made a version in white


I fell in love with @thegreatclodauthority​‘s White Diamond and I really liked her headcanon of White Pearl being both mute and blind. After wondering “how does White Pearl see the world then?” for a while, here’s a visual representation of what my brain came up with.

I also made a version with sunglasses because their power is so strong that even White Pearl can sense it or something idk

So I decided to try to learn how to use blender so I separated the sweater outfit from the bowling pack into a top.  I’m pretty sure someone has already separated it, but it was good practice for me and I wanted to recolor it anyways.  So I have EA’s original colors, plus WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s neutrals and unnaturals with white trim or black trim.  It works with most pants and shorts, and some skirts.  Download info below the cut.

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{ Valentine’s Day Chocolates ;; Saeran x Custom MC }

These were originally made back in February for Valentine’s Day, after being frustrated by a lack of an Unknown/Saeran ending for the Valentine’s Day DLC. ( Cheritz teased us by giving him content for Chirstmas and then forgetting about him again. T _ T )

Since I couldn’t decide whether I liked red hair or white hair Saeran better, I made two versions. Both of these would take place post-Mint Eye, but in the second version he decided to keep his ‘edgier’ look.

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@louisquinnzel got me inspired so I made a black and white- kinda- version of this pic but the red and blue is still there.

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Lee Hyori just did a sexy performance to one of her songs and incorporated a religious Hindi prayer in the song. Let it be noted the prayer is not in the original and this version was made for the performance. The mantra's also done by a white woman and the pronunciation is bad. She decided to incorporate Indian influences because she does yoga. Lee Hyori is the main producer for this comeback, there are no excuses. No wonder Mamamoo is her favorite girl group, birds of a feather.

A mutual of mine made a post about that and wow, I literally had no idea.

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go on, make your move

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Worst 5 kellyanne moments

1. sprawled out on the oval office couch like a goddamn thot
2. when she told everyone to buy ivanka’s shitty shoes and handbags on air
3. “alternative facts”
4. when she made up a fictional terrorist attack
5. her god awful coat at the inauguration which made her look like she was starring in the all-white version of hamilton

I am finally–FINALLY–watching the fan-made silent black & white version of MMFR and, while the black and white looks very pretty and makes you notice all kinds of details differently, the number one thing I’m noticing is how much of the tension is carried in the score. Even in a movie with much less dialogue than average, and a score that’s not exactly subtle, we tend to put it in the background when there’s anything else going on.