” He smirks back at the way your eyes widen a little in surprise, one of his arms locking around Roxana’s waist to pull her into his chest. “Oh come on Y/N, don’t look so surprised. The boy can’t help being head over heels for you.”

“Whatever.” You roll your eyes, but you can’t hide the blush the flushes your cheeks. Both Rox and Ash only smirk more, and you leave them alone in search of the frat president. You find him easily, Michael at his side being a giveaway. Michael and Calum had been best friends since they were five, having gone through their entire academic lives together, however your own friendship with him came from several early morning run-ins in the campus Starbucks. You were surprised when you realised you hadn’t seen the Music Major since you had begun seeing Calum. They don’t notice you as you approach however, and you have to cough to get their attention. “Oi Hood.”

“Angel!” His answering smile makes your blush return, although you aren’t sure why. Michael smirks beside him, winking at you as Calum pulls you into his arms. “You look great.”

“Not too bad yourself.” You laugh, your eyes scanning Calum’s toga-clad body appreciatively, smirking when you notice that his outfit did nothing to hide the purpling marks you’d left on him either. “Nice wreath.”

“Well, gotta show the competition some support, seeing as we’re about to beat you at all the events today.” He smirks back and Michael lets out a boisterous laugh, punching his friend in the arm. “Ow!”

“Ignore him Y/N, we were told if we didn’t buy one he’d kick our asses, and we both know it’s because our almighty leader is soft on you.” Mike smirks, dodging the kick Calum aimed his way. “Nice to see you by the way, we’ve been missing each other.”

“I just thought that, where’ve you been Mike?” You ask, smiling as Calum’s arm wraps around your shoulders, pulling you into his side.

“Calum’s not the only member of Alpha Sig whose been attempting to get his girl.” He shrugs, eyes looking over your shoulder to where the Kappa Delta camp was. “You know Eleanor Sanders right?”

“Yeah she’s in a few of my lectures.” You nod, smiling at the blonde. “Way to go Mikey!”

“Nothing’s official yet but…” He shrugs, catching Calum’s eye and smirking. “Anyway, I’ll leave lover boy to give you your present.”

“Oh right!” You grin, turning back to look at Cal as Michael walks away. “You bought me a Flower Crown?”

“Well I figured as we’re dating, I’m allowed to buy you gifts.” He grins, letting go of you to grab something off his chair. You cock an eyebrow at his words, and he momentarily looks uncomfortable. “We are dating, right?”

“Yeah.” You nod, your own smile growing as his returns. “But if you didn’t buy me one of the crowns with the real flowers that may change.”

“Good job I got you this one then.” He smirks, showing you a crown woven with cherry blossom and white roses. Your smile breaks into a grin as he places it on your head, hands catching his face to bring his lips to yours. “I’m going to assume that this means you like it.”

You smile against him, capturing his lips again as his hands drop to your waist. It only lasts another moment however, before you can hear the all too familiar shouts of Luke and Michael and Calum breaks away to send them a glare.

“You want to meet up later?” You ask, fingers dropping to trace the roman numerals by his collar bones that were exposed by his outfit. You press down onto one of the hickeys, a soft hiss leaving his lips only making you smirk. His eyes return to yours, a suggestive smirk on his own lips prompting you to roll your eyes. “I meant for a date. I now owe you coffee and a gift.”

“I can think of other ways you can make it up to me.” You laugh as he wiggles his eyebrows, swatting his chest before he ducks his head to press a chaste kiss to your lips. “I’ll pick you up at six, we can go back to the coffee shop if you want?”

“Sounds like a plan.” You nod, leaning up to brush your lips against his a final time before you pull away completely. “Don’t think this means I’m going easy on you today.”

He laughs as you walk away from him, Roxana appearing at your side, ready to go to Omega Chi’s base.

“Would never dream of it.”

akigriffin  asked:

Head-canon: Grantaire uses the absolute cheapest art supplies. Not, just, like, low-end. Unless he's explicitly told to by an art professor (I had one that made us buy 90$ kits from the high-end shop up the street each semester), he’ll use, like, the same things they give kindergarteners. Somehow, the shit he creates with it is, like, outstanding. You’d never know. (So I've had way to much thinking time lately. You might be hearing a lot from me.)

Grantaire fucking LOVES to spite snobbish artists that only worship high-end supplies. Within the vast Grantaire microcosm, 23% of him is spite and he does intend to prove that the brush doesn’t make the artist.

He’ll do coffee art with the cheapest brew in town

He’ll make chalk art

He once had an art project collecting all the art supplies kids had not used during the school year (and let’s be real there was a LOT left) and used it to make art itself called “Leftovers”.

Critics loved it.

Elitist artists didn’t.

Merry Christmas from the Pines twins! 💫🎄 (available on my RedBubble)

More reviews for "The Last"



“The reason Naruto decided to marry Hinata was terrible. And why was there no Sakura?

The only reason he (Naruto) married her (Hinata) is because she was the author’s favorite character. Poor Sakura”


“Though Naruto was always one person childhood, met with a variety of people in the process to become a full-fledged Shinobi, and sprinkled with combat, friendship sprout, could irreplaceable companion.
Goal that has been followed for 15 years such a story is married to Hinata??”


この映画は多分ナルトとヒナタが結婚するまでの話かな?   ひどいです。


“What?? My friends and I had ultra-expected this (movie) (T_T)

They made a story just to show (for us to see) how Naruto and Hinata marry? It was terrible

They even made Sakura look weak and made her collapseand we saw Sasuke for only about two minutes”





“Do they even understand (know) the original story?

I was disappointed from the bottom of my heart.

First, the hero Uzumaki Naruto is not Naruto. It is a completely different person from the original Naruto. They even made him not know the difference of ”love“ for the food and the opposite sex.

Sakura’s supposly lie confession has become so funny after this setting. How can Naruto lecture Sakura on what a real "like(liking) is when he himself doesn’t know real "like”

It looked (appeared) as if it was going to be good. But after watching it I came back to earth"



“I was so annoyed with the usage of the muffler, muffler, muffler till the end. She was on an important mission to help her sister yet I was amazed by heart that she was still knitting a muffler (on the mission)

The explanation about Naruto loving Sakura only because of his rivalry with Sasuke was also poor.”



“They made us buy tickets by showing Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi as Hokage. (this person was also really mad that the importance of Sasuke in Naruto was taken and they portrayed Naruto as a scumbag who forgets his bonds when he gets in a relationship and wrote 恋愛>仲間 which is Love>fellowship (friendship) The portrayal of cheap romance was disgusting and it crushed and destroyed the original (series).

I felt betrayed because I was supporting Naruto’s unrequited love and admired him not giving up only to end up being disappointed after the movie.

In the original manga Hinata wants to be beside Naruto but ends up having no action for 2 years but in the movie she gets the spotlight for no reason. Disappointing really. Can you believe this is the last Naruto movie? I want to wake up from this bad dream”




“Considering the script and people who acted (voiced) the movie I want to tell the people who will watch this moviethat the reason this movie ranked as first in the list is the number of mobilization that grew in terms of working people and many people who wanted to watch it because it was the last movie but the content of this movie is not what it seems. 

The amount of people who felt sorry for watching the movie and giving their money was sadly a lot, including myself. In addition, the writers (of this movie) clearly don’t know the (original) Naruto.

・Naruto never knew how to use clones before the Academy.

While there was so much contradiction the plot was also very boring. If there was a fast forward button in theatres then that would be the first time I would want to use it.”

We tried to be as close as possible to the original meaning and this is one of the most liked and popular comments on YJ.

Pet Store Girl

Rucas Fanfiction Week 2016: Day One
Prompt: “Your obsession with animals is getting a little out of hand, don’t you think?”  - Fluffy 
Word Count: 2,713

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Riley Matthews and Lucas Friar are two freshman in college whom have never met. The first time Lucas encounters the pretty brunette is in her place of work.  Lucas had been sent off to find some special flea tablets his mother had read about in a magazine for their family dog.

He’s leaning forward scanning the section that homes a variety of flea prevention products when a voice calls from behind him.

“May I help you find something in particular?” Her words are soft and pleasant.

“I’m just looking for…” When he spins around to actually face the girl he trails off. She stands there with a purple polo shirt poking out her overalls, pigtails on each side of her head and a warm smile that reaches her eyes.

“Yes?” A soft giggle escapes her lips as she stares at the gazing boy.

“Uh- I- um-“ Lucas clenches his eyes shut and shakes his head trying to gather his thoughts, “My mom read about some flea tablet in a magazine.”

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Actually, if you learn nothing else from me, learn that a lot of pantry essentials go on sale in November.

Flour and other baking supplies.

Spices (especially if you have coupons. I once made $1.50 /buying/ spices when using coupons.) 


Canned vegetables. 

Like, if you coupon no other month of the year, you should coupon in November if you’re American.

Possible Underswap!Flowey Village lines

((Tbh, I don’t see the Underswap Floweys as being wacky. I see them as being like Undertale!Flowey, minus the jackass part.))

* Howdy! Welcome to the Flowey village!

* I’m Flowey! This is my friend…well…Flowey!

* I’m also Flowey! And this is my friend! He’s also named Flowey.

* Howdy! I’m…Flowey. We suck at naming eachother, I know.

* hOWERFDY! IM BOB!!!!!1111

* Howdy! Welcome to the Flowey Shop!

* WOW! That’s a lot of money! D…do you really? Aww, you’re so sweet!

* Alright! I’ll go to college and do my best for you!

* Howdy! I’m back from CLU (Cool Leg University)! I learned a lot of cool things, like polynomial roots! I also got a license to sell FLOWEY ARMOR! Check it out!

* Flowey Armor? Why, it’s only the best armor money can buy! It’s made using a top secret formula that not even the Queen Herself knows!

* I…It’s very expensive for a reason, though. I’m sorry.

* Wait! I know! My license allows me to give you a SCHOLARSHIP!

* When it’s an emergency, I’ll be allowed to sell you FLOWEY ARMOR at a lower price!

* Seriously, though. This is very valuable stuff. So only if you really, reaaaaallly need it, ok?

* Oh, that statue? That’s been around forever! I…don’t know much more about it though.

* WOW! Is that…MANURE?!

* Wait, wait, no. I can’t. I gotta pay for college!

* AH, FORGET IT! I’ll pay 3G for it!

* Yay! Thank you so much!

((May or may not add more? Idk.))