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Request - Kol Mikaelson “Not so secret”

“Well, well, well, would you look at that. Has our brother finally lost his heart for good?” You turned around, only to see two of the Mikaelson brothers right behind you. The youngest one hidden behind some wall, apparently watching you while you were searching for herbs as your mother had asked you to do, Elijah smirking, his arms crossed, looking at his brother with a hint of amusement in his eyes. You decided to act like you hadn’t heard anything and sat down on the ground, hiding behind some bushes. Kol looked disappointed that he had lost you from sight.
“Do you really have to ruin everything, brother?” Elijah sat down next to his brother.
“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Kol. She’s quite a good match, I’m sure father will be delighted to hear you are finally ready to settle down.” Kol kept looking to where you were sitting, not sure if you were still there or had disappeared already.
“I’m NOT ready to settle down, Elijah. And don’t you dare to tell father anything of this. I’ll kill you if you do that! I just… kind of like her.” Elijah started laughing.
“I’m just teasing, Kol. No, I’m not going to tell father, but I will warn you to take some more precautions. Take her for a walk into the woods or something, don’t watch her here where everyone can see you, or you’ll find yourself a married man faster than you might want to. You know how it works.” Kol sighed.
“You might be right…” Elijah stood up, winking towards you. He could see you were there, even though Kol from his sitting position couldn’t.
“I am right. I’m your older brother, I’m always right…” That made Kol swat him.
“Don’t get thick headed, ok? I think father wants to marry you off before he does that to me, and I don’t know if he considers Tatia a good match. You know how proud he is.” Elijah shrugged.
“I don’t have to give you an answer on that. I’d advise you to focus on the girl who is hiding out there instead of focusing on my possible love life.” Kol suddenly stood up, watching in your direction. You could swear he was blushing now he saw that you had been able to hear everything, but  it could never be worse than how red you felt yourself become. You should have walked off, gotten out of here the moment you had heard what this was all about. You stood up, quickly got your basket and started to walk away.
“Y/N!”. You heard Kol’s voice behind you, the heavy footsteps of the boy following you. “Darling… don’t run away from me ok?” You turned around.
“I’m only doing what I should have done long ago. You know we can’t be seen together. Now it was Elijah, what if it is your father, or mine, the next time?” He had reached you, taken your head between his hands.
“I don’t care. I know what my brother said, but if my punishment for carelessness is a marriage to you, I can imagine worse punishments.” After these words he pressed a short kiss on your forehead, only to let you go very quickly. You felt yourself tremble, not knowing what to do, how to react. He quickly brushed your hand.
“Meet me after dark near the clearing, ok, darling?” You nodded, and saw how he disappeared, as if this encounter hadn’t happened. Only the burning feeling of his lips on your forehead made clear it had.

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